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b'my mother divided 5 metres of ribbon into 8 equal piece . what is the length of each piece'

b'Asha deposited sh. 280,000 into the bank.After 4 years her savings reached sh. 386,400.Find the amount of interest per year paid by the bank. Please i need your help guys '

b'An oil field contains 8 wells, which produce a total of 1600 barrels of oil per day. For each additional well that is drilled, the average production per well decreases by 10 barrels per day. How many additional wells should be drilled to obtain the maximum amount of oil per ...'

b'If Ryan has ?1127 left after spending 1/5 of his monthly salary for rent and 1/7 of his monthly salary for his utility bill, what was his monthly salary?'

b'-10x^2 add 7x - 1 = 0 Use factoring to solve'

b'A set of wrenches with metric unit sizes consists of those listed in the next chart. Convert each size to a corresponding U.S. customary unit wrench. In each case, find a U.S. customary size rounded to the nearest 1/32 of an inch.'

b'What career should i go for that is really good with these subjects'

b'the roots of x^3-3x^2-16cadd48=0 , given that the sum of two roots is zero is'

b'What is a five-digit number,which when rounded off to the nearest ten thousands,nearest thousands, nearest hundreds,and nearest tens still has the same answer.'

b'Find the sum of an A.P of seventeen terms whose middle term is five .'

b'i am a 6 digit number 8 ones, 5 hundreds 2 thousands, 19 ten thousands. What is the answer?'

b'A lamp shade is in the form of a frustrum of a cone the button ra duis is thrice the top raduis and the height is 14cm the volume of the lamp shade is 763cm find the button of the raduis , the area of the clothes to cover the lamp shade'

b'A basketball team played 25 games. They won 7 more than they lost. How many did they win?'

b'A man sails with his boat starting x kilometer away from the main station due north. After 3 km of sailing, he follows an arc path. When he is somewhere in between North and the West Point at P4,yp, the engine suddenly stops. With the help of his navigational tool, he ...'

b'how many different 5 player teams can be chosen from eight players? What formula do I use to solve this?'

b'a ladder 26m long leans against a wall. The top of the ladder from the ground is 24m. What is the length of the base resting on the level ground from the wall'

b'In the x y ? xy? plane, the center of a circle has coordinates 6 , 10 6,10 and the circle touches the y ? y? axis at one point only. What is the radius of the circle'

b'A water through is to be constructed so that its cross-section is trapezium PQRS in which PQ=RS=6cm, QR=14cm and

b'In a past presidential election, it was estimated that the probability that the Republican candidate would be elected was 1/3, and therefore the probability that the Democratic candidate would be elected was 2/3 the two Independent candidates were given no chance of being ...'

b'A student studying for a vocabulary test knows the meanings of 12 words from a list of 26 words. If the test contains 10 words from the study list, what is the probability that at least 8 of the words on the test are words that the student knows? Round your answer to three ...'

b"1. He would have opened the door. 2. He would have solved the math problem. 3. He would have met the person. 4. He might have opened the door. ----------------------------------------? From 1 to 3, actually he didn't do that. Right? Does 1 mean 4 sometimes? Is 1 ..."

b'find six rational number b/w3/8and-1/2'

b'Evaluate the quantity. 3 \xc2\xb7 P6, 4 \xc2\xb7 C8, 5'

b'From a shipment of 65 transistors, 4 of which are defective, a sample of 6 transistors is selected at random. a In how many different ways can the sample be selected? ways b How many samples contain exactly 3 defective transistors? 166320 samples c How many samples do ...'

b"In a manufacturing plant, three machines, A, B, and C, produce 37percent, 36percent, and 27percent, respectively, of the total production. The company's quality-control department has determined that 1.5percent of the items produced by Machine A, 2percent of the items produced by Machine B, and 2.5percent of the..."

b"The probability of winning a large stuffed animal in the ring-toss game at a fair is 10percent. Find the probability of winning at least 5 of 50 games using normal approximation. I got 0.4052 but answers says it's 0.5932. Please help"

b'Solve the following set of equations. Can I use y = mx add b to calculate the equation 4x?y = 6 2x add 3y = 5'

b'how many rational numbers are b/w -1and0'

b'In the sequence 2,6,10....what term has a value of 106?'

b'Together Elise and Chris spelled 27 words correctly. Chris spelled 5 more words correctly than Elise. How many words did each student spell correctly?'

b'If lines AB=6cm, AC=10cm, BC=2\xc2\x954cm, CD=4cm and AD=X cm. Also angle ABC = angle ACD. a.Prove that triangle ABC is similar to triangle ACD. b.Determine the area of the quadrilateral ABCD if the area of triangle ACD is 60cm^2'

b"Amy's school is made up of 524 students. The principal gave each student 3 pencils. Amy says 1,048 pencils were handed out. Is Amy's answer reasonable? Why or why not?"

b'If alpha, beta are the zeroes of x2-2xadd3, find a quadratic equation whose roots are alpha-1betaadd1, beta-1betaadd1'

b'Below shows a right pyramid on a rectangular base whose length is twice the width the area of the base is 32cm the slant height of each rectangular faces is 11cm calculate to the nearest whole number,height of the pyramid, surface area, volume of the pyramid'

b'Which point on the circle x-6^2addy-2^2=90 is closest to the origin? Which point is farthest from the origin? Explain.'

b'Box A weighs 50 kgs; Box B weighs 20 kgs; Two of them together would weigh -'

b'1. A construction worker tosses a hammer straight up to a co-worker who is working on a platform above him. The hammer leaves his hand at 7.26 m/sec, and travels 3.33 meters upward, at which point it is caught by the worker on the platform. It is caught while still moving ...'

b'A large picture,2m by 2m,is displayed on a wall.It is place in a frame with a border of uniform width. A. How would you represent the length of side of the frame? B. What expression represent the area of the frame?'

b'Dennis says that 2x-7^2=7-2x^2.Do you agree with Dennis?Explain Answer please steve'

b'The dimension of a rectangular garden are represented by xadd7 and x-7 A. What is the area of the garden? B. It is possible that x=7?how about x=-7?explaine why or why not. C. What could be the value of x? Please answer steve'

b'Manny receives 6 dollars each week for allowance. He also had 45 dollars saved from birthday gifts. If he currently has 111 dollars, write an equation to represent how many weeks Manny has been saving money.'

b'A party mix is made by adding nuts that sell for \xe2\x80\x8b2.50per kg to a cereal mixture that sells for \xe2\x80\x8b11 per kg. How much of each should be added to obtain 30 kg of a mix that will sell for \xe2\x80\x8b2.10per\xe2\x80\x8b kg?'

b'find the difference of an elevation of 30 feet below sea level and an elevation of 118 feet above sea level ans.. -30 - 118 = -148'

b'write in numeral nine croe seventy lac fifty thousand three hundred and fifty eight'

b'I spend 3/4hour doing homework and play 2/3hour hoe much time I speak on doing home work and play'

b'Thw dimension of a rectangular garden are represented by xadd7 x-7 A. What is the area of the garden? B. It is possible that x=7?his about x=-7?explain why or why not? C. What could be the value of x?'

b'A large picture 2m by 2m is displayed on a wall it is place in a frame with a border of uniform width A. How would you represent the length of the side of the frame? B. What expression represent the area of the frame? Answer please'

b'Dennise says that 2xadd7^2=7-2x^2.Did you agree with dennised?explain.'

b'The dimension of a rectangular garden are represented by xadd7 x-7 A. What is the area of the garden? B. It is possible that x=?how about x=-7?explain why or why not? C. What could be the value of x? I need answer to my homework now na please'

b'What is the value of a stock that grows at a supernormal rate of 18percent for the first four years, and then slows down to a constant growth rate of 10percent? An annual dividend of 2.00/share was just paid, and the rate of return on common stock is 13percent. Possible Solution: For a ...'


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