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b"1. They do a lot during the day and need the time to do it all. 2. They do a lot during the day and need the time to do them all. --------------------- Which one is right? Is 'a lot' the object of the verb 'do'? Does 'it' refer to 'a lot' in Sentence 1?"

b'1. My favorite book is The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. It was written by Benjamin Franklin. I like it because I can learn a lot of lessons in life. 2. My favorite book is The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. It was written by Benjamin Franklin. I like it because I ...'

b"I'm suppose to translate the English sentences into Spanish sentences. Have i done the grammar,meaning, and spelling right? 1. El rey que usado canta est\xc3\xa1 jugando el tambor. The king that used to sing is playing the drum. 2. \xc3\x89l y ella est\xc3\xa1 bebiendo jugo. He and she are ..."

b'I am trying to figure out details as to when groom service short story has taken place any help with examples would be great or even a lead? Ive read the story numerous times and I know it was before th 1940s but I cant figure out further.. I have found that the story ...'

b'choose from these words: Cour,di-,du-, -dom,-fy,il and im-, -ish, magni-, phob, pro-, psycho- The apartment the realtor showed us was ...ficent______, but it was ...practical_____for us. Not only was it too large, but it would also make an uncomfortable dent in our budget...'

b"And no matter how5______benignmy manner, she seemed to view me as some sort of threat. At one point, she became irate and yelled, That's6_____redundantI don't have time to answer the same question twice. When I asked her about serious issues, her answers were totally..."

b'1. Give two examples of each of the following elements of fiction and nonfiction from the texts you\xc2\x92ve read in Units 1, 2, and 3. Characters: Plot: Conflict: Setting: Point of View: Theme: Style: Tone: Perspective: Bias: Purpose:'

b'benign,blase,comprise,condescend,facade,?glib,haughty,libel,pseudonym and redundant. When a famous actress arrived in town to work on a movie, an editor asked me to interview her. Because this was my first interview assignment, I felt far from_______glib about it. ...'

b'10 examples of suffixes'

b'choose from: benign,blase,comprise,condescend,facade,?glib,haughty,libel,pseudonym and redundant. Believing he was better than everyone else at the supermarket, Dan was so________Haughty that he would rarely ___benign to speak to other cashiers. One author was ...'

b"I'am doing grade 11 now and when i passed grd 12 next year.i want to know what caree is good for my subjects ,because i don't know what caree should i take."

b'Which sentence has an infinitive phrase that functions as the subject? To convert sunlight and energy into food is the end result of photosynthesis. After the rain, water travels from the ground to the roots of a plant. Plants are adapted to take in moisture from the ground.'

b"It's me again : and again I need help with a mail to my prof... Dear Ms. ... ... and I thought about our presentation. Our topic is compound adjectives. Shall we only talk about compound adjectives or shall we also talk about Adverbs, Participles, how to superlative ..."

b'I need a thesis sentence for online dating and traditional dating for a compare and contrast essay'

b'1. Guess what? 2. What do you guess? 3. What do you think? 4. What is your opinion? ------------- Which one is similar to 1 among the three in meaning?'

b'I expect a friend to both honest and a loyal pereson'

b'In which sentence is the underlined word the direct object? Rulers in totalitarian countries are very powerful. In a monarchy, kings or queens give people the laws. In a democracy, elected leaders make decisions.'

b'Please help me to correct my English grammar. thank you. June 17, 2014 Dear sir, Good day, I regret when I resigned from your company but it\xc2\x92s my family\xc2\x92s reason. I am now presently working here in Maldives as a professional photographer and salesman as well. I realized ...'

b"Later, King led a famous march on Washington and worked for equal rights. -------------- Is this sentence correct? The use of the preposition 'on'?"

b'aside from any grammar or spelling mistakes how is this essay Can the perfect ideal of loyalty ever be achieved? With no guidelines how can you match a book definition of loyalty. Loyalty is essential in human life, but what is it. The dictionary will describe loyalty as ...'

b'Which one of the following statements about making your writing fun to read is not correct? A. The conversation you write must sound natural for the characters. B. An anecdote or humorous quotation is often more convincing than a strong argument. C. Direct quotations should be...'

b'Which statement is most accurate regarding the speaking-writing connection? A. The words used by writers are not normally used in speaking. B. To own a word, speak it. C. Written words seldom reflect the words people use when they speak. D. To own a word, write it over and ...'

b'What is the name of the common error in the following sentence? Having risen because of the rains, the hikers were unable to cross the river. A. Run-on sentence B. Infinitive phrase C. Prepositional phrase D. Dangling modifier correct C. PrepositioNal phrase'

b'1. I am busy studying for the mid-term exam. 2. I am busy studying for the midterm exam. 3. I am busy studying for the mid-term exams. 4. I am busy studying for the mid-term exams. Here in our country, During the period of the mid-term exams, students have tests for all the...'

b'1. How about sending her flowers? 2. How about sending flowers to her? 3. How about sending flowers, which is hers? Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b'1. She likes various animals. --------- What is the opposite of various?'

b"1. Mom cooked various kinds of food. 2. Mom cooked various kinds of foods. Which one is grammatical, 'food' or 'foods'? 3. I have a lot of interest in music. 4. I have a lot of interests in music. Which one is grammatical? Q5: Are spaghetti and macaroni pasta?"

b'a brief note on amplification no pain no gain'

b'Could you plz help i need to write a poem about a dream having 10 syllables on each line, Please help'

b'Which of these two sentences is correct? Is there a different correct format? This construction is different than in English. This construction is different from English.'

b'hey you i have to wirte a letter to a prof of mine .. she is a grammar teacher, so that it would be great when there are no mistakes in the mail.. can somebody look it up? Dear Ms... It looks at the moment that I am not able to come to the course at 23. June, because of I ...'

b"Let's play the game. Make groups of eight. You should choose a leader in the group. I have prepared 4 sets of word cards and 4 sets of picture cards. The leader from each group should come up here and take the cards. The leader should mix the word cards like this and put them ..."

b'1. He is doing volunteer for poor kids, 2. He is doing volunteer work for poor kids. -------------- Which one is right? Is 1 right?'

b"He hurt his back very badly one day and had to give up football. Then he took up swimming to help his back recover. ------------------- What does 'took up' mean here? Would you give me other expressions similar to 'took up'?"

b'Thank you MS SUE'

b'what is the difference to enhanced physical qualities to intellectual qualities'

b'Skateboarding originated in Venice, California. the time was the mid-seventies. There was a drought. The swimming pools were empty. ASkateboarding originated in Venice,California,there was a drought, swimming pools were empty,the time was the mid-seventies. it says combine ...'

b'1. Hanbok is Korean traditional dress. 2. A hanbok is Korean traditional dress. 3. Hanbok is traditional Korean dress. 4. Hanbok is a Korean traditional dress. 5. A hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. Which one is grammatical?'

b"cumulative sentences or periodic pattern Periodic sentence Unable to eat dinner, do my homework, or get any sleep, I could think only of my mother's surgery the next morning Cumulative sentence All I could think about was of my mother's surgery the next morning, I was unable ..."

b"Able to think only of my mother's surgery the next morning, I could not even eat my dinner, much less get any sleep, nor could I do my homework. My Answer First one is periodic sentence Unable to eat dinner, do my homework, or get any sleep, I could think only of my mother's ..."

b'Is Young Goodman Brown a dynamic character?'

b'6.read the following line from poes The Raven Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before Which poetic device does poe use in this line? a. alliteration b. metaphor c. personification d. simile'

b'I need help understanding this question: How does Kurt Vonnegut address the concept of equality differently in \xc2\x93Harrison Bergeron\xc2\x94 than Martin Luther King Jr. does in \xc2\x93Letter from Birmingham Jail\xc2\x94? What relationship does Vonnegut\xc2\x92s story show between equality and ...'

b"Kate, do you like shopping at Namdaemun Market? -Yeah, I think it's great. The prices are low, and it's always lively. It's fun to shop there. ------------------------- What does 'it' refer to in 'It's always lively'? Does it mean 'Namdaemun Market'? 1. Namdaemun Market is ..."

b'Claire: As you all know, almost everything can be delivered in Seoul, and I love that Even hamburgers can be delivered here. Fangjin: And the speed of delivery is unbelievable. Last night, I ordered fried chicken, and it was delivered in less than 30 minutes. So quick...'

b" Well, I agree with you about the prices, but I don't know about the fun part. -What do you mean? -It's always crowded there. --------------------- In the last sentence, what does 'it' refer to?"

b'I was wondering for ninth grade, how long should an essay on 3 of Katherina from taming of the shrew characteristic be. And how long should each paragraph be.. Mine is not as long as my friends so I was wondering'

b'How does galbijjim? 1. It tastes a little spicy but delicious. 2. It tastes both spicy and very good to eat. 3. It tastes somewhat sweet but yummy. 4. It tastes both sweet and yummy. Are the answers grammatical and can the be used commonly?'

b'1. He just looks like his father. 2. He simply looks like his father. 3. He really/completely looks like his father. Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b"People in Ottawa enjoy eating beaver tails. They just look like beavers' tales. ----------------------- What is the meaning of 'just' here? Does just mean 'exactly' or 'merely'?"


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