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b'Need help please check. 7. Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from the following sentence. My best friends new dog won\xc2\x92t stop barking. 1 point apostrophe Xsemicolon colon hyphen 8. Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from the following ...'

b"with symbolism, authors use concrete object to represent A. abstract ideas B. general notions C. universal truths D. established facts I can't decide between C and D. I'm leaning more towards D. Thank You."

b'Select the letter of the choice that indicates which sentence-combining strategy best applies to the example: Off in the thick of the woods came a fairy sound, followed by a tremulous silence, a holding apart of the air. a. varying the length of sentences b. varying the ...'

b'Identify the italicized word according to its class in structural linguistics. The principal is extremely busy. A.intensive B.adjective C.noun D.empty word E.verb'

b'can u suggest some ways through which a person can develop their character in a nuclear family?'

b'1.In general terms, how do the townspeople in \xc2\x93The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World\xc2\x94 react to the body which washes up on their shore? 2.Why do the townspeople react to Esteban as they do? What is he to them? 3.What is a fable, how might \xc2\x93The Handsomest Drowned Man...'

b"Connect the first act of Love's Labor's Lost to a current event"

b'1. The game became so active that many players were hurt. 2. The game became so violent that many players were hurt. -------------- Are both acceptable?'

b'Which is the best restatement of the following sentence? Right or wrong, I assumed this ground, and now avow it'

b'Sometimes the game continued for days.'

b'Collecting candy on Halloween still appeals to Del. find gerund phrase and tell if it is the subject, predicate nominative direct object or object of preposition'

b'Identify the correctly punctuated sentence. I marked the one I think it is. \xc2\x95 Doing my homework, making my bed, and practicing guitar are on my to-do list for the day. \xc2\x95 Doing my homework, is the first thing I should do. \xc2\x95 Doing my homework I found my mind start to drift...'

b"Choose the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Many people are afraid of bold futuristic inventions Why did you spend all your money on expensive trendy clothes that you'll only wear a month or so? Oh, no, Mom is watching that silly, musical comedy again. ---> The ..."

b'King Hamlets supposed death was from who?'

b'Hamlet awaits the appearance of the ghost on a. The moor near the battles ground b. The birnam woods c. The ramparts of elsinor castle d. The cellar of the castle'

b'1. This is explained in the Culture section. 2. This is explained in the Culture section. Which sentence is correct and why?'

b'What is the effect of the speaker\xc2\x92s many exclamation points and imperative statements in \xc2\x93Beat Beat Drums\xc2\x94? They create a gentle tone. They create a hesitant tone. They create a light-hearted tone. They create an insistent tone. <----- The images in the second ...'

b'This piece focuses on the increase use of smartphones of youths in South Korea. Should I reword that phrase?'

b'I need to write a short couplet about growing up it needs to start with IF'

b'Coins Coins were first invented in the 7th century B.C.. in Lydia. They were made from gold and silver. People made coins of different sizes and gave them different values. Coins were good in many ways. First, they could be carried easily. Second, they made exact exchanges ...'

b'Read the following passage and identify at least 3 elements of figurative language; explain how each element brings out the theme of the passage. The Wrong Place by Susan Michalski Lana woke up, curled in a corner of the seat at the back of the train. She lifted the shade ...'

b'traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicines in clinics and hospital'

b'what is the subject important'

b'can someone proofread my essay please. Martin Luther king Jr, Mrs Gonsalvez, Mr Bryce what do they have in common? Well their leaders. Leaders are people who are kind and caring, But how did they become leaders?. Well they started off as a good student then good citizen then ...'

b'Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men, not for women?why'

b'this is a paragraph for a paper can someone please check the grammar? Only a small portion of the population in the United States are attending schools, and that small portion are people who really want to stand out and have a life full of joys and success. College is the ...'

b'Read the definition. Need Help the result produced from an event Which term is defined? A.cause B.exposition C.effect D.elaboration'

b'if you read the giver can you please check my answers and see if they are correct? . What is the jonas apprehensive about at the beginning of the novel? A. a plane flying over the community B. a dream that he had recently C. the upcoming ceremony and his assingment I think C 2...'

b'Jane Goodall is a primatologist. She studies the social and family lives of chimpanzees. Which of the following combines the sentences using an appositive? Being a primatologist, Jane Goodall studies the social and family lives of chimpanzees. Jane Goodall is a primatologist ...'

b'Of the two reports, hers is: A. worser. B. worse. C. worst. D. more worser. B'

b'Everybody __________ excited today because both a lawyer and a doctor __________ here. A. seem; are B. seems; is C. had seemed; was D. seems; are D'

b'Nureyev danced __________ than the others in the ballet troupe. A. more gracefully B. more gracefuller C. gracefuller D. more graceful A'

b'Identify the correct sentence. A. I surely could have done a better job on the report if I had more time. B. I sure could have done a more better job on the report if I had more time. C. I surely could have done a more better job on the report if I had more time. D. I surely ...'

b'Which of the following is an indefinite article? A. The B. An C. This D. Those B'

b'What is the correct superlative form of bad? A. Worse B. Baddest C. Worsest D. Worst D'

b'Identify the correct sentence. A. Neither Mike nor Corrine made it to class yesterday; do anyone have the notes? B. Neither Mike nor Corrine have made it to class yesterday; does anyone has the notes? C. Neither Mike nor Corrine made it to class yesterday; does anyone have the...'

b'He is the __________ of the two brothers and the __________. A. younger; friendliest B. younger; friendlier C. youngest; friendlier D. youngest; friendliest C'

b'A report on the accounts __________ been completed, and the monthly intake __________ low. A. have; are B. have; is C. has; is D. has; are C'

b'Choose the best word combination below for the underlined words in the sentence. Badly and Tight The odor from the refrigerator smelled so badly that no one wanted to investigate; every time we opened the door, we held our noses tight. A. badly, tightly B. bad, tight C. bad, ...'

b"Identify the INCORRECT sentence. A. I can hardly see you. B. She did well on her report card. C. I can't hardly see you. D. The student answered me rather rudely. c"

b'Some of the students from class __________ to the Writing Center for help with writing because they __________ often unclear on how to fix their errors. A. go; are B. goes; are C. go; is D. goes; is A'

b"Identify the incorrect sentence. A. Each knife and fork have been cleaned and put away. B. Each knife and fork has been cleaned and put away. C. Some of the girl's teeth are chipped. D. None of the material is missing. A"

b'These __________ of strategies work __________. A. kind; well B. kinds; good C. kinds; well D. kind; good C'

b'Identify the correct sentence. A. Fighting on school grounds are a serious offence. B. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets are a good movie. C. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a good movie. D. A new Boys and Girls Club are keeping many children off the streets. C'

b"A simple Standard definition is normally composed of all of the following except: A characteristics of some class B the term to be defined C a class containing the term to be defined D the distinctive characteristics of the term I'm leaning towards C"

b"Identify the INCORRECT sentence. A. I hope you'll treat him fair. B. I can't find it anywhere. C. She speaks logically. D. He appears calm. A"

b'Identify the correct sentence. A. The music sounds beautifully. B. Run quick; otherwise, you will miss the bus. C. I surely wish you would go. D. The boss is more happier today. B'

b'Since Sandra had her car repaired, it runs __________ than it did before. A. more smoother B. smooth C. more smoothly D. more smooth C'

b'He is __________ CPA and his sister is __________ MD. A. a; a B. an; a C. an; an D. a; an A'

b'tion 18 of 40 2.5 Points Identify the correct sentence. A. On the table is some paper and a pencil. B. Beside the stereo is a stack of CDs. C. Beside the stereo are a stack of CDs. D. On the table are some paper as well as a pencil. B'


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