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b'Studying verbs and participles. Am I right to say falling is a verb in following sentence? The snow had been falling all night. Trying to learn and think I am pretty sure a verb, LOL'

b'Confused a little is verb correct in following sentence? Not only the newspaper, but also the radio warns of the approaching crisis.'

b'Please see our responses here: http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=141?3767376'

b'three allusions from doctor canterbury tales'

b"La photo, c'est ton truc? Does photo here mean photo in English or photography?"

b"Formative Test Now, let's check how well you can use the expressions you've learned. I will distribute handouts. You have to solve the problems. You will have 5 minutes. Are you finished? Then, I'll write down the answers. Look at the answers on the blackboard. Check your ..."

b"1. What are people in the Netherlands hoping for? 2. What are people of the Netherlands hoping for? -They are hoping for another cold weather. -------------------- Which is right, 'in' or 'of' before the Netherlands? 3. How long didn't the race take place? - It didn't take ..."

b"What winter sport do you like most? 1.I like snowboarding because it's thrilling. 2. I like ski jumping because it's fantastic. 3. I like curling because it's great. 4. I like ice hockey because it's amusing. 5. I like speed skating because it's interesting. 6. I like figure ..."

b"1. Why was the Eleven Cities Tour of 1963 the most difficult race? 2. Why was the Eleven Cities Tour in 1963 the most difficult race? 3. Why was the 1963 Eleven Cities Tour of 1963 the most difficult race? ---------------- Do we have to use 'in' or 'of'? Are all the questions ..."

b'1. You must be honest. 2. You have to be honest. Situation: The person is not honest, so the boss is scolding the man. 3. You must be honest. 4. You have to be honest. 5. I am sure that you are honest. The man was honest, and the boss knows it, so he said this way...'

b"Let's do the crossword puzzle. 1 Across starts with 'n'? What is it? It is nobody. Good job. Complete the crossword puzzle in 3 minutes. -------------------------- Would you check the passage? Can we substitute 'play' for 'do' in the first sentence? Do you have better ..."

b'1. How thick must the ice be for the Eleven Cities Tour? 2. How thick must the ice be to hold the Eleven Cities Tour? 3. How thick must the ice be so that the Eleven Cities Tour take place? - The ice must be at least 15 centimeters thick. ------------------------ What is the ...'

b'Who was the winner of the Eleven Cities Tour of 1997? 1. He was Henk Angenent. 2. Henk Angenent was the winner. 3. It was Henk Angenent. ------------- Which answer is right? Which one is commonly used?'

b'I need three points of types of classism in Great Expectations by charles dickens I have already have two points of social status and becoming from poor to rich...'

b'Look my answers 1-2 At 5:36'

b"Write the complete subject and underline the simple subject., 1/ The gourds' noise sounds like dry leaves in the wind. Answer:cmplete subject : the gourds'noise sounds Simple subject: sounds 2/ Martin's friend come some times and plays her recorder. Answer: complete subject: ..."

b'what are some examples of discrimination in schools? i need to come up with a hypothetical example'

b'This question is based on the following paragraph. 1 Brenda would have liked to have taken her vacation at the beach. 2 However, the weather forecast on the television called for rain. 3 Also, her fianc\xc3\xa9, Max, wanted to vacation in the mountains. 4 After a heated ...'

b"Read the paragraph below . I'll show them that I can write well , ling thought. Back in china , she had gotten the best grades in English class . But ever since her family had moved to Florida, her reports had been coming back all marked up . Ling asked her teacher if there ..."

b'Scherer, K. R., Clark-Polner, E., Mortillaro, M. This is the primary source Elfenbein and Ambady is a secondary source and the date of this secondary source 2002 I am citing a secondary source Elfenbein and Ambady into my paper. The primary source is Scherer, K. R., ...'

b'I need help annotating please help me In the recent years, the media has shared with the public two very different stories involving children who committed acts of violence. Both minors were charged with murder and sent to adult state prison to serve their prison sentences. ...'

b'Here is my question. Can I end a sentence with the word in? Here is an example of my sentence with the word in at the end of my sentence. This alters the way we view lifespan development, as individuals truly never stop evolving and changing their own perceptions and ideas...'

b'elavorate the quoteone touch of nature make the whole world kill'

b'explanation about one touch of nature make the whole world kill'

b'1. If your answer is right, you will get one point. 2. If you answer the question right, you will get one point card. 3. If you answer the question rightly, ou will get one point card. Which sentence is right?'

b'Identify Prepositional Phrases: Last summer our whole family hiked up a mountain.'

b'1. When did the Eleven Cities Tour take place in 1997? -It took place on January 4. 2. What was the date of the Eleven Cities Tour in 1997? - It was January 4. 3. What was the date of the 1997 Eleven Cities Tour? - It was January 4. ------------------ Are the questions and the...'

b"1. What was Henk Angenent's record? - He finished the race in 6 hours and 49 minutes. 2. What was Henk Angenent's record? - His record was 6 hours and 49 minutes. Are both answers right? 3. In 1963, how many percent of the skaters finished the race? - Only one percent of the..."

b'1. Why would an author use other words like adolescent, teen, or young people just to describe minor? 2. How do you correctly punctuate sentences containing documented evidence? 3. From this thesis statement , what topic can you form out of it: Some people may believe these ...'

b'Other words to describe minors'

b'How do writers correctly punctuate sentences containing the documentation? Where would the quotations and parenthesis go? Please answer both'

b'Did I do alright fixing the following sentence? It was a run-on. these run-0n are so tricky to me Lawsuits seem to be getting out of hand; one little girl sued the Crack jack company, because the prize was missing from her box.'

b'Will you please give some points on adventure? I need to make a speech.'

b"1. Across 3 starts with 'n.' 2. 3 Across starts with 'n.' ----------------------- In a crossword puzzle, which one is correct?"

b"Ms Sue I am really studying hard I have one more will you check for me? Lew wasn't sure he had locked the front door so after him and Marian left for their vacation at nine o'clock they came back at 9:30. Do I need any commas?"

b"Did I rewrite this run-on sentence correct? Ellie's new glasses were much stronger than her old ones. As she walked out of the doctor's office the floor seemed to leap up at her."

b'Are two the following sentences correct? The word cool originally meant a slight low temperature. About an hour later Jesus arrived. I am having a time with commas and fragments'

b"What was Thomas Jefferson's stance on the Declaration of Independence? What is a pro and con of the Declaration of Independence Please Help Me"

b'true or false: once wager has been made protagonist and antagonist are in conflict.'

b'In The Wager by Chekhov, is the banker better off because he has learned his lesson and knows he is a better man for it?'

b'compare and contrast themes in the crucible and the film pleasantville'

b'the concept of friends proves ironic in the poem'

b"The late English psychologist Cyril Burt was known for his studies of the IQ scores of identical twins who were raised apart. The high correlation between the IQs of separated twins in Burt's studies pointed to heredity as a major factor in IQ. Correlation measures how ..."

b'Write the vocabulary word that goes with each idea. Glared - legendary - muttered - gaped -flinched- fluke - snickering - stunned. 1/.............stared at angrily. Answer: glared 2/..........something so great that stories are told about it. Answer:legendary 3/..........said ...'

b"Which is the correct pronunciation of machines? a. MACK-ines b. mack-EENZ c. MUH-sheenz d. muh-SHEENZ I think that it's either c or c."

b'Has anyone read The Necklace? I want some help on a few questions.'

b"Can you help me write a persuasive paragraph? The topic is about 'Disposal Food'"

b'Posted by rfvv on Monday, October 13, 2014 at 8:31pm. 1. Mattie made three wishes on the Internet. 2. Mattie wrote three wishes on the Internet. 3. Mattie uploaded three wishes on the Internet. 4. Mattie posted three wishes on the Internet. ----------------------------- What ...'

b"1. On the show, Mattie read his poems and talked about his love for life. 2. On the show, Mattie read his poems and talked about his love abou life. -------------- Which preposition can we use, 'for' or 'about'? Are both OK?"

b'the Oprah Winfrey Show -------------------- Q: How do you pronounce Oprah? 1. /oupra/ 2. /opra/ 3. /opruh/'


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