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b"1. Which one of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A. I found a large, smooth, rock on the beach yesterday. B. She kept my surprise a secret, but she had a hard time doing it. C. Della arrived on time, it was just two o'clock. D. Darleen chose Tara, Holly, and, ..."

b"There were 40 seats for older children in the frontat the front and benches for little children at the backin the back. ------------------ Q1: Which do we have to use 'in' or 'at'? Are both OK? Q2: Which one is right, 'older children' or 'elder children'?"

b"Change this sentence to subject agreement,tenses and fragment, I can't believe, Indeed I made it."

b'Whats the mood of the story and how it makes you feel. How do you think Kafka wants you to feel about Gregor Samsa?'

b'1 Marks: 3 Which statement best describes the government of Canada? Choose one answer. a. The monarch of Britain has total control over Canada. b. The Canadian parliament is ruled by the United States. c. Canada has complete power over its own government. d. The prime minister...'

b'I wanted to post my English thing here for it to be edited but not want it to stay public on internet, is there way to make it private ?'

b'1.MM candies are great for probability. The following tables are the color distributions for the candies. Fill in each table with the missing probability and answer the questions that follow. Plain Brown Blue Green Orange Red Yellow Probability 0.3 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.02 ??? ...'

b'For example, if it is a sport, then some people wonder why cheerleaders must also be concerned with the neatness and uniformity of their appearance. In addition, since cheerleading does not require an opposing group of cheerleaders, some people question whether it can be ...'

b'i want to either study or to work abroad after i graduate. correct parrellel structure?'

b"Bill Gates didn't _______ seem like a shoe-in for success after dropping out of Harvard and starting a failed first bussiness with Microsoft co- founder Paul Allen ______ Call Traf O- Data . While this early idea didn't work , Gates ' later , ______ create the ..."

b'Underline the clauses in the following sentences. Identify each as an adverb clause or a noun clause. 1. When _he discovered the data were corrupt_, Swift knew he had to do something. A: Adverb clause. 2. Henderson belived that _any Multivac provided_ was unreliable. A: Noun ...'

b'what is a concrete noun'

b"We have to write a paragraph in the boy's point of view from a excerpt of a story we read in class. He is a Jewish boy being hung from whatever he did. It doesn't say. How can I write how he felt and be descriptive? Help"

b'1. The words jingling, tinkling in line 14 of The Bells are NOT an example of ? A.repetition ***** B.assonance C. consonance 2. Which if the following sentences uses an adjective in the positive degree? A. The whole coast was beaten by harsh winds.******* B. The winds ...'

b'Check this out please Thanks Lesson 3 Unit 2 Probability Couplements, Disjoint Events and the addition Rule 1.MM candies are great for probability. The following tables are the color distributions for the candies. Fill in each table with the missing probability and answer the...'

b'a restrictive clause is one that'

b'How can doctor and teacher can be independent, have achievement, recognition and affection?'

b"I'm writing a personal essay for an internship. Is everything in this essay clarified? Where can I expand? I don't know about you but I like living. And in order for me and those who proceed me to live a nice, long and happy life, we have to do something about the still ..."

b'1. On the school boat, there were 40 seats for older children in the front and benches for little children at the back. 2. On the school boat, there were 40 seats for older children at the front and benches for little children in the back. 3. In the school boat, there were 40 ...'

b'This is a final project In accordance to the book In the Heat of the NGht by John Ball. -must create a newspaper that contains an article basically stating the murder mystery in the book, 2 ads and another article irrelevant to the story that depicts the theme of prejudice. I ...'

b'What is the significance of the title In the heat of the night? What does the last chapterchapter 14 conclude about the underlying racial issue; the furtherance of the romantic plot?'

b'This sentence is all underline Wherever there are animals dropping Answers are Adjectives clause Advebial clause Noun Independent Is it Noun'

b'That creatures living in the deep sea are in danger of starving to death? Answers are Adverbial clause Adjectival clause Noun Independent clause Thanks is it Independent clause'

b"1 'are you free this afternoon'she said. into reported speech 'dont you want to go?'into indirect speech 3. if i were you ... why i agrees with were not was pl clarify"

b'100 eighth grade students were interviewed about their favorite subject at school. 45 said Math, 70 said English, and 5 said neither. Using a Venn diagram, how many said both?'

b'I have to write a research paper on why ernest hemingway would be a good author for college students to ready. Any suggestions on where to start?'

b"I need to re word this paragraph. Hemingway's distinctive writing style is characterized by economy and understatement, and had a significant influence on the development of the 20th century fiction writing. His protagonists are typically stoical men who exhibit an ideal ..."

b"Leonardo da Vinci believed in soper vedere, or the power of observation. While his contemporaries looked for scientific truth in the writings of ancient scholars, da Vinci's theories were based on empirical research, that which he observed and recorded in his many notebooks. ..."

b'May you please edit this essay? Holden Caulfield in \xc2\x93Catcher in the Rye\xc2\x94, seems to be obsessed with mortality and youthful innocence, both of which are embodied in James Castle and Allie Caulfield. Holden demonstrates these infatuations in his conversation with Phoebe. At ...'

b'Choose the best answer 1. What do you get if you mix common bacteria and vinegar. The word common means a. multiple b. ordinary - the answer c. lower-class d. poisonous 2. It is a serious question. The answer is you get bacteria that eat toxic waste and turn that waste into ...'

b'You should always document your quoted information with a properly for matted? Answers are Citation Footnote Endnotes THANKS Thanks Think it is Footnote'

b'could you tell me the right preposition here : he knocks at the door / on the door'

b'I need to find an article that compares two different jobs?'

b'You should always document your quoted information with a properly for matted?Answers are Citation Footnote Endnotes Source List Thanks I think it is Source list'

b'What sets off the main conflict in AP Answers are Three girls in a bathing suit enter a grocery store A grocery store clerk is distracted from his work A store manager enforces the stores clothing policy Thanks Is it Three girls in bathing suits enter a grocery store'

b'1. He is pretending to try to hit a ball. 2. She is pretending to play the guitar. 3. She seems to pretend to play the guitar. 4. He has put his right fingers around his chin. 5. It seems that he tries to hit a ball. Are they grammatical? Check them please. Thank you.'

b'1. He is spinning a basketball on his finger. 2. He is turning around a basketball on his finger 3. He is turning a basketball on his index finger. Which ones are grammatical?'

b"1. If school finishes early today, Kevin will ride a bike. 2. If school finishes early today, Kevin will ride his bike. A bike or his bike? Which one is commonly used? 3. If I miss so much school, how can I become a scholar? What is the meaning of 'school' here? Is it '..."

b'What is she like? 1. She is smart. 2. She is friendly. 3. She is generous. 4. She is reserved and pretty. 5. She is tall and has long hair. 6. She is short. 7. She looks heavy and strong. ------------------ Are the answers all correct? What about 5 and 6 and 7?'

b'What sets off the main conflict in A and P. Answers are Three girls in bathing suits enter grocery store A grocery store clerk is distracted from his work A store manager enforces the stores clothing policy A clerk decides to rebel against a grocery store policy Thanks I think...'

b'Satire uses __to deal with serious situation? Answers are Humor,irony Logic,reason Facts,opinions Persuasion,argument Thanks I think it is Humor,Irony'

b'The writing style that shows the irrationality of human existence is called? Answers are Safire Tragedy Comedy Absurdist Thanks'

b'Compare and contrast the elements of the Kelly-Frye and Daubert decisions. What do you think about each decision and how it pertains to the rules of evidence?'

b"Give me some quotes for writing a para about oscar wilde's caught sneezing"

b"I'm instructed to wrtie a full lab raport for a lab I did a couple of months ago. My aim was to find the most efficient concentration of fertilizer to grow red lentils. I planned to do this by taking the average of the number of lentils sprouted each day for eight days and ..."

b'Why does Allen Ginsberg Refer to Walt Whitman as dear father in his poem A Supermarket in California? Answers are He considers Whitman to be a leader in a her native poetry He considers Whitman wisdom as a poet to be similar to that of a wise paternal figure He considers ...'

b'Grammar and word usage Is it correct? * I always utilized ACT Sparknotes as a source * The students were interested to learn.'

b'The elements of persuasion are? Answers are Pace,volume,tone,repetition,action Pace,volume,tone,repetition,imagery Action,words,facial,expression,tone None of the above I think it is the second one thanks'

b'What are the major themes of 1984'

b'Can anyone give me some quotes for writing a para about water scarcity'


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