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b'Combine these four sentences using complex compound sentences. \xc2\x95 Mr. Blatt always mixes up the students\xc2\x92 names. \xc2\x95 People get the feeling he doesn\xc2\x92t care. \xc2\x95 Being called by another name is embarrassing. \xc2\x95 It makes the students feel unimportant as well.'

b'combine these four sentences using complex compound sentences. \xc2\x95 Debbie felt nervous and out-of-place at the party. \xc2\x95 She sat by herself at the end of the sofa. \xc2\x95 She didn\xc2\x92t want people to feel sorry for her. \xc2\x95 She kept a strained smile on her face.'

b'What are direct and indirect conflict in literature?'

b"After weeks of convincing Mother finalyl agreed to watch the football game with the family on Sunday afternoon. Ihope this doesn't INTERFERE with Sunday dinner, Mother warned No, we explained. We have the PORTABLE TV set up in the kitched so you won't have to miss any ..."

b'How are the I and E in Spanish similar, also how are they different to the I and E in English?'

b'Is there a word for someone who is never late in reaching work or school?'

b'Which of the following would describe John and Mary Musgrove? A. They owned a trading post close to the early Georgia settlement. B. The knew both the English and Indian Languages. C. They acted as interpreters for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi D. all of the above I think D.'

b'La clase no es _____. Hay pocos alumnos. Grande? How would you express the following question in English?: \xc2\xbfCu\xc3\xa1ntos libros hay? How many books are there? Hay muchos ____ diferentes en una escuela secundaria. cursos \xc2\xbfHay una clase de biolog\xc3\xada hoy? S\xc3\xad, ______. lo hay There ...'

b'1. Taeknwondo is an excellent exercise for both the mind and the body. 2. Taeknwondo is an excellent exercise for both the mind and body. 3. Taeknwondo is an excellent exercise for not only the mind but also the body. 4. Taeknwondo is an excellent exercise for not only the ...'

b'1. Amanda is wearing big earrings. She is wearing high heels, too. 2. Amanda is wearing not only big earrings but also high heels. 3. Amanda is wearing high heels as well as big earrings. 4. Amanda is wearing both big earrings and high heels. Are they all the same in meaning?'

b'Q: Which role will you be good at? 1. I think I will be good at the role of the bow, for I can keep the balance of the boat. 2. I think I will be good at the role of the middle four rowers, for I am very strong. I can do my best to make the boat go fast. 3. I think I will be ...'

b"what does this sentence mean? He would take her there, of course, for he wasn't such a coward that he would mind a little exploring now and then farther in amongst the ever-darkening columns of the tall pines. How would you answer this question according to the sentence? Q: ..."

b'Rewrite: I went to town. Start with: Went.....'

b'Has anybody read A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury? I have, but I just want some confirmation on a couple of sentences.'

b"It doesn't pay for us to even touch the grass. What does it doesn't pay for us mean?"

b'I have to write a 500-750 word essay using exemplification as a method of development. This is my first draft. Can someone proof read this for any errors and help let me know the areas that I need to work on. Do you think this is a good Exemplification Essay? my instructors ...'

b'For one of my homework assignments I had to read 3 different narratives. I then had to choose one of the narrative essays that I had read and explain what the point is with that essay. Can you please read over my answer and let me know if their are any grammatical errors that ...'

b'what are the two boons that kaikeyi asked from king Dasaratha'

b'What is the subject and subject complements of this sentence Lack of water and wood remained a problem for Europeans. Is it lack and problem'

b'What is the relationship between literature and place in these narratives from A Journey Through Texas and form of Plymouth plantation'

b'which is the best thesis A. Because air pollution is of serious concern to people in the world today, many countries have implemented a variety of plans to begin solving the problem. B. So far, research suggests that zero-emissions vehicles are one solution to the problem of ...'

b'4. The Puritans viewed themselves as creating A. an ideal Christian community to be copied by others B. a prestigious university for training ministers C. an English colony identical to the lifestyle in England D. a haven for persecuted religious minorities I think its A? The ...'

b'which is a better thesis A. Because it has become outdated, the electoral college should be replaced by a system that allows the US president to be elected by direct popular vote. B. Rather than voting for a presidential candidate, voters in a US presidential election merely ...'

b"Please check my answer. I'm not sure which is right because I'm pretty sure every father feels the need to do all of the below. Read the following sentence from No Dogs Bark. I'll get you to Tonaya. There I'll find somebody to take care of you. They say there's a doctor in ..."

b'Could someone simplify what this statement means? Only applications to the first year of the Nursing program will be considered, and consideration is limited to applicants without prior post-secondary studies in Nursing. Advanced standing for students with prior Nursing ...'

b'1. Riding a bike is great fun. 2. It is great fun to ride a bike. 3. It is great fun riding a bike. ------------- Are they all the same in meaning and grammatical?'

b'1. The waterfall is well-known. 2. The fall is well-known. 3. The falls is well-known. 4. The falls are well-known. Which ones are grammatically correct?'

b'Would just in this sentence be considered and adverb? Now when they were first made, the bears were covered with hair and had sharp claws. Would this be an example of adverb modifying a verb'

b'What is the tone in When Grizzlies Walked Upright?'

b'The essay is supposed to be on Advertisements, then we have to narrow it. I have narrowed it to TV advertisements on cars. I was thinking of TV advertisements appeal in the following ways: accessibility, image changing and ???. accessibility would be those advertisements that ...'

b"I need help coming up with a personal response to the story The Stealing Thors Hammer. I don't know how to put it. It must have as comment, interpretation, evaluation etc."

b"How did King Henry II's goal to become more powerful affect the development of law? A: Henry's goal to become more powerful affected the development of law as it ultimately expanded the power of royal courts. Since royal courts were now found throughout England, a body of ..."

b'When Grizzlies Walked Up Right: Modoc Questions Help Me Please? 1.What event, accident, or situation is being introduced? 2.What are two examples used to catch the readers attention? 3.How is the event broken broken into smaller segments? 4.Three details used to emphasize the ...'

b'need some ideas for a classification essay on advertisement pls I have submitted three different options to my teacher and he has declined them either saying there is overlap or they are not distinct. i am stumped pls help'

b"fill in the blanks aMary always-------her work carefully.do bmy father ------to America nest week.fly c what did you-------yesterday.do dmy grandmother never-------up late.wake eyou shouldn't--------on the wall.write fwe--------to learn to swim last year.begin..."

b'fill in the blanks aThe careless boy-------a cup an hour agobroke'

b'Hi, so my name is Katherine, and I am in grade 9. Hello Ms.Fowlks. The three classes I am taking are spanish, english, and oklahoma history. Sorry, I have to give a bit of information so my teacher knows I wrote this and it is not plagiarized. :D Anyways, can you give any ...'

b'Poem: Annabel Lee Poet: Edgar Allan Poe What have you learned about the poet that contributes to the type of poetry he writes? Write at a short paragraph including at least one of the following: 1. Personal Beliefs 2. Nationality or Ethnicity 3. Male of Female 4. Time ...'

b'Which theme from Macbeth do these lines support? This supernatural soliciting Cannot be ill, cannot be good. If ill, Why hath it given me earnest of success, Commencing in a truth? A Those without convictions are easily manipulated. B Darkness is dangerous. C Ambition ...'

b'Find adv. and word it modifies He courageously continued not only to compose but also to conduct performances. courageouslyadvmodifies continued not adv modifies Only? onlyadv modifies continued? also adv modifies conduct?'

b'Find adv. and word it modifies No matter how loudly he pounded, he still could not hear the notes. loudly adv pounded word it modifies notadv modifies could hear Still adv does it modify could hear? Is this correct???'

b'Find adverbs and word they modify His piano playing made him very unpopular with his more conventional neighbors. veryadvmodifies unpopular more adv modifies conventional Is this correct?'

b'The purpose of using activities related to diverse cultures is to provide opportunities A. to learn languages other than English quickly. B. for children to feel more comfortable with people less familiar to them. C. to make the dramatic play area more interesting. D. for ...'

b"1. Each student has his / her own book. How do you read /? Is it 'or'? 2. Each student has his own book. Do we normally say like this? 3. Each of the answer is worth 4 points. 4. Each of the answer is 4 points. Are both grammatical? 5. Each of children has a bed. 6. ..."

b"fill in the blanks 1 Mary always her work carefully.do 2 my father to America next week. fly 3 what did you yesterday.do 4 my grandmother never up late.wake 5 you shouldn't on the wall.write 6 we to learn to swim last year.begin 7 the examination soon.start"

b'1. Each team in the Boat Race has eight rowers and one more person who does not row, a cox. 2. Each team in the Boat Race is composed of eight rowers and one more person who does not row, a cox. 3. Each team in the Boat Race comprises eight rowers and one more person who does ...'

b"Q: What role do on the rowing team do you think you'll be good at,and Why? 1. I think I can be a good cox because I'm small and light. 2. I think I can be a good rower in the middle because I am very strong. 2-1. i think I can be one of the four rowers in the middle because I ..."

b'1. The Boat Race may not look very interesting at first. After all, everyone seems to be doing the same thing 2. The Boat Race may not look very interesting at first, for everyone seems to be doing the same thing 3. The Boat Race may not look very interesting at first. At ...'

b'1. He likes jump rope. 1-1. He likes skip rope. 1-2. he likes jumping rope. 1-3, He likes skiping rope. 2. The girl is skipping in the playground. 3. Tom is jumping rope there. 4. She bought a jump rope / skip rope, and started to jump rope every day. 5. There are two jump ...'

b'1. This food smells bad. You had better throw it away/out. 2. The bear can smell well. 3. The bear is smelling the person lying on his belly. 4. He is smelling the fish. Are they all grammatical? In terms of the use of the verb smell...Thank you.'


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