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b'Can anyone give me some quotes for writing a para about 9/11?'

b'____is used to inspire an audience? Answers are Tone Pace Repetition Imagery I think it is imagery thanks'

b"Can anyone give me some quotes which i could use for writing a para describing the story 'the model millionaire'?"

b'The are of persuasion is using words to influence the__and actions of others? Answers are Words Minds Opinions Engagement I think it is Opinions'

b'The poem \xc2\x93The Negro Speaks of Rivers\xc2\x94 was written from what experience? a. Hughes\xc2\x92 move to New York. c. Hughes read about the experiences of slaves. b. A trip he made to a famous river. d. A trip he made to live with his father in Mexico City for a year.'

b'What order would you be using if you were an AABB pattern? answers are. Chronological Spatial Compare -and-Contrast Developmental Thanks'

b'The old stone bridge across Rugen Bay is one of my favorite places to play. I toss pebbles for Mom, and a pebble for Dad, And a rock for horses and chickens we had. I watch as each of the stones makes rings like songs that each of memories sings. For my wife-for my dear and ...'

b"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the hatch-eaves run; to bend with apples the moss'd cottage-trees, And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core; To swell ..."

b'Story Title A and P by John Updike Conflict advances the plot of a story and leads to? Answers are. Characterization Exposition Resolution Rising action'

b"What reasons relating to 1984 means the the reality tv show World's stricktest Parents should be banned."

b'Which group of words is the complete infinitive phrase in this sentence,it is important to avoid harmful exposure to the suns direct rays'

b"The bee is not afraid of me, I know the butterfly; the pretty people in the woods Receive me cordially. The brooks laugh louder when I come, The breezes madder play. Wherefore, mine eyes, thy silver mists? Wherefore, O summer's day? 1. what makes this poem a lyric? a. It tells..."

b'We met by yonder cherry tree. I glanced at her she winked at me. I offered her a slice of pie. How could I know our love would die? After a bite, her watery eyes Gazed at me; she gave a cry And gagged; she turned and ran away. I have not seen her since that day. You see I like...'

b'1. There are two seats in the corner. 2. There are two chairs in the corner. Does 1 mean 2? 3. Listen carefully in hearing. 4. Listen carefully when you hear. Are both the same?'

b'What is the theme ? Come outdoors to view The truth of Flowers blooming Amid poverty A. Frogs dive into the sound of water, not water itself B. even in poverty, people can take comfort in the beauty of nature. C. Flowers are truthful and honest D. The poet dreams that he ...'

b'What happens in this haiku? Sick on my journey, only my dreams will wander these desolate moors. A. The poet is ill and cannot hike across the moors B. the poet sees flowers and takes heart in their beauty C. The poet hikes across the moors and then becomes ill D. The poet ...'

b'Choose the letter of the word or phrase best matches the word in italics. The campfire was visible glimmering between the trees. Answers are Intermittently, Intermittently conspicuously Brightly Weakly'

b'Choose the letter of the word or phrase best matches the word in italics sentence is The campfire was visible glimmering between the trees?answers are intermittently, intermittently conspicuously, brightly, weakly, thanks'

b'Harrison Bergeron short story Beautiful faces are masked so that no one will answers are fall in love, be recognized ,feel inferior, try to escape'

b'Which implicit element of the analogy in these lines is analogous to family worship? Breakfast over, Aunt Polly had family worship: it began with a prayer built from the ground up of solid courses of Scriptural quotations, welded together with a thin mortar of originality; ...'

b'Like the modernists post modern writers focused on___ experience and emphasized the effects of culture divisions fill in blank answers are. Subjective, objective, culture, all the above I think it is all the above thanks'

b"These are great news indeed;I can't believe I made it"

b'Like the modernists post modern writers focused on ___ experience and emphasized the effects of culture divisions answers are subjective, objective, cultural, all the above thanks'

b'During this time period writers sought to capture the ___ of the Americas people during this-era of a new post war economy and society answers are peace, anger, anxiety, all the above thanks'

b'Prose is writing that does not posses___and____?fill in the blank answers are emotion thought, meter rhythm, theme genre none of the above thanks'

b'The Latin prefix sub -means ? answers are under, secretive, above, none of the above thanks'

b"Should the be upper case in these sentences? During his administration, an act was signed forming two railroad companies, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific. Lincoln was president during an important part of our nation's history, the Civil War."

b'Ms Sue I am stuck between these 2 topics: Social anxiety or overpopulation?'

b'Does anyone know what the symbol for works cited is called? It looks like a colon with a small line in the middle.'

b"I need to write research paper and I trying to find topic to write about. Teacher say to avoid topics that u can't be open minded about like abortion and said to avoid paranormal and those involving personal religious beliefs. He said to restrict selection to topics that have ..."

b'If I post a definition from a dictionary and say which dictionary it is from, would that be plagiarizing?'

b'1. He is trying to hit a ball. It seems that he is holding a bat. What does he like to do? He likes to play baseball. 2. She is mimicking paying the guitar. What is she good at? She is good at playing the guitar. 3. He is jumping with his mouth open,shouting. Look at the ...'

b"1. How is Ted special? He dresses well. 2. Why is Ted special? He is wearing a colorful shirt. 3. What is Ted's specialty? He is wearing pink trousers. 4. What is special for Ted? He is fashionable. -------------- Which ones are grammatical and commonly used? Which ones are ..."

b'Should kremlin be capitalized in this sentence. I want to see Moscow, especially the kremlin, which was the seat of government for the former Soviet Union.'

b'Sentence for word duke.'

b'Can someone check to see if this is written correctly? It was like this - Scientists report that creatures living in the deep sea are in danger of starving to death. Millions of undiscovered species live, in the deep sea. Creatures in the seabed are suffering from growing food...'

b'I do have some corrections made but my computer wont let me copy and paste the part I did. Please Help. This is the uncorrected version: Scientists report that creatures living in the deep sea are in danger of starving to death. Millions of undiscovered species live, in the ...'

b'How do Realists and Romanticists differ?'

b"Identify the excerpt that uses foreshadowing. A. They're spoiled and we're spoiled. B. I have a feeling it'll be Africa again before then. C. Wendy and Peter aren't in their rooms. D. They're not old enough to do that alone, I explained. I think it is B. Thank You."

b'In which of the following sentences is the verb in the active voice? A. The telephone bill was paid yesterday. B. The mother called her son for lunch. C. The boy was called by his mother. D. We were told that Jim is ill.'

b'What is the verb and the noun, A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense'

b'How is the more direct performative aspect of drama and/or poetry reflected in these forms?'

b'which career field do i belong to'

b'Have you read the poem called Problems With Hurricanes by Victor Hern\xc3\xa1ndez Cruz? If so, could you assist me in answering the questions below? If not, could you possibly read this poem online and help me, anyways? Thank you. 1. What is the author suggesting about how one ...'

b'Fill in the blanks? If a goofball and a bowling ball are rolling at the same speed, the.blank? Ball has a greater momentum?'

b'using dashes It was part of the play--imagine that meant--to add suspense.'

b'using dashes There was a loud boom--what a fright--from the back of the theater. We all turned around--I even jumped up--to see what it was. It was part of the play--imagine--that meant to add suspense.'

b'adding dashes There was a loud boom--what a fright--from the back of the theater. We all turned around--I even jumped up-to see what it was. It was part of the play-imagine-that meant to add suspense.'

b"adding dashes where needed There was a loud boom -- what a fright from the back of the theater. We all turned around -- I even jumped up to see what it was. It was part of the play -- imagine that meant to add suspense. I'd love to see the play again -- maybe next week -- and ..."

b'Using hyphens Between acts the theater was completely dark, but the orchestra continued to play any-way.'


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