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b'Which propaganda technique is used in this sentence? The candidate I endorse believes to his very soul that this change would destroy this lovely community and its soul by disrupting you, its heart and soul.'

b'NEtholic REvolution -->How did agricultural advancements impact society? What are three reasons for that? How did agricultural advancements impact society?'

b'What does aberration mean?'

b'What kind of dialogue should I write with this? Write an example of a very brief dialogue between at least 2 people who are talking about a recent event. The characters should be about your age15.'

b'When you know your audience would be receptive to your message, you use ------ approach.'

b'When we avoid using words and phrases that unfairly or even unethically categorize or stigmatize people in ways related to gender, race, ethnicity, age or disability, this is called'

b'. When business messages use a/an ----- or ------ attitude, they risk sounding selfish and uninterested in the audience.'

b'language is used to make comparisons in business communication'

b"I have to write a 1000 word essay on connecting, Hamlet's dealing with rejection, depression to THE real world life. How it affect's me. So can you help me with some dot jots on how depression can relate tothe world peoples situations from hamlet?"

b"Paraphasing practice In 1857, a British expedition led by Richard Burton and John Speke set out to find the great lakes shown on Ptolemy's map. After reaching Lake Tanganyika, the two men split up because Burton was ill. --------------------------------------- Who should ..."

b'Fill in the blank with verb in parentheses Have you ever ___ to prom before?___last year as a sophomore Thanks'

b'I need help with some conversation examples 1 Write an example of a conversation between at least 2 adults who are talking about the possibility of one of them getting a new promotion with their current company. 2 Write an example of a very brief dialogue between at least 2...'

b'What is a ritualistic interpretation of the story of Theseus'

b'What is ironic about the death of Jason and Theseus from Greek mythology'

b'It for speech i represent at school.english is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous languages?'

b'why am i black? please explain that to me.'

b'Writing Prompt: You have been assigned the task of introducing Romeo and Juliet to a group of students with no experience of Shakespeare or Shakespearean Theater. With a partner or yourself, outline the points you want to make in your introduction and how you will analyze and ...'

b'which language is used to make comparisons in business communication'

b'In your opinion what point could making an observation halt or obstruct the writing process'

b"We have just finished reading Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher and I need to explain, in a paragraph what Roderick is all mind in a weak body means. I think it's somehere along the lines of his spirit being alive but his exterior being dead. I'm really bad at ..."

b"Which of the following sentences contains an indefinite pronoun? A. Her car's battery died because she left the lights on. B. The team congratulated one another on a job well done. C. This is Mary's necklace. D. The flowers, which were just planted, need watering."

b'each letter on the english alphabet is written on a scrap of paper and put in a hat Pj = 1/26 what type of probability is illustrated and why? 1 Theroretical ; the result is based on then number of possible outcomes 2 Theroretical; the result is found by repeating an ...'

b"Which of the following personal completes the sentence correctly? One of my brothers just received ____diploma? A. his B. him C. their I think it is A or B. Can't quite decide. Please help.. Thank you"

b"i think its C. Which of the following show the correct use of a colon? A. my tennis lesson begins exactly at 40:0 p.m. B. Dear: Ms.Hershel C.I have a doctor's appointment at 12:30 p.m."

b"The fire lasted for four days, from 2 September until 5 September. ------------------ How do you read '2 September' and '5 September'? 1. Second September, fifth September 2. September second, September fifth"

b"Thomas Farriner BAKER To King Charles II ------------------ Is this grammatical? What is the role of the preposition 'to'?"

b'I need to change the word heavy into light only changing one letter at a time'

b"Where is the Lord Mayor of London? Why is 'Lord' added before 'Mayor'here? In the sentence, what is the meaning of 'Lord'?"

b"1. A small animal that is covered in fur and has a long thin tail. 2. A small animal that is covered with fur and has a long thin tail. That is the definition of 'mouse'. Do we have to use 'in' or 'with'?"

b'1. The fire happens in the year 1666. 2. The fire happens in 1666. Which one is commonly used? What is the difference between them?'

b'The astronauts who were selected for this mission had to be in superb physical condition. Is sentence a essential or nonessential?'

b'After 1788, states had no control over a.local government and education. b.the chartering of corporations. c.the development and administration of civil and criminal law. d.issuing legal currency. c? In Congress\xc2\x92s first session after the ratification of the Constitution, ...'

b"Dr. Seuss is an authorwhovis famous for his original and clever children's book"

b'Can someone help me check these? 1. The main purpose of a research paper is ____________. 1 point to verify information to expand a body of knowledge*** to persuade the reader to commit to a course of action 2. Which of the following is NOT a guideline for choosing a topic ...'

b"I'm writing a compare and contrast paper. My question is when I use transitional word showing contrast do I use a comma right after transitional word. Ex. Unlike, Keysha's job, my job is easier."

b'what is the correct spelling with troublesome consonants,sheriff'

b'Outlines should always provide information in chronological order. A. True B. False******************** Your outline must be followed during drafting; you should never adjust your outline after it is completed. A. True B. False********************* Answers: 1. False 2. ...'

b'What is 3 point difference between working students vs. non working students?'

b"What are some interesting facts about Nikki Giovanni's writing?"

b"Identify the correct sentence. A. In order to assess you're level of improvement in the course, you need to take both the pre-test and the post-test. B. In order to assess your level of improvement in the course, you need to take both the pre-test and the post-test. C. In ..."

b'Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly. A. Here is our check, Mr. Vons, for 7.35. B. Here is our check Mr. Vons, for 7.35. C. Here is our check, Mr. Vons for 7.35. D. Here is our check Mr. Vons for 7.35. D'

b"1. The sharp rock LACERATED her side as she climbed the side of the cliff. bruised sliced scratched wounded I think it's B? Can someone help?"

b"Would an example of parallelism in Beloved be the mention of the chokecherry tree on her back, since it's mentioned a couple of times? Or would parallelism be more like the dog leaving and not coming back to the house twice because of the ghost? I'm sorry; I struggle with..."

b'Would the use of the phrase wore her out regarding a certain character throughout the first 100 or so pages of the book count as parallelism?'

b"We're supposed to point out some parallelism in the book Beloved by Toni Morrison. When I looked it up, I found things about the people the book is based off of being considered parallelism. Isn't that allusion, though? Parallelism is when a phrase is repeated, correct?"

b'He is not only a great baseball player ,but also a fine pianist. Which is correct a preposition b adjective c correlative d adverb'

b'Why traditional african marriege is an advantage for men only nt women?'

b'Can someone help me to write only five or ten sentences about there self, you may include any, all or none of the following details:your daily activities,your family, your hobbies, your future goals,and your favorite dinner please??? I need help it dose not have to be ...'

b'2. You finished writing a research paper on the way modern technology affects communication within families. Now you need to include the citation for an editorial published in the Sacramento Gazette titled \xc2\x93Should We Just Text Our Children?\xc2\x94 However, you don\xc2\x92t have the ...'

b"I'm writing an essay for To Kill A Mockingbird and the claim I came up for my essay is Children are never too young to understand the realities of life. I'm writing the extended paragraph right now where I have to come up with a good example from the story that relates to ..."


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