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b'The sum of squares of two numbers is 520 and there difference is 4 what is smaller number.'

b'A toy maker packed 29 boxes with 9 tops each and had 3 top left. How many more boxes of tops would he have if he had packed 3 tops into esch box instead?'

b"Holly left her apartment and walked up 3 floors to return a book to Kayla. She then went down 4 floors to Paige's place to get the class noted from her. Finally?Holly walked up 2 floors to look for Jenna, who was not home. If Jenna lives on tje eighth floor, which floor does ..."

b'If 4000 is deposited at the end of each year in an account that earns 6.2percent compounded semiannually, how long will it be before the account contains 120,000?'

b'Need to build a rectangular garden on an area of 8,000 sf. What are the dimensions?'

b'\xc2\x965p > \xc2\x9655 I have no idea what this means, im assuming I have to find p but i dont know even.. how to find p??? theres no instructions on how/what to do so if someone could explain to me what this is I would appreciate it soooo much'

b'The pH of a solution ranges from 0 to 14. An acid has a pH less than 7. Pure water is neutral and has a pH of 7. The pH of a solution is given by pH = -logx where x represents the concentration of the hydrogen ions in the solution in moles per liter. Find the pH if the ...'

b'The measurements in the list below have a characteristic in common. 6x5 2 miles 6x5 72,000 inches 6x5 3,000 feet Which statement describes the common characteristic? A Each measurement is greater than 4,000 yards. B Each measurement is equivalent 1,760 yards. C Each ...'

b'A local hardware store sells three types of boxes; small, medium and large. The cost of the boxes are; small 10, medium 20 and large 30. In the previous week a total of 1200 boxes were sold resulting in proceeds of 20 000 for the week. The number of small boxes sold was ...'

b'? 4xadd4x^2-2x-3^2/3 dx'

b'A tree that is 3 feet tall is growing at a rate of 1 ft per year. A 5 ft tree is growing at a rate of 0.75 ft per year. The ordered pair t, ht, h represents the time, t, at height, h. Which ordered pair represents the year when the trees will be the same height? A. 6, 9 ...'

b'How can I write 1addi^101 in its simplest form? The answer is: 2^501addi, but I do not know how to get to that.'

b'the perimeter of a isosceles triangle is 28cm with side 4y=6y-2xadd1 and base xadd2y in cm, find x and y and state the length of the side of the triangle.'

b'Compute the amount of interest earned in the following simple interest problem. A deposit of 8,000 at 9.5percent for 120 days.'

b'how much border do I need for a rectangular room that is 10 feet by 15 feet to cover the entire room?'

b'One third of a number divided by itself gives 1/3. Find the number.'

b'The average of third number is 29 if the average of two number is27 .find the third number ?'

b'a triangle has sides f length xcm,2x-1cm and 2xadd1cm. If its perimeter is 40, state the size of the largest angle of the triangle giving reasons'

b'five years ago, a mother was twice as old as her son. In 6 years time, the sum of their ages will be 82. Fiind their present age.'

b'The pricing policy of a company follows the demand equation p=Dx. Dx being the price per unit when x units are demanded. After studying the market trends the company determines the price function that is given by Dx= 2000-4x. If the product is to be marketed the company...'

b'Two pails contained a total of 21.8 liters of water. After 0.36 liters of water is poured from the small pail into big pail, the amount of water in the big pail is 9 times that in the small pail. How much water was in each pail at first?'

b'Write an inequality for the following statement 9 is greater than b'

b'I need help solving equation it says to round to the neatest hundredth if needed the problem is 9- 61-5a=-26'

b'There are 12 girls and 18 boys in a class. What is the largest number of groups they can be split into and have the same number of boys and girls on each team?'

b'Write a real world problem for the equation 3addx=8'

b'How do I find 30percent of 50?'

b"y=1/2x add 3/4 6xadd8y=10 Only looking for X Step's in what i did 1.~6xadd81/2x add 3/4=10 2.6xadd 8/2x add 24/4 =10 3.26xadd 8/2x add 24/4 =102 4.12xadd8xadd 24/4=20 5.20xadd6=20 6. 20x=14 7. x= 14/20 I don't know what i did wrong. Please help me and if you don't understand the problem I ..."

b'The sum of two numbers is 94.6. If one number is 19 times the other, what are the two numbers? Please explain how to solve. Thanks'

b'If a boy run at the rate of 10km/h then whow long will he take to cover a distance of 450 m'

b'If you use 63.00 divided by nine is seven dollars greater than or less than the exact answer explain'

b'Every night when Isabella came home from work she put any change she had in her pockets into a jar. One day she wanted to know how much change she had in her jar. She noticed that she had two more nickels than twice the number of dimes, and eight fewer quarters than twice the ...'

b'The baseball team won 6 games more than they lost if the team won 18 games about what percent of the games did they lose'

b'I dare someone to do 368.7 divided by 18. Use compatible numbers I?U guys'

b'I am a polygon. The sum of my angles equals 180. I have two sidesthat are congruent. What am I?'

b"51 is the product of Rhonda's age and 3."

b'Two trucks are traveling in the same direction, one going twice as fast as the other. At the end of 6 hours they are 204 miles apart. How fast is each travelling? Can you guys show me the answer i got 68 and 146 but its wrong'

b'Hi I am after some help starting this question. A local hardware store sells three types of boxes; small, medium and large. The cost of the boxes are; small 10, medium 20 and large 30. In the previous week a total of 1200 boxes were sold resulting in proceeds of 20 000 for...'

b'A trail mix contains peanuts, chocolate pieces, and raisins. There are twice as many raisins as chocolate pieces. There are 20 less peanuts than raisins. In total, the mix contains 200 trail mix pieces. Write an equation in terms of r the number of raisins to represent this ...'

b'One of the largest pumpkins ever grown weighted 4/5 ton. About how much did the pumpkin weight.'

b'If it is 4:00 p.m. then what time is 17 hours ago? Is it 11:00 pm?'

b'In a school of 350 student there are 40 more girls than boys , how many girls are there? And how many boys are there?'

b'find the median, mode and range for 28, 61,19,43,89,126.'

b'A figure is reflected from Quadrant II to Quadrant III. Is it a x-axis or a y-axis.'

b'Clay earned 2,600 last he paid 234 for entertainment. What percent of his earnings did clay pay in entertainment expenses?'

b'Your lunch bill is 19.75. A 5percent sales tax will be added, and you want to give a tip of about 20percent of 19.75. Estimate how much you will pay for lunch.'

b'use the digits 6 7 8 and 9 to make a problem with the largest product possible'

b'Only two forces act on an object mass=3.19\xc2\xa0kg, as in the drawing. Find a the magnitude and b the direction relative to the x axis of the acceleration of the object.'

b'A rectangle made of square tiles measures 8 tiles wide and 10 tiles long. What is the length in tiles of a similar rectangle 12 tiles wide?'

b'Currently, you have 80 and your sister has 145. You decide to save 6 of your allowance each week, while your sister decides to spend her whole allowance plus 7 each week. How long will it be before you have as much money as your sister?'

b'Julie has 8 more than three times as many quarters as dimes. The total value of the coins is 12.20. How many of each kind of coin does she have?'


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