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b'Need help with participle in the sentence We saw the thunderstorm advancing across the plains. Biting insects hovered over our campsite at night. Would the participles be advancing, and biting?'

b'Need help with the participle in the sentence The chart showing sales figures is very helpful. Would the participle be showing'

b'Need help with infinitive The only way to have a friend is to be one. Would both to have and to be be the infinitives'

b'Explain how the meaning of each of the following words is related to the root work -litera- mean letter. 1. literate adj. 2. literature'

b'I need an idea for a modern gothic short story 500 words and try not to make it clique Thankyou xx'

b'Is it watch a one of a kind performance or watch one of a kind performance I thought it was the first one, while someone else thought the second. Thanks'

b'Which sentence is punctuated correctly? The contents of the box consisted of seven, long-haired kittens. Marilyn was a lively outgoing, girl. Most of the middle schoolers hang out at the old, cool ice cream shop on 23rd Street. Is it A or C?'

b'Has anyone here read The Diary of Anne Frank?'

b'find the infinitive Adam, try to be on time in the morning.'

b'What are the infinitives in the sentence The only way to have a friend is to be one.'

b'correct the following sentence: elvis our cat play with his toy and then he played on the scratching post There are 6 errors but I could only find 5. Elvis, our cat played with his toy, and then he played on the scratching post.'

b"True or False: Never discuss an argument's implications. Comment only on the paper's explicit content. I think true is the answer."

b"True or False: Never discuss an argument's implications. Comment only on the paper's explicit content."

b'True or Fasle: Try not to use formulaic language. Strive for originality in your commentary.'

b"True or False: When doing peer review, you don't have to worry much about technical terms. Your classmates will know what you mean."

b'True or false: Your main job as a peer reviewer is to imagine what your teacher would say and to imitate his or her language?'

b'Hook: When words fail, music speaks Thesis: My favorite thing to do is listen to music. What could I make my transition sentence?'

b'These questions are from the article I posted about the woodpeckers. How would you describe the tone of the last section of the article? A. optimistic B. cautionary C. regretful D. elated B Which of the following sentences is an example of a hyperbole? A. They had proved ...'

b'What is the positive effects of blood plasma bags or blood banks. What is the size of one and what material is it made from. Impacts on the environment-the posirive and negative effects'

b"Hello. I'll be very grateful if you help me with a few questions. 1I know that the sentence Why are you always late correct, but is it possible to say Why are you always being late to show that it happens very often? 2Do you think it's possible to use every time in the..."

b'Read the passage. Choose the best way to rewrite the words in quotes. If the words are already correct, select no change. Do you know what you wanted to become when you grow up? In the past, I think I wished to be a psychologist. I still am respecting people who ...'

b'Can you help me identify the subordinate clause in the sentence The camel is the only pack animal that can stand the test of the Sahara. Would the subordinate clause be than can stand the test of the Sahara?'

b'Having trouble identifying subordinate clauses in the following sentences. 1. The airplane that we saw can land in only a few airports in this country. I think for this sentence the subordinate clause would be that we saw. 2. The coin that I purchased is an old French crown...'

b'To your question Which of these clauses cannot stand alone? The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward, I would say that can fly backward cannot stand alone.'

b'I will never forget the first time I have gone to the ocean with my family. My brother and I were five and seven years old. My parents took us on the Ferris wheel on the pier and are buying us popcorn and cotton candy. A shell I got from a souvenir still sits on my ...'

b'In the sentence, The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward, the verb is either is or can fly I cannot determine what the subordinate clause is.'

b'Find the subordinate clause in the sentence The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward.'

b"My instructions are to choose the sentence that has the prepositional phrase underlined. part underlined 1. I didn't want to trust her at the beginning. 2. The house on the hill was completely destroyed by fire. 3. In the early evening, the moon came out. 4. Throw ..."

b"Her father's book club likes Edgar Allen Poe. Is it supposed to be likes or like?"

b'What are the subordinate clause in these sentences? 1. Brett, who is a football star, is class president. 2. Bonnie, who is an artist, is also studying computer science. 3. The composer who wrote music comes form Germany. 4. My address book, which is bright red, is gone. 5. ...'

b'1.Virtual reality systems can be used to train pilots, doctors, and engineers. These systems are seen most often in video games. 2. a head-mounted display is made of a headset with a screen for each eye. the display connects to a computer. 3. a tracking device senses the eye ...'

b'Identify the infinitive phrase and its use. To win an argument is seldom a desirable goal.'

b'Is this sentence correct? The woman for whom we gave the party was delighted.'

b"Is this sentence correct? Between you and I, I think it's wrong."

b"Are these sentences correct? 1. I can run more quickly in my new shoes. 2. Where did you find them shoes? Which sentence has the correct prepositional phrase. 1. I didn't want to trust her at the beginning. 2. The house on the hill was completely destroyed by fire. 3. In the ..."

b"Are the following sentences correct? He said it was them who took it., It couldn't have been them., Elena and she tied for first place."

b'Which one is correct? Which one is an adjective? power-thirsting or power-thirtsty'

b'The audience cheers excitedly when someone makes a goal.'

b'What is the adverbs in the sentence Lacrosse is a game that is still frequently played by many?'

b'Please, I am struggling with these. Can someone help me by answering them? Or at least assisting me to? Thank you in advance to anyone who are able to. Read each of the following passages of descriptions of events from the play. Identify which type of irony is used in each ...'

b'Choose.. 1/ Ali is old, older ,oldest than Hani. Answer: older 2/ the elephant is big, bigger, biggest than the horse. Answer: bigger. 3/ Sam answered more , most, much carefully than his sister . Answer: more. 4/ Ann is the young , younger, youngest one in our ...'

b"What is the literary term for an event that is different from what the readers or the characters will expect to happen? A. situational irony B. ambiguity C. verbal irony D. contradiction Working on my workbook pages for this week and I don't understand this one: please help, ..."

b'Where can I search poverty in my community and its poverty statics for their respective areas? For instance, MN. Thank you.'

b'1.with my school subjects which careers can i study and the entrance requirement for the particular courses and fees and accommodation cost.'

b'Hi Does anyone have a very difficult exercise on future tenses will,going to and present continuous? Almost impossible to solve? It can be some kind of a text, or typical gap exercise but it has to be for B2 or C1. I have checked almost the entire Internet but everything is...'

b'could anyone help me answer this question , plz , thank you The following question is about the poem We are cool 3. Alliteration , or repeated consonant sounds , is used in this poem to 1point A . compare beginning and ending sounds b. create a flowing , repetitive ...'

b'Need help changing passive voice to an active one.... Iowa\xc2\x92s state lottery bill was approved by the Senate in a close vote taken this morning.'

b'Can someone explain to me the difference between angry about and angry for when a verb follows? I think about is used in sentences like: he is angry about being in jail Would for be possible in this sentence? he is angry with me for being rude to him. because I was ...'

b'Can you evaluate my answers in my previous English/Literature Questions post? Thank you.'

b'Read each of the following passages of descriptions of events from the play. Identify which type of irony is used in each passage or description. Then briefly explain the contrast of contradiction that occurs in each passage. 1. TRAVELER: So, what do you reckon? Any good, is ...'


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