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b"Which is the correct word The suspect wouldn't admit anything, nothing. I think anything I don't know any, none of the people on this bus. I think any Rosa couldn't do anything, nothing about changing the time of our program. I think anything."

b'Prior knowledge of what subject would help the reader understand Rosa Parks: My Story? A.segregation laws<--- B.public housing C.bus fares'

b'Identify the underline potions following sentence The children built a sand castle that is underline while their father read the book answers are adverb clause, adjective clause, subordinate clause thanks'

b'They spotted a pod of killer whales driving along the ocean highway?answers are dangling, misplace, both, misplace d and dangling, no error'

b'Where should the comma be placed in this sentence. The chameleons turning from tan to green became invisible,answers are. After turning, became, chameleons. Thanks'

b"In Ernest Hemingway An author's attitude toward a piece of work? Answers are,tone, voice, style thanks"

b"Here are some quotes in Pride and Prejudice, can you help me to analyze it, remember to write it in your own words, I'm not good at analyzing, so... 1. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. 2. ..."

b'Should colonel be capitalized in this sentence? My Uncle Charles is a colonel in the US Army. Should sergeant be capitalized in this sentence? The speaker at our assembly was sergeant Arlene M Hayes.'

b'I need help writing a villanelle.'

b'28. Which of the following is an example of an internal conflict? 1 point AJoel sees a friend cheat on a test and must decide whether or not to tell. BSophie takes a carpentry course, and the male instructor is rude and unhelpful. CKylie rescues an abused horse and ...'

b"27. What two things is F. Scott Fitzgerald comparing metaphorically by choosing Babylon Revisited as the title of his story? 1 point Aan ancient, ruined city and Charlie's former life of excess Ba place of peace and harmony and Charlie's previous marriage Ca mythical ..."

b'is this a metaphor or is the writer just describing the revenue? cafeteria reform had the effect of starving school cafeterias of revenue...'

b'26. In medias res means that a story begins __________ of a storyline. 1 point Aat the beginning Bin the middle Cat the end Dat the climax i think its b'

b'26. In medias res means that a story begins __________ of a storyline. 1 pointat the beginning in the middle at the end at the climax'

b"18. How does the narrator in Ernest Hemingway's short story In Another Country view himself in comparison to the other soldiers? 1 point aHe thinks he is not as brave as they are. bHe senses he is not treated as well as they are. cHe feels he does not deserve his medals..."

b"is this an example of antithesis? I think it is because it has two contrasting ideas, but I am not 100percent sure... The problem isn't that we're eating the wrong things at these restaurants; the problem is that we are eating there at all."

b'16. In the beginning, modernist writers were mainly reacting to the 1 point ahorrors of slavery. bviolence of World War I. cunequal treatment of women. deffects of industrialism on nature.'

b"Can someone help me with these sentences? Which of them are grammatically correct? Thank you very much in advance. 1 They are not able to dance well. 2 They can't dance well 3 Are you able to play the piano? 4 Can you play the piano? 5 Were you able to find the book you ..."

b"which word is correct I don't want any,no cereal for breakfast this morning."

b'Double Negative You must not speak to anyone, no one about our surprise party plans. the double negetive is no one'

b"Double Negatives She hasn't said anything, nothing about her accident. Is the answer anything"

b'Prepositional phrase In the distance, we saw the topof the snowcapped peak.'

b'Prepositional phrases The study of geography teaches us about the featuresof other lands. At one timePhiladelphia was the capital of the United States. The report of the secretary was given at the beginningof the meeting. In the glowof the fading light, we ...'

b'prepositional phrase The huddlein football was first used by a teamfrom Georgia Universtiyin 1896.'

b'Help with prepositional phrases Depositsof iron ore existnear the western endof the Great Lakes. Travelers of a century ago journeyed by stagecoach. The huge tower of stonein Delhiin India is a monument to the skillof its builders'

b'Prepostional phrases Tons of violets are made into perfume each year. The heart of a person pumps more than four quarts of bloodin one minute. One of the secretsof successis the wise use of leisure time.'

b'Standard time was adopted in the United States in 1884. prepositional phrases'

b"What is the function of the motif of fallen leaves in Spring and Fall? A. It promises renewal of the speaker's hopes. B. It points out the child's misunderstanding. C. It sets the autumn scene. D. It conveys a theme of loss and death."

b'Prepositions and prepositional phrases Self-government in the United States began in Jamestown in 1619.'

b'Identify prepositions and prepositional phrases. The geographic center of the United States is in Kansas. Preposition is of/ prepositional phrase is in Kansas. Standard time was adopted in the United States in 1884. prepositions are in and in.'

b"Identify each preposition and each prepostitional phrase. 1. Salt Lake City, Utah's capital and largest city, was founded in 1847. in 1847 is the prepositional phrase. 2. Janice and Carla spent the day at the mall. prespostition is mall, don't see a prepostional phrase. 3. ..."

b'The title Darkness at Noon relates to a. the lack of understanding about disabled workers b. an eclipse occurring at noon c. the regulations that demand equal employment opportunities d. the problem of a very capable man Not sure between A and B i think it is b Help'

b"i need an example of a news report wrriten about the short story ''Thankyou Maam'' by langston Hughes"

b"Thesis: My favorite thing to do is listen to music. Transition-- Cool Closing Sentence: Sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, love like you'll never get hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth I need help on my transition sentence. Should it be; I ..."

b'help using who or whom The person who I called is my sister. For whom is this letter? Whom will we select? Who told us about Frank? Whom did he call? Who sat next to me?'

b'Using who or Whom 1. Who told you about our plans? 2. Who is our greatest scientist? 3. Whom did Armando send for? 4. Who are those women? 5. Who is your instructor? 6. Who is your friend? 7. To whom is that package addressed? 8. For whom shall I ask? 9. Who do you think can ...'

b'Using the correct indefinite pronouns These are what I think the answers are in parenthesis. Never judge anyone entirely by his or her looks. Each one has a right to his or her own opinion in this matter. Some man has left his raincoat. Has each student received his or ...'

b'Paraphase - to cut a long story short, one day I decided to be a man about my feelings'

b'Using correct pronouns Each of the children willingly did his or her, their share of the camp duties. Would the correct pronoun be his or her? Someone has left her or his, their automobile across the highway. Would the correct pronoun be their? Each of children willingly ...'

b'Rewrite using commas where needed. At the beginning of a ramp the skaters rise suddenly. My answer: At the beginning of a ramp, the skaters rise suddenly.'

b'Indefinite pronoun Both worked hard. Is both the indefinite pronoun?'

b'The weight of the rider is one force and gravity is another. Do I need a comma in this sentence? If so, why?'

b'Write a context-free grammar for the following language. Start with an English statement of the language, and give five good strings. x1x2 .. xk, k ? 1, for some i and j: xi = xj^R, ? = {a, b, } notes: xi\xc2\x92s contain a\xc2\x92s and b\xc2\x92s only, \xc2\x92s appear only ...'

b"Using who/whom whoever/whomever At red lights, my friend tries to race whoever pulls up beside him. Susan, who was in an ugly mood, pushed past a Girl Scout trying to sell cookies. Noel, whom I've known since middle school, has decided to trade in his ancient Honda. You should..."

b"In Paul's Case, members of the faculty don't like Paul's carnation because they think A. it doesn't match his other clothing. B. it suggests that he's not taking things seriously. C. it's the mark of an early death. D. it's effeminate for a man to wear a flower."

b'Participles Onions are among the largest vegetable crops produced in the United States. Would the participle be produced? The truck, burdened with its load, traveled slowly over the rough road. Would the participle be burdened?'

b'help with participles The rude person, shoving others aside, went to see the manager. Would the participle be shoving The lake, frozen solidly, looked like a huge mirror. Would the participle be frozen?'

b'Find the participle Several passengers injured in the wreck were brought to the local hospital. Would the participle be injured'

b'Need help with participles Onions are among the largest vegetable crops produced in the United States. would the participle be vegetable? Several passengers injured in the wreck were brought to the local hospital. Would the participle be several? The fire, fanned by the high ...'

b'Need help with participles Onions are among the largest vegetable crops produced in the United States. Would the participle be largest We drove slowly, enjoying every minute of the drive. Would the participle be enjoying?'


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