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b'Arrange the digits 5,6,7,8 and 9 in the boxes to make the greatest product'

b'The revenue obtained from the sale of q units of a product is given by : R= 30q-0.3q^2 A How fast does R change with respect to q when: q=10 B Find the relative rate of change of R, and to the nearest percent, find the percentage rate of change of R.'

b'Find the limit fx = -x^2/xadd3 a lim fx x-3^- b lim fx x-3^add c lim fx x-3 I know that a is dne because of the graph and that b is -infinity. And that c is dne because they are not the same. But I do not know how to do this algebraically. Thank you'

b'What is a quadrilateral that has a 90* angle another 90* angle, a 125*angle, and a 55*angle'

b'Paul is standing at the bottom of a hill that is 150 meters high. He measures the angle of the elevation of the top of the hill to be 32 degrees. If the slope of the hill is constant, how far will his walk to the top of the hill be'

b'An equilatetal triangle with the lengths of its sides given in term of a and b. If the lengths are 4acm,3bcm and aaddbaddccm. Find a and b and hence find the length of sides of the triangle.'

b'if the terminal side of an angle , theta, passes through the point 3,-5. find sintheta'

b'A piece of plywood 24 inche is cut into strips 2 1/2 inches wide. How many strips can be cut'

b'Charlie had a board that was in the shape of a rectangle. The length was 2x-5 and the width was x-2. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?'

b'A recepie for pancakes call for 1.25 cups of milk. camper need 4 times recipe. How many quarts of milk will he need if 4 cups equal 1quart'

b"The supply function for a product is 2p-q-10=0, while the the demand function for the same product is padd10qadd30 = 7200. Find the market equilibrium point. .. I think q=656.6667 and p= 333.33335 I think D must = S... but I don't know how do do that. Help?"

b'Triangle LMG has side lengths of 7cm, 24 cm, and 25 cm. Which type of triangle is LMG? a.right <--- or b? b.obtuse c.acute d.equilateral Bethel Park is 28 miles directly west of Jeanette and 10.3 miles directly south of Pittsburgh. Which is the length of the road that runs ...'


b"Please help with this test, I was out of school for awhile due to my dad passing away from heart and kidney failure. I'm trying to catch up on missing work and get good grades to make my mom happy and every time I ask my teachers for help with this test they really don't help ..."

b'A 20,000 loan is amortized by equal semiannual payments over 10 years. If the interest rate is 8percent compounded semi annually find the size of the payments. What is the unpaid balance after 6 years? Prepare the amortization schedule for the 1st 3 periods and find the principle ...'

b'Which equation shows the correct use of the Power of Products Property? A. 2x^5y^2^3=6x^5y^2 B. 2x^5y^2^3=6x^15y^6 C. 2x^5y^2^3=8x^8y^5 D. 2x^5y^2^3=8x^15y^6 Is it A?'

b'Which ordered pair is a solution to the system of equations? {4xaddy=2 ?2xaddy=5 A. 1, -2 B. - 1/2, 4 C. 2, -6 D. 7/2, -12'

b"Calculate Earth's gravitational force on the ISS astronauts while orbiting at an altitude of 401.5 km above Earth\xc2\x92s surface."

b'Suppose that 32 feet of fencing is available to enclose a rectangular garden., one side of which will be against the side of a house. What dimensions of the garden will guarantee a maximum area?'

b'joe runs 3.5 miles in 22.25 minutes how many miles in a minute?'

b'84m 6cm'

b'A concert arena has 48 rows, each with 8 seats and another 54 rows, each with 9 seats. How many seats does the concert arena have?'

b'The cost of painting a square wall at rs 5per square meter is 320.find the area of wall'

b"Uncle Bill is 6 times as old as John and he will be 4 times as old as John in 4 years' time. If Uncle Bill is less than 60 years of age, how old will he be in 6 years' time? Please show working out as well, thanks."

b'A 2m wide path is built around a 20m square swimming pool. The distance around the outside of the path will be: A 96m B 48m C 92m D 56m Also, please explain how you got the answer, thanks.'

b'Lee bought 8 T-shirts for 2.32 each and sold them for 5.18 each. How much money did she make?'

b'The cost of fencing a square field at Rs16 per m is Rs32000. Find the cost of ploughing the field at Rs25 per m square.'

b"The Walters' backyard pool is rectangular in shape and is similar to the rectangle formed by their fenced backyard. The pool measures 10 ft long and 8 ft wide. If the length of the backyard is 35 ft long, what is the width of the backyard? Math - Henry, Monday, December 5, ..."

b'Abcd is a parallelogram in which angleADC=75degree and side AB produced to E.Find xaddy.'

b'In a recent, a single person could expect to pay 3400 in income taxes on an adjusted gross income of 34000. How much more tax should the person expect to pay if her adjusted gross income increased by 4000, knowing that this would not move her into the higher tax bracket'

b'the number of library books in a school increased by 20percent after it bought new books in May , the number increased by another 20percent after a bookstore donated 300 books in June - Find the number of books in the library before it bought new books in May'

b'Sn= N^2-4n, using this formula find the first 4 terms'

b'The sum of the first 10 terms of a geometric series is 699 050. The common ratio is 4. Determine the first term.'

b'Aubrey is painting a mural of an ocean scene. The triangular sail on a sailboat has a base of 4 feet and a height of 6 feet. Aubrey will paint the sail using a special white paint. A can of this paint covers 10 square feet. How many cans of white paint will Aubrey need'

b'Which pair of ratios does not form a true proportion? A 8:14\xe2\x80\x9320:35 B 6 to 10 and 15 to 25 C 9/5 equals 27/15 D 12:15 and 30:50'

b'Area of Parallelograms:Find the height of a parallelogram with base 9.44 meters and area 70.8 square meters.'

b'help, what did Dr.Drone say to the guy who thought he was a 100 bill'

b'The volume of an aquarium for one fish is 384 cubic inches. The height of the aquarium is 6 inches. The base is a square. What are the dimensions of the base?'

b'Find the vertex Hx= -3x^2add24x-46'

b'Two jugs are filled with water. If you remove 1 liter of water from the first jug, then the two jugs contain the same amount of water. If you remove 2 liters from the second, then the second jug would contain half as much as the first. How many liters of water are in the ...'

b'Let the function ab be defined as 3a add 2b for all real numbers a and b. If u and v are real numbers for which uv =vu = 20, what is the value of 2u3v?'

b'Find the vertex fx= x^2add6xadd5'

b'Ms. Jones is baking a cake for her students. She needs 2/3 cup of brown sugar to make the cake. Right now, she has 3/4 cup of brown sugar. Does she have enough to make the cake?'

b'Pretend that you are now a senior in high school. You have been planning a vacation for mid-winter recess with your friends. Ten years ago, your parents put 200 in a savings account for you. It offered 6percent simple interest rate to spend on food and souvenirs. Your mom offered ...'

b'During halftime of a football?game, a sling shot launches? T-shirts at the crowd. A? T-shirt is launched from a height of 33 feet with an initial upward velocity of 64 feet per second. The? T-shirt is caught 48 feet above the field. How long will it take the? T-shirt...'

b'Ivan has a 5-cent stamp, a 10-cent stamp, and a 20-cent stamp.How many different combinations of postage can he form with the stamps?'

b'A dictionary costs 24. The total cost of the dictionary and 4 identical diaries is the same as 7 diaries. How much does 1 diary cost?'

b'If 10,000 is invested in an account at 4.8percent annual simple interest, how long will it take for the account balance to grow to 11,200? I am confused. How do you do this?'

b'Whuch of the following expressions is equivalent to the expression below? 4[5xadd2-x]'

b'The sum of three numbers is 975. If you subtract x from each of these numbers you obtain 12, 345, and 126 respectively. What is x?'


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