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b'which sentence is correct? a They are trying their best in the hope of winning the race. b They are trying their best in the hopes of winning the race. c They are trying their best in hope of winning the race. d They are trying their best in hopes of winning the race.'

b'The King of Mazy May by Jack London Which detail helps you predict that Walt will face a series of unfortunate events? a Lifting clear on the crest of a great jam off Indian River, Walt masters met with his first accident b The poor brute plunged in a heap, with the rest ...'

b'What does the story The Gift of the Magi say about material possessions?'

b'What does the term RACE mean in trying to do language homework?'

b'what is the focus of the novel of the great gatsby, whats the writers styles, and his views and tone toward the subject even if it is himself'

b'1. The ice must be at least 15 centimeters thick. 2. The ice must be not less than 15 centimeters thick. ----------- Are both the same? Are they grammatical? Have a great weekend. Thank you for your help.'

b"What winter sport do you like most? 1. I lke curling because it's fun to see players hit big stones. 2. I like bobsledding because it's thrilling to ride a bobsled. 3. I like speed skating because I like wild races. 4. I like ski jumping because I like flying in the air over ..."

b'1. Eleven Cities Tour finally takes place again 2. Eleven Cities Tour finally is held again 3. Eleven Cities Tour is finally held again ---------------- Between 2 and 3, which one is grammatical?'

b'1. Over 15,000 skaters entered the race. 2. More than 15,000 skaters took part in the race. 3. Over 15,000 skaters joined the race. Are they all the same and grammatical?'

b"what is the symbolism and theme in the story Royally Crushed by Niki Burnham? I need it for an essay and I'm having trouble with it."

b'Has anyone here read the Gift of the Magi? I want some confirmation on a few parts.'

b'The most important motivation for the English government to support the exploration and settlement of land in North America was... a. the desire to spread Christianity b. the need to separate from the Catholic church c. the need to protect England from invasion d. the desire ...'

b"What are some major obstacles, failures and triumphs in Jay Gatsby's life? What is the development of career or interests of this character in the book? I can't remember many points for the first question and for the second question I don't really understand what this is ..."

b'english is not my first language ,plz help i m writing an essay .. In order to prevent the risk factor of social media, parents should involve in children social media and other online issues. .Parent should win the confidence of their children and encourage them tell ...'

b'I want the definition of all Parts of Speechnot too short, not too long with five examples. Thanks in advance.'

b'help on thesis writing'

b'in the sentance They decided that the hedge needed a trim what part of speech is the word trim'

b'My friend Jorge can play the guitar and sing. play is underlined would this be: part of a compound subject part of a compound verb phrase- part of a simple predicate I think its b.'

b'Young readers often enjoy the Nancy Drew mystery books. Is enjoy past present or future'

b"So i was reading an article and the question was \xc2\xa8what heroic act did malala participate in? What does the question mean when it says 'heroic act ' thank you"

b"If you eat your vegetables, you'll get dessert later."

b'Which option was used to revise this sentence? I am so glad to see you Am I ever glad to see you'

b'Is this sentence written correctly? The boy came back from the stage with afterthoughts.'

b'How to understand and rewrite about the meaning of the quote?'

b"It's direct indirect objacts stuff can someone help me"

b'How to decide how to end a sentence with he/him or she/her? Ex. We can not eat before he? or him?'

b"Wade's nephew John came to the house. Wade's nephew, John, came to the house. Which is correct?"

b'Fortunately I was able to fight off my ? Even though his attack to me by surprise. Assailant'

b'In the sentence The corn palace is a famous building in Mitchell, a prairie town that welcomes cornhusker a. Is prairie town a compound noun?'

b'What does it mean to take a pride in something you have?'

b"Javier, Hey, bud. It's great to hear from you and even better to find you you're doing well. We just got off vacation in the islands, and it was awesome. I'm sunburned, tired, and a little sorry that it's over. You didn't mention what you did this summer. Anyway, when I was ..."

b'Identify the italicized part of the sentence. All of the operators are efficient. subject predicate direct object indirect object predicate noun predicate adjective the italicized word is efficient.'

b'A business letter does not serve as a record of a transaction. True False'

b'Can you have a prepositional phrase inside a prepositional phrase? Ex It remains extremely popular, owing to its wooded paths, baseball diamonds, green lawns, and, of course. the animals in its famous zoo.'

b'I want to find about the famous pharmaceutical companies in Chicago. Would mind telling me which website I can find.'

b'Typed or printed letters should always contain _____. a formal salutation a handwritten signature contractions block paragraphs'

b'If a letter is brief, be sure to explain why. True False'

b'Ms.Sue I just posted new questions on page 2,could you please check them for me.'

b'Would it make sense to say someone has a benevolent mindset or a benevolent mentality?'

b'What does it mean to be a professional? and what does it mean to be in a profession?'

b'discuss the current state of the field of early childhood care and education from your own perspective. In this field, what does it mean to be a professional and what does it mean to be in a profession? Include a component of political analysis in your paper e.g. a provincial...'

b'Ms.Sue can you check my answers,I just want to make sure they were right.'

b'verbs plural or singlar'

b"Every insect's behavior is instinctive; it knows how to act and what to do from the moment it is born. Is insect's singular or plural and why?"

b'1. Which one of the following groups of words is a fragment? A. Strolling in the park on a summer afternoon. B. Talking on the phone is her favorite pastime. C. In December, we usually take a skiing trip. D. The Carters enjoy vacationing at the lake. I think it is A because it...'

b'What can be written at the conclusion of a personal narrative?'

b'Can you help me come up with a really good introduction for my essay of the narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano, that deals with his opinion of white men on the ship .'

b'Please help with the subject and predicate of the sentence below??? despite news reports to the contrary, manufacturing jobs in the united states are expanding, which is a solid indicator of a growing economy'

b'Please check correct my mistakes: In English: One day sarah went shopping. Then she walked to her house Unfortunately it started to rain Fortunately sarah had a jacket All of a sudden sarah fell down Finally sarah arrived at her house In French: Un jour sarah fait du ...'

b'Is this sentence okay? I looked rightward.'


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