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b'There __________ some men waiting for help, but the reason for their difficulties __________ unclear. A. is; seems B. is; seem C. are; seems D. are; seem C'

b"Since Debbie's last test score was __________, she plans on studying __________ this time around. A. the miserablest; most diligently B. more miserable; most diligently C. miserably; diligent D. miserable; more diligently D"

b"Danielle wasn't feeling __________, so she performed __________ on the test. A. good; poor B. well; poor C. well; poorly D. good; poorly C"

b'Identify the correct sentence. A. Large corporations and small businesses today believe that going green is of paramount importance. B. Large corporations along with small businesses today believes that going green is of paramount importance. C. Large corporations and ...'

b'dentify the correct sentence. A. One of the kittens are smaller than the others; of course, most people fall in love with the runt of the litter. B. One of the kittens is smaller than the others; of course, most people falls in love with the runt of the litter. C. One of the ...'

b"Although Alexis likes her job at Chili's, she liked working at Applebee's: A. better. B. best. C. more better. D. bestest. A"

b"Identify the correct sentence. A. The new air conditioner works quieter. B. This engine runs smoother. C. He speaks more distinct than she does. D. I feel bad that I didn't call you earlier. A"

b'Lana woke up, curled in a corner of the seat at the back of the train. She lifted the shade to see that the sun had hidden itself in a bank of clouds fluffy as the eiderdown her mother had wrapped her in as a child. Her darling Ted, a military man with a distinguished career, ...'

b'what did philip II of spain send to try and defeat elizabeth and the english'

b"The fire-fighters stand and watch for the first time in days. --------------- What is the meaning of 'in days'? what other expressions can use instead of 'in days'? Thank you."

b"What a black day ----------------- What does 'black' mean here?"

b'1. Suddenly, everybody goes quiet. 2. Suddenly, everybody becomes quiet. -------------- Does 1 mean 2? Do you use 1 frequently?'

b"17. In Shirley Jackson\xc2\x92s \xc2\x93The Lottery,\xc2\x94 how does the author use Tessie\xc2\x92s late arrival to help create suspense? 1 point A The reader does not know what event Tessie has arrived late for. B The reader knows that the townspeople are aware of Tessie's late arrival. C. ..."

b"12. What does the following quote reveal about Montressor\xc2\x92s intentions? 'Pass your hand,\xc2\x92 I said, \xc2\x91over the wall; you cannot help feeling the nitre. Indeed it is very damp. Once more let me implore you to return. No? Then I must positively leave you. But I must first ..."

b"Judging by the behavior of Cassius and Brutus in Act IV, what prediction might you make about their battle with Antony? A. Brutus will betray Cassius and join Antony's army. B. Cassius and Brutus will not work well together in battle. C. Cassius will betray Brutus and join ..."

b"Thank you very much. I still have these sentences I'm doubtful about. My doubt is whether I should use the present perfect or the simple past considering that it is the end of the school year 1 Exercises for literary text analyses aimed at developing lexicon have been ..."

b"Can someone check the grammar in the following sentences? Thank you in advance. 1 The nuclear power station can give our town a lot of energy and jobs to people. 2 We won't be able to use the farmland near the power station because it will be polluted with chemicals. We are ..."

b'i think its A. but i also got C. As you are reading your research paper aloud,you notice that all your sentences start the same way. What should you do A.revise some of the sentence so there is variety. B.read the sentences with a more engaging voice C.add definitons of ...'

b'why does traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only, not women'

b'This was the worst train accident in last ten years. Last = adjective- superlative degree'

b'Traditional african mariage is an advantage for men only not women'

b"The star is much brighter than the sun. ----------------------- Is 'the star' in generic use in this sentence? Does 'the star' mean all the star or only one star which I am looking at now?"

b'1. Each desk has four legs. 2. Each of the desks has four legs. 3. All desks have four legs. 4. Every desk has four legs. 5. There are four legs on each desk. ----------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Which one is wrong?'

b'1. Each of the desks has four legs. 2. Each of the desk has four legs. -------------- Is 2 correct or incorrect? 3. She has many friends to help her. 4. She has many friends who will help her. 5. she has many friends who help her. 6. she has many friends who can help her...'

b'The sun is much brighter than the star. ----------------------- What does the star mean here? Does the star refer to all stars or one star which the speaker want to mention?'

b'1. I will opened the door. 2. The door will be opened by me. 3. The door shall be opened by me. What is the passive form of Sentence 1?'

b'1. They made coins from gold and silver. 2. They made coins of gold and silver. 3. They made coins out of gold and silver. Which ones are grammatical?'

b'English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indegenous languages'

b'Im trying to learn this sensory imagery thing. Please check i think its B. Which sentence below best demonstrates sensory imagery? A.There were cameras flashing everywhere and the exicited voices of the helpers probably scared him even more. B.we drove back to mombasa at a ...'

b'Give an example of imagery from act 5 in Romeo and Juliet'

b'In a Forbes magazine article from October 2013 Susan Adams wrote of a survey done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers from Bethlehem, Pa. From early August to mid-September that year they asked 200 hiring managers what skills they prioritize when they hire ...'

b'Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? a.Only Bill wanted to go to the lake. [Intended meaning: Bill wanted to go to the lake, but no one else did.] b.Bill only hinted that he would help us move. [Intended meaning: Bill hinted but did not, for example, ...'

b"From the words below supply the words needed to complete the sentences. Querulous, commiserate, tedious, pugnacious, thwart, incorrigible A. Trying to keep the INCORRIGIBLE prisoners from escaping was Jack's responsibility. Although he sometimes enjoyed his work, he usually ..."

b'From the words below supply the words needed to complete the sentences. Compatible, virtuoso, vilify, vulnerable, incipient, colloquial A. The VIRTUOSO who had spent ten years refining his skills as a violinist would sarcastically VILIFY those who made mistakes. B. Saying I ...'

b'From the words below supply the words needed to complete the sentences. Prolific, incontrovertible, tentative A. He said that he had made a TENTATIVE offer on a pair of rabbits; he planned to call back and confirm if his wife did not object. His wife, however, did object; she ...'

b'1. Thyme: herb:: A. Fearless: brave B. sedan: auto C. Speech: mouth D. Auto: garage Is it b? 2. Bat: raccoon:: A. Bird: robin B. insect: snake C. Owl: possum D. Porpoise: whale Is it c? 3. Penny: coin A. Dollar: pound B. whisper: speak C. Epic: poem D. Read: write Is it c?'

b'Which is the best place to find more info about the development of photography in the mid 1800/s. -photography manual - history textbook .encyclopedia'

b"Please help: Which sentence uses apostrophes correctly? A. Martha's new bike was stuck and couldn't nove. B. Tracy's only brothers' birthday si the day before hers. C. Walter's childrens' grades have been improving lately."

b"What is the correct way to write mens' in this sentence? After their group got caught in the rain, the mens' clothes were all soaked. A. Leave the sentence as si. B. Men's C. Mens's D. Men'"

b"What should you do to the following sentence to avoid using a double negative? Even with glasses on, she didn't never see well. A. Leave the sentence as is. B. Even with glasses on, sue didn't ever see well. C. Even with glasses on, she never saw nothing well. D. Even with ..."

b"1. The house itself was ugly. 2. I saw Mr. Smith himself. 3. I don't like the house itself. --------------- Are they all grammatical?"

b'1. Coins were made from gold and silver. 2. Coins were made of gold and silver. ------------------ Which one is grammatical?'

b"Which does the following sentence contain? Walking by the river is our favorite pastime. participle infinitive as subject gerund as subject prepositional phrase as adjective I'm confused with whether it is a participle a verb acting as an adjective or a prepositional phrase ..."

b'Traditional African marriage is an advantage to man only nt woman.is it true or false? Reason why,or why not?'

b'Which literary movement consists of honest and open descriptions the setting and characters?'

b'one of the artists said him painting were at gray gallery'

b'Which of the following lines from the story is an example of indirect characterization? A. \xc2\x93The old lady had not heard him; only Chig had heard.\xc2\x94 B. \xc2\x93She smiled. She had all her teeth, but they were too perfect to be her own.\xc2\x94 C. \xc2\x93They had been met at the door by ...'

b'1. During the War of 1812, the Americans were fighting for a self-government b freedom of the seas c freedom from England Answer is B 2. The Americans were most successful on a sea b Lake Champlain and Lake Erie c on land Answer: B 3. The English were most successful on ...'

b'When previewing the following lines from Sonnet 18, how many sentences should readers plan to read fluently? So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. A. two B. none C. four D. one'

b'As a nightangle writ a diary entry highlighting her fears and analyzing her reasons for failures'


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