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b"I don't get what this sentence means to say. With the new spaces created by immigration, the enforced alienation from \xc2\x91normal\xc2\x92 ties of human socializing brings the memory of what has been left behind to the fore as the new spaces of existence acquire relevance in contrast ..."

b'Sorry I meant an example of a irregular verb sentence example'

b'What is the action verb for the following sentence- For this pottery they use two kinds of clay.'

b'An example of an irregular verb'

b'how old is justin bieber'

b'Which of the following items is not usually a factor in linguistic change? A. geographic isolation B. decision of government body C. influence of other languages D. education system'

b'1. How do the caged birds sing in each of the poems? Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunbar and Caged Bird by Maya Angelou. A: The caged birds in each of the poems sing with both fear and hope. 2. Why do you think they sing as they do? A: I think the caged birds sing as they do ...'

b'Well, my grandpa quit going to school when he was 12.... By the time he was 45, he was able to buy his own land and build his own house. Now, I figure that if he could do it, then so can I. Which type of faulty logic do these lines contain?'

b"Can you please summarise this for me? Women's rights have been enshrined in the constitution,but very little has changed in the lives of the majority of rural women in South Africa. A major stumbling block is the high level of illiteracy among rural women. Because they are not..."

b'Summarise in 65 words the reasons why nothing has changed for rural women'

b"I'm writing an expository essay about a perfect mate how should I write my thesis statement?"

b'Which of the following sentences does not have a subordinate adverb clause. AFTER I PUT MY COMPLAINT ON PAPER, I FEEL MUCH BETTER.'

b'What is an appositive?'

b'Fill in the sentence with an appositive or participle. The alligator, ------ , pounced into the water. ---------- Teresa tried her best on the test.'

b'Why does Shakespeare not tell us what started the family feud? Answer in complete sentences.'

b"When you are doing a Bibliography page how can you indent a row that is part of a web site? Part of my web site goes into the 3rd line and it won't let me indent it. Thanks"

b'In the metaphor of language as a layer cake given in your study unit, which of the following words could be considered to be a frosting word?'

b'1. Choose two of the scientists you read about in the Stories of Scientists unit. Compare and contrast these scientists. Answer this question in no fewer than two paragraphs. Be sure to include specific details about each scientist\xc2\x92s life, career, and personality in your ...'

b'need help with writing a five-sentence paragraph using chronological order on signing on to my homepage is simple'

b'What is the relationship between idioms and intimacy?'



b'In the word disinterestedly, the root morpheme is'

b'To make is the infinitive is it an adjective'

b'My grandmother taught me to make lentil soup To make is it an adj adv or a noun I say it is a adv'

b'Rewrite this paragraph adding or correcting the placement of hyphens, dashes, and parentheses as needed. Some fashion designers you may be able to think of some design clothes that are casual, yet elegant. Many designers have perfumes do you wear perfume? as well as clothes. ...'

b'Brenda went to that popular, crowded cafe simply to see her friends. Is it a noun adv or an adj'

b"Fifty years ago, people didn't know to avoid bad cholesterol. To avoid is the infinitive is it being used as an adverb, adjective, or a noun?"

b'Establish the service that is being promoted in this advert'

b'Could someone explain whats the difference between these two questions? Why do you wish to study the programs? What influenced your decisions to apply to the programs?'

b'When the speaker refers to pausing to enjoy the view/of the trees and the flowers below he is really talking about? a looking down at the view from the mountain b giving up the struggle to just focus on his past successes c being inspired by the beauty of the scenery d ...'

b'Read the conversation at a peer review for Ben\xc2\x92s short story. \xc2\x93It seems your central character has a really cool power: being able to hear what others are thinking,\xc2\x94 Tom said. \xc2\x93Actually, I think it was more of a jinx,\xc2\x94 replied Ben. \xc2\x93Being able to hear what people ...'

b'In a survey of 25 college students, it was found that 9 were taking an English class, 14 were taking a math class, and 8 were taking both English and math. How many students were taking a math class only'

b'How can I direct a key scene in Macbeth?'

b"Can you check these? Neither the tourists nor their guide has/have time to photograph the gazelle? I think has because guide is singular. Neither my spaniel nor my neighbor's terriers do/ does tricks. I think do because terriers is plural."

b'Which verb should I use and why? Either the wild dogs or the baboon makes or make that howling sound. I think since dogs is plural it should be make?'

b"1. Should I use a question mark or a period? I can't go today so would it work tomorrow 2. Is this correct? I did WELL on the test. NOT I did GOOD on the test. WELL=ADVERB OR ADJECTIVE GOOD=ADJECTIVE"

b"Hello. I will appreciate it if you help me with a few questions. 1 Is it possible to say protesters gathered ON the square or is it IN or AT? 2 Is it necessary to use the article in the context: a 'Pope Francis blessed the? pilgrims in St Peter's Square.' b 'to promote..."

b'need a help on writing a poster .'

b'A student has 4 English books,3 math books,and 5 history books.In how many ways can these books be arranged on a shelf if the books in same subjects must be kept together?'

b'What is parallelism, please?'

b'So I have my thesis statement down but now I just need examples about speaking up and why you need to address things in this world today. Can you please help. Thanks soooo much:'

b'Why should people speak up and address issues that matter in the world today? Give examples'

b'can you help me comment on this theme please. awe and amazement'

b'what does this mean. the city now doth like a garment wear'

b"So I'm writing an essay about explaining why people should speak up and address issues that matter in the world today but I don't know what to say in each pargraph. 4 paragraphs could someone help me?? Thanks so much"

b"Why did English settlers come to America? a. to find gold b. to become fur traders c. to start a new life *** d. to become missionaries How did the industrial revolution affect the poor in the late 1800's? a. The city slums emptied b. The life of the poor did not improve *** c..."

b'By coaxing and questioning hour after hour, Tom finally managed to pry, delude the big secret from his sister.'

b'On my Hw it had this quote from a story saying the observers went to a different room and let Rico use two rooms to test for his logic is this a sense of pessimistic, objective, admiring, or it this dramatic?'

b'1. The cost of the car is high. 2. The cost of the car is expensive. 3. The fee is low. 4. The fee is cheap. 5. The bus fare is high. 6. The bus fare is expensive. -------------- Which ones are grammatical?'


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