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b'A student is given a reading list of eight books from which he must select four for an outside reading requirement. In how many ways can he make his selections?'

b'The Gallup Poll uses a procedure called random digit dialing, which creates phone numbers based on a list of all area codes in America in conjunction with the associated number of residential households in each area code. Give a possible reason the Gallup Poll chooses to use ...'

b'How do I find a ratio equivalent to each ratio then use the ratios to write a proportion'

b'During one term in Math 310, Min Lee took seven tests, the last of which carried twice the weight of each of the others when averages were computed. Min\xc2\x92s test-score vector for the term was [84,78,91,80,72,88,83]. Show that Min\xc2\x92s final average, a weighted average, can be ...'

b'The area of a playground is 50 yd^2. The width of the playground is 5 yd longer than its length. Find the length and width of the playground.'

b'Use the quadratic formula to find the roots Y= -.25x^2 add 5.5x- 5.25'

b"ted works 8 hours a day for 5 days a week at an hourly rate of 90.20. a. what is his weekly salary? b. what's his salary if he works 8 hours a day for 5 1/2 days a week at an hourly rate of 80.00?"

b"What is my number? 1.My number is a perfect square 2.The only prime number in it's prime factorization is 2 3.My number is a factor of 32 4. The sum of it's digits is odd."

b'Write fact families for the numbers in 30 and 31.how are the fact families different'

b'What is the sum of all prime numbers less than 500 with only 3s and 4s as digits'

b'Randy travels north on a road 1029 miles long and Marco is travelling south on the same road. Randy-45m/hr marco- 53m/hr. How many hours will it take for them to pass?'

b'Mary has a third of the money Erin has. Erin has 8 less than John. Together they have 267. How much money does each of them have?'

b"If \xc2\x808200 is divided among A,B and B so that A's share is 2/5 of B's and B's is 3/4 of C's share, how much does C's get?"

b'In how many ways can a subcommittee of six be chosen from a Senate committee of four Democrats and six Republicans if a All members are eligible? b The subcommittee must consist of two Republicans and four Democrats?'

b'Calculate surface area and the volume of a box that is 3m by 2m by 7.5m'

b'1. Which of the following established a limited self-government to the Puerto Ricans by the United Sates? Platt Amendment*** Foraker Act Sherman Act Roosevelt Corollary'

b"Sandy's Ice Cream Corner uses 9/10 of a bag of cups every day. How many days would 10 bags of cups last?"

b"Jordan's football team gained 12 yards on their first play. On the second play, the team lost 8 yards. Which expression could be used to describe the total yards gained by Jordan's team?"

b"A person is standing 90 feet away from the Space Needle. The person looks up at the Space Needle at an angle of elevation of 81 degrees. The distance from the floor to the person's eye level is 5 feet. What must be the height of the Space Needle?"

b'1. 16y add 0 = 16y Associate Property of Addition Zero Property of Multiplication Commutative Property of Addition Identity Property of Addition 2. d \xc2\x95 r = r \xc2\x95 d Commutative Property of Multiplication Identity Property of Multiplication Zero Property of Multiplication ...'

b'If Jun has 12 t-shirts,6 pairs of pants,and 3 pairs of shoes, how many possible ways can he dress himself up for the day?'

b'Cn you explain the process of division of fractions/ reciprocals to me?'

b'A car is purchased for 30,000. It depreciates at a rate of 18percent per year. What equation would represent the value, y, of the car after x number of years? Use this equation to find the value of the car after five years.'

b'All trapezoids are parallelograms. True or false?'

b'if opposite angles of cyclic quadrilateral are in the ratio 2:3 then find the measure of all angles'

b'Abcd is a rhombus with angle bad= 50 deg. Find x and y'

b"Christin's age is equal to three times her age in 3 years' time minus three times her age 3 years ago. What is her age now? Please explain how you got the answer as well, thanks."

b'For xyz manufacturing the fixed costs are 1200, material and labor costs combined are 2 per unit, and the demand equation is: p=100/?q What level of output will maximize profit? Show this occurs when marginal revenue equals marginal cost. What is the price at the profit ...'

b'Patel, Quoc and Ron live near each other along the same straight road. Patel lives 0.6km from Quoc. Ron lives 0.4km from Patel. How far apart do Quoc and Ron live? A They must live 0.2km apart. B They must live 1.0km apart. C They could live 0.2km or 1.0km apart. D They ...'

b'The area of cross section of a pipe is 5.4 centimetres square and the water pump out of it at the rate of 27 kilometre per hour find the volume of water which flows out of the pipe in 1 minute'

b'Shanti bought lemons at 7 foe Rs.6 and sold them at 6 for Rs.7. 1.find her profit percentage 2.how many lemons would she have to sell to earn a profit of Rs.65?'

b'Construct a triangle in which BC=5.2 AB-AC=1.2cm and B=60\xc2\xb0 Also write the construction'

b'If I drive a rental car .45miles at 25.00 dollars per day and my other rental car .25miles at 40.00 per day how many miles must i drive for them to cost the same'

b"the hypotenuse of a right triangle is d. Find the sums of squares of the distances from the point of intersections of medians to the three vertices of the triangle. What? What does even mean? Why are they talking abou finding sums of squares if it's a triangle? I don't get it..."

b'A farmer collected some eggs from his farm and found b eggs broken. He packed the remaining eggs in c egg cartons. Each egg carton can hold a dozen eggs and no eggs were leftover. Write an algebraic expression for the number of eggs he collected initially in terms of b and c.'

b'Mr Simmons bought 10 pizzas for the class during the field trip the class ate 8 3/8 pizzas Mr Simmons ate 5/8 of a pizza how much of pizzas are left'

b"prove that x^6-x^5-x^4-x^3-x^2-xadd1>0 is true for any number Please someone explain to me this, I couldn't understand the teacher when they talked about something similar to this and I didn't get it..."

b'Using a for airtime and w for water time ,which system of linear equations would you use to solve this problem? A stone falls from the top of a cliff into the ocean . In the air , it had an average speed of 16m/s .In the water ,it had an average speed of 3m/s before hitting ...'

b'a shirt is on sale for d dollars the regular price is 4 times as much . Todd has enough money to buy 2 shirts at the regular price. How many shirts can todd buy at the sale price?'

b"Find the units digit of 93 to the power of 19. I don't know what to do."

b'The weight of 2 science fiction books and 1 autobiography is 5/6w pounds. What is the total weight of 4 of these science fiction books and 2 of these autobiographies?'

b'How many multiples of 7 are there between 100 and 200? I got 14.'

b'Find the cost of 2 1/2 dozen eggs at 15 each'

b"Darren finished 5/6 of his homework. Olivia finished 1/6 less than Darren. How much of Olivia's homework did she finish? Make sure to simplify your answer."

b'if the average daily sales amount for the past 5 days was 2.3q add 1.4 dollars, write an algebraic expression for the total sales amount for the past 5 days.'

b'40percent of k liters of acid are added to 60percent of w liters of water. Write an algebraic expression for the total volume of the solution.'

b'draw a figure with the given perimeter on the grid paper 10 units 3rd grade'

b'When 1 million times 2 million divides 8 millio when 1,000,000\xc3\x972,000,000 divided 8 million=???'

b'The demand equation for a product is: q=60/p add ln65-p^3 A Determine the point of elasticity of demand when p=4, and classify the demand as elastic, inelastic, or of unit elasticity at this price level. B If the price is lowered by 2percent from 4.00 to 3.92, use the answer ...'

b'On a test, Hailey answered 12 out of the first 15 problems correctly.If this rate continues, how many of the next 25 problems will she answer correctly?'


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