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b"Sentence Clarity When in Florence, be sure to see the city's famed cathedral, and many tourists also visit Michelangelo's statue David. My answer Tourists when in Florence, be sure to see the city's famed cathedral and Michelangelo's statue David."

b"1. May I take your order? 2. Would you like to order now? 3. Will you order? 4. Order, please. 5. Please order your food. 6. Are you ready to order? 7. Do you want to order? 8. Why don't you order? 9. How about ordering? 10. What do you think of ordering? In a restaurant, can..."

b"May I take your order? May I have your order? Are both OK? Which one is popular? 1. Yes, I'll have a fish sandwich and a Coke. 2. Yes, I'll have a fish sandwich and a coke. When answering the question, do we have to capitalize C in Coke?"

b"1. This restaurant's food tastes spicy and salty in general. 2. This restaurant's food tastes hot and salty in general. Are both the same in meaning? Does 'spicy' mean 'hot'? 3. The food is a little spicy. 4. The food is less spicy. 5. The food is a bit spicy. 6. The food is..."

b'The food tastes good. The food tastes so good. The food tastes rather good. The food tastes great. The food tastes wonderful. The food tastes sour/bitter/salty. The food tastes delicate. ------------------------ Do you have some other expression which describes the taste of ...'

b'for vague pronouns what is correct. when the car hit a tree, it made a terrible noise or the care made a terrible noise as it crashed into a tree?'

b'What type of conclusion do you plan to write for your research paper? Why? For my conclusion, I plan to write my research paper on a compilation of all the specific topics discussed in my introduction. I would summarize the information I want to relate to my audience and ...'

b"Im writing an essay in English about mental illnesses in teenagers and youth and i can't think of An appropriate title for it. I need some ideas of how to make on or some suggestions."

b"Q1: At a snack bar do people have to eat food standing? Q2: Do you have sandwich stands which sell sandwiches? Q3: Do you have noodle stands as well? What is the suitable restaurant name which sell noodles? Noodle houses? What about 'noodle restaurants or noodle stands'?"

b'1. Because she looked very sick, he took her to the hospital. 2. She looking very sick, he took her to the hospital. 3. Looking very sick, he took her to the hospital. ------------------- Are both1 and 2 the same and grammatical? Can 1 be changed into 3?'

b'1. Cleaning my room, I found many coins. 2. When I was cleaning my room, I found many coins. 3. When I cleaned my room, I found many coins. ------------- Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b'If ramen a kind of street food?'

b'Question 1.1. In John Locke\xc2\x92s social contract, we Points : 1 submit to the absolute authority of the sovereign. donate all our property to the aristocracy. can rebel against the sovereign whenever we want. exchange our absolute liberty for political freedom. Question 2.2...'

b'Q: What is the English name for the restaurant which carries food made with flour, a kind of flour based food restaurant?'

b'In the following sentence the word alternate is used as a verb or adjective? There must be an alternate solution to this problem. Thank You'

b'how to start introduction on speech???? please help me...'

b'1. The food is sweet. 2. The food is delicate. 3. The food has a roasted flavor. 4. The food has a delicate flavortaste 5. The food has a sweet tasteflavor. ----------- Are they all grammatical and do they have the same meaning? What is the difference among them?'

b'1. This is a basketball uniform. The uniform is composed of a T-shirt and trunks. A basketball is on the trunks. He enjoys playing basketball. Is this passage grammatical? Check it, please. 2. There are many books on the bookshelf. 3. There are many books in the bookshelf. ...'

b'This restaurant carries several kinds of street food such as odeng, tteokbokki, pretzels, beaver tails, waffles, and stick food. Odeng is fish cake. An odeng is 500 won. Both a long odeng and a flat odeng are 500 won. A tteokbokki is 500 won as well. A bungoeppang is 500 won. ...'

b'Even though the programmers are ------- about their new software, they are wary of publicly ------- its capabilities until further testing. A anxious . . commending B apprehensive . . substantiating C confident . . disclosing D positive . . decrying E cynical . . ...'

b"In the book Dragonwings, after saving Black Dog's life in the alley near the opium den, why does Windrider tell Moon Shadow to remember that Black Dog was once a good man?"

b'Rewrite the following sentences to ensure that the pronouns are used appropriately and that they have antecedents. If the sentence is correct, type correct. Each question is worth one point 1- It would be nice to go to the aquarium. 2- It said on the news that the economy ...'

b"Let me introduce our team's favorite restaurant. Our team's favorite restaurant is Yumyum TteokbokkiIt is seasoned and cooked long rice cake. It's next to the stationery store in front of our school. Tteokbokki in the restaurant is sweet and hot. I often go to the restaurant..."

b'What is in the classroom? 1. There is a blackboard in the classroom. 2. There are lots of lockers in the classroom. 3. There are chairs and desks in the classroom. 4. There are many school bags in the classroom. Good job What else can we see in the classroom? 5. There is a ...'

b"There is a shelf on the wall. He seems to use it as a bookshelf. On the shelf, there are two books. We can say he enjoys reading books. A basketball is on his uniform. We can see the top T-shirt and the bottom trunk. He seems to enjoy playing basketball. Write 'enjoy playing ..."

b'1. Meeting her, I will be very glad. 2. If I meet her, I will be very glad. 3. When I meet her, I will be very glad. 4. As I meet her, I will be very glad. 5. Because I meet her, I will be very glad. 6. Because I will meet her, I will be very glad. ----------------- What does...'

b'My brother took my digital camera. -------------------------- What does the sentence above mean? 1. My brother was holding my digital camera. 2. My brother took away my digital camera from me. 3. My brother grasped my digital camera. 4. My brother held my digital camera.'

b'did anyone read the book The girls by Lori Lansens??'

b'Which sentence uses lie or lay correctly? 1 point Please lay your pencil on top of your notebook.<---- On Sunday afternoons I often lay down for a nap. Just lie those newspapers on the kitchen counter. Last night I lay in bed for hours before I fell asleep.'

b'Which of the following organizational patterns would be most effective for writing about the benefits of continuing government assistance for the U.S. space program? 1 point chronological order order of importance compare and contrast argument and support<----'

b'A local chamber of commerce is publishing a pamphlet. Its purpose is to encourage tourists to visit the area. Data provided by the state tourism office shows that campers tend to like this area of the state. Based on this data, what is the most important information to include...'

b"Which line from the poem contains an example of onomatopoeia? 1 point A. The Sea murmurs sleepily in the cool morning dawn.<----- B.Like glittering fish at the water's edge. C. Surfers in wetsuits paddle through low waves, D. Searching for shells and other treasures."

b'Which words nearly opposite meanings? A.finished, responded<---- B.indifferent, excited C.lingering, invited D.sorry, available'

b'Which term best describes the underlined words? Originating in Bohemia, the polka was first developed around 1830. A. infinitive phrase B. participial phrase C. gerund phrase'

b"I asked a question earlier about creating a title for an article i wrote in English, the article being about school, and the pressure to achieve and the stress on students, and I can't figure out a good title, I've gotten some help from people and suggestions but I can't ..."

b"I'm writing an article for my english exam prep, and my main topic that i went off of was the relationship between school, homework and stress on teenagers the exam prep topic is relationships in the article I talk about how homework is a large stress in most teenagers lives..."

b'Between 50 and 80 people are hired on a ship. 75percent speak English only and 25percent speak German only. What is the mean number of people that speak English only? Can this even be calculated?'

b'In the sentence below, identify the adverb clause, subordinating conjunction, and the words modified. Colleen went to bed early since she had a test tomorrow.'

b'Are sitcom titles italicized or underlined?'

b'1. The game was boring to me. 2. He was bored with the game. 3. He saw the teacher boring the children. 4. He saw the students feel bored with the teacher. 5. He made the students bored with the teacher. Are they all grammatical?'

b'1. He made his mother surprised. 2. He was surprised at the news. 3. The game was surprising to me. 4. He was surprising his mother at that time. 5. He saw his mother surprising the baby. Are they all grammatical?'

b'1. I stayed there for two weeks. 2. I stayed there two weeks. Are both grammatical? my sister needs help'

b'10 rhyme word'

b"1. Do you know the man standing at the gate? -------------------- What does 'the man' mean? a. a male person b. either a male person or a female person"

b'1-4 Choose the sentence that contains an error in the use of commas. A tiny white diamond sparkled on her finger. <----------- Haley\xc2\x92s speech was interesting and a pleasantly surprising hit. His long, red beard fascinated the little boy. One scraggly, leafless plant ...'

b'what is the poem young by anne Sexton about?'

b'I will distribute a sheet of paper to each of you. Then you should draw a big box on the back first. After that draw three vertical lines and five horizontal lines to make a table. Then you can have three columns and six rows in the table. In the first row, write Name, What ...'

b'1. She has a watch made in Switzerland. 2. She has a watch which was made in Switzerland. 3. She has a watch which is made in Switzerland. ------------------ Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b'Kevin has two passions in life _____ making money and spending it.'

b"May I take your order? -Yes, please. I'll have one cheese sandwich, one green salad and one orange juice. --------------- What does 'have' mean in 'have one cheese sandwich'? Does 'have' mean 'eat' or 'drink'? Or does 'have' mean 'take' or 'get'?"


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