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b'A student has completed a freewriting exercise. The result is a paragraph exploring the general theme of war in a literary text. What is the next step in the writing process? 1.gathering details 2.beginning an outline 3.writing an introduction 4.narrowing the topic Need help ...'

b'Deana created a computer-assisted slide show. To make the slide show legible, what is one thing she needs to avoid? Atyping bullets in a small font Badding color and effects to the font Cprinting handouts on paper Dadding tables and graphics'

b'What is the term for a magazine that is published on the computer? 1. computerized slide show 2. online publication 3. electronic portfolio 4. electronic bulletin board'

b'Need Help Please. A student is thinking about different forums for publishing an editorial. Which of the following would be appropriate? 1.a dramatic reading 2.an anthology 3.a poetry contest 4.a school newspaper'

b'List as many details as you can for each of the topic sentences. 1. Walking briskly for a mile after a day sitting at a desk helps dispel fatigue. Purpose: To explain 2.Bird watching in the woods is relaxing as well as educational Purpose: To convince'

b'What is the best strategy for organizing an essay to describe events in time sequence? Acomparison and contrast Border of importance Cchronological Dspatial'

b'What is the purpose of prewriting in the writing process? A to help polish your writing B to find details to complete paragraphs C to organize your thoughts within a draft D to help develop a topic for writing'

b'What is the purpose of a response-to-literature essay? A to entertain B to persuade C to analyze D to compare and contrast'

b'how can i revise this haiku poem? lunch bell rings change clinking in our pockets striving for food'

b'In what ways have social media made our lives easier?'

b'how do varieties of informative and positive messages adapt the basic pattern?'

b'i am having troubles on what to right for the conflict and resolution can someone tell me what they are ? Thanks My Stepmother by Thanh Nguyen When my stepmother first came, her eyes were sharp and bright as little knives. Her youth and my childhood ran into each other - she ...'

b'what is a good haiku poem on the school cafeteria?'

b"Did I do this correctly?? Select the correctly written sentence in this group. A. Spending way too much money on his old car, Fred's salary just wasn't enough. B. Spending way too much money on his old car, Fred soon found he'd used up his salary. my answer Select the ..."

b'Poem title, author Setting Characters Conflicts Resolution Rhyme or rhythm, pattern? on turning 10 You tell me it is too early to be looking back, but that is because you have forgotten the perfect simplicity of being one and the beautiful complexity introduced by two. But I...'

b'In English Class, after studying a book called The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, students are split into 6 groups and each group is required to make a fi lm based on one of the 8 important scenes in the novel. Each group can choose which scene they are creating a fi ...'

b'Are you learning english'

b"can you do a poem for me,because i don't know how to do it???"

b"What is 'paps room'?"

b'derick decided that he would focuse his report on their traditional homes called gers which visual aids are most likely to be helpful 1object-2chart 3model-4graph-5photographs 6video-7flipchart'

b'Can somebody help pleaseThis is the first time that that I take a literature class, on English II in English and I can really use some help. I am taking English 1302, which is pretty much literature and the teacher told us to define some literacy terms, for example: ...'

b'How does an inclined plane impact work?'

b'Paper Bags \xc2\x97 A Great Choice Am I supposed to use an em dash for the sentence above?'

b'Metaphor for repugnance His biggest repugnance is guest who are always late'

b'Metaphor for confusion The math problem was a maze at trying to solve.'

b'I need to write a metaphor for the word Repugnance. I definitely am lost on this one.'

b'1. Cut out a paper triangle with scissors. 2. Cut off a paper triangle with scissors. 3. Cut away a paper triangle with scissors. 4. Make a cut of a paper triangle with scissors. Would you let me know the difference among the four expressions? Are they all interchangeable ...'

b"1. A surgeon made a cut in the patient's stomach. 2. A surgeon cut in the patient's stomach. Are both the same in meaning? 3. David took off the poster and cleaned the wall. 4. David took away the poster and cleaned the wall. 5. David took the poster and cleaned the wall. ..."

b'1. They get out of the city and spend time in nature. 2. They go out of the city and spend time in nature. Are both the same in meaning? Which one do you use more, go or get? 3. Everyone will have fun there. 4. Every will have a good time there. 5. Everyone will enjoy ...'

b'Is this a complete sentence or a sentence fragment? Applications truly welcomed.'

b'Which is President Kennedy\xc2\x92s intent when using questions in the last paragraph of this excerpt?'

b'acrostic poem for the word pagan'

b'embed a portion of the following qoute by writing your own introductory phrase and properly citing your source at the end of the sentence. If you are considering a career in law, English is actually one of the best majors to consider as an undergraduate. The skills you learn ...'

b'Embed a quotation from an interview that you conducted. I suggest that you study hard in college, but get a job too. Jobs teach much more than a school ever does. Workman, Tom. Personal Interview. 25 Feb. 2007.'

b'Think about the figurative language in this stanza. What is the speaker saying? 1 point It is hard to find your way at night because it is dark. It is the middle of the night and she is hungry. People find life in being with others. People have to help each other with ...'

b'5.A 6.A 5.The origin of the words shut and out is Old English. During the 1800s, the two words were combined to take on the baseball meaning, a game in which one side does not score. What is the most likely meaning of the word shutout in the story The Shutout? A.to dismiss B....'

b"I'm writing a persuasive request but English is not my native language. I've done many drafting and revising, but still not sure. so I would be grateful if you could show me what I did wrong and the correct way to revise it. Thanks Dear xxx, I would like to express my delight..."

b'1. In the evening, Sonya will meet one of her friends. 2. In the evenings, Sonya will meet one of her friends. ------------------------- Thank you for your help. What is the difference between them. Does 1 mean She will meet her friend this evening once. Does 2 mean She...'

b'Did I classify this sentence correctly? The A birds SN/ in P the A tree OP sang V happily adv during P the A day OP.'

b"Do I use an apostrophe after the A or not? He got 5 As on the final exam. I've heard that capital letters are made plural only by adding an s, but my textbook gives this example-How many A's did you write on the paper?"

b"1. In the evening, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 2. In the evenings, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 3. Evenings, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 4. Every evening, Sonya's father cooks dinner. What is the difference of the four sentences in meaning?"

b'After watching a documentary about the environment on TV, I decided to start my own project,Project Green Kid. Today was my first day as a Green Kid...... ---------------------------------- Do we have to use a Green Kid? What about a green kid? Why do we have to ...'

b'A French girl found them'

b'* I need help writing research essay. The topic is to write about an issue or problem that you want to change. Well, I am mostly interested in Science, particularly Chemistry and Nature.'

b"I'm writing an essay and need help coming up with economic reasons to to be against Caps on Punitive Damages. Google is not turning up what I need. I need how will implementing this program be bad economically?"

b'What is the tone in a thankless experience'

b'That day I was so worried that I'

b'choose the correct one. a I wore all of the safety equipment for skateboarding; however, I still hurt myself. b I wore all of the safety equipment for skateboarding, however, I still hurt myself. c I wore all of the safety equipment for skateboarding however; I still hurt ...'

b"i have a question say you're writing a sentence such as I ate apples, bananas, oranges, and grapes. is there a comma before 'and' or no?"

b'How do you pronounce Dacha in Russian? A dacha is a Russian country house.'


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