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b'Each shipment of VSV-EBOV will be packed in a special container with dry ice, at a temperature of -80 degrees Celsius, or -112 degrees Fahrenheit. The vaccine was developed at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. Can someone summarize this in their own words..?'

b'1. The boy was hungry that he ate a lot. 2. The boy was hungry that he ate much. ------------ Are both the same? Which one is commonly used? ================== 3. I smelled the fish becoming bad. 4. I tasted the bread becoming bad. ------------- Are these sentences grammatical?'

b"1. I have acne. 2. I have an acne. 3. I have acnes. 4. I have pimples. 5. I have pimple. 6. I have a pimple. -------------------- Is 'acne' the same as 'pimple'? Which ones are grammatical? Can we substitute 'pimple' for 'acne'?"

b"1. I'll have tea instead of coffee. 2. I'll have tea in place of coffee. ------------------ Are both the same in meaning? Do you have any popular phrases which can be used for 'instead of'?"

b"He is listening to music through headphones. --------------- Instead of 'through', what other prepositions can we use?"

b'Hi, I was wondering if this sentence has a comma splice? Before they get cold, grab that fluffy and heated towel, and dry them. Thanks in advance'

b'Do I use who or whom and why? 1. Are you ordering around? 2. Is ready with his or her report today?'

b"determination that you need to do something.....definition of will --------------- What is the relationship between 'determination' and 'that you need to do something'? Are they in apposition?"

b'can someone help me? What is this article about. Please help me summarize it so i can understand. Here is the title : Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan formally ends'

b"I'm writing a paper to explain a concept of the bevel Ella Minnow Pea. I've come up with a thesis statement and my teacher has approved it, but I'm just stuck as to what I'm writing about. The assignment instructions asks How does Dunn legitimize his ideas for the reader? ..."

b'Which of the following best explains the difference between informative and explanatory text? a. Informative provides readers a sense of why something happens, while explanatory tells the order in which something happened. b.Informative provides a reason to support an author...'

b'how can i describe a plane crash using imagery in first person point of view ?'

b"I got a question regarding my homework. The task is to find the mistakes in a given text but the last sentence confuses me so much that I lost the overview. I'll copy the sentence below and hope that someone can help me. But to protect against children from labor abuse, U.S. ..."

b'What is one way that \xc2\x93The Maori: Genealogies and Origins in New Zealand\xc2\x94 contrasts with \xc2\x93The Raven and the First Men: The Beginnings of the Haida\xc2\x94?'

b'I need to tell if these sentences are Nonessential or Essential adjective clauses. 1.May gave the key to her mother who opened the door.....I have nonessential and placed comma after mother. 2.A man who lived in this town sailed his little boat across the Atlantic....I have ...'

b' words : 1- curtail 2- devastate 3- digress 4- incentive 5- incorporate 6- indispensable 7- intermittent 8- rigor 9- squander 10-succumb Linda never had to work hard to make good grades in high school. But in college, where the ___8___ of course work w'

b"what is another word for coordinating body? The WHO is the international coordinating body for battling the Ebola outbreak which has killed more than 4,500 people in West Africa. I need to change up the sentence so i won't be plagiarizing."

b"Compare the literary and rhetorical devices in Elie Wiesel's Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech and his novel Night. Explain how these elements impact tone and mood. Support your claims with evidence from the text."

b'When did ebola spread to south africa. Like what month did it happen?'

b"why are people talking about ebola when it started a long time ago? It's a serious question I'm asking and I know it doesn't relate to homework but when i tried searching it up it wont give me the right answer im looking for"

b'1. Twenty years is a long time. 2. twenty years is a long period. 3. 100 kg is very heavy. 4. 100 kg is a heavy weight. 5. Two hundred dollars is a lot of money for me. 6. Two hundred dollars is a great/good sum of money. 7. Twenty miles is a long distance. 8. Twenty miles is ...'

b'which writer of early romanticism\xc2\x97Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, and William Cullen Bryant \xc2\x97do you think has had the greatest impact, and why'

b'Need help on identifying root word,suffix and prefix for control.'

b'what are some interesting and detailed short story ideas ?'

b'1. The crowd was small. 2. The crow were deeply impressed by the concert. 3. The audience was large/big. 4. The audience were began to talk loudly. 5. The family is large/big. 6. The family are all well. 7. The committee is composed of 6 members. 8. The committee are having ...'

b"1. The last number of concert was impressive. 2. The last number of the concert was impressive. Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'concert' or 'the concert'? 3. Everyone was deeply impressed by the last number on the program. 4. Everyone was deeply impressed by the ..."

b"Which of the following is the language? A. best way to help children in your care who are learning English as a second A. Vary greetings to introduce more vocabulary. B.Speak very loudly, but stop talking if there's no response. C. Don't call attention to the child's attempts ..."

b"To welcome a child who doesn't speak English, it would be appropriate to A. ask the child to repeat words. B. Tell the child not to speak in his or her native tongue. C. Speak very loudly. D. Allow the child time to observe and listen. D is my answer."

b'What transition is suitable to be place before the word or?'

b'What transition is suitable to be placed before the word or?'

b"What is a good hook sentence for illegal immigration? I need a hook sentence that is able to grab the reader's attention and interest them."

b'Do we punctuate a subject in any sentences like Panda, Bird, Patrica,Barbados?'

b"A champion is a winner, A hero... Someone who never gives up Even when the going gets rough. --------------------------- In this poem, what is the meaning of 'the going'? What other expressions can we use instead of 'the going'?"

b"It's time to take a test. Close your textbooks. I will hand out test papers. Take one and pass the rest to the back. When you receive an exam paper, make sure to write down your name and number on the top. I will give you 5 minutes.....Time is up. I will write down the answers..."

b"Posted by rfvv on Monday, October 13, 2014 at 7:59am. A champion is a member of A winning team.... Someone who overcomes challenges even when it requires creative solutions. ---------------------- In this poem, what does 'it' refer to? \xc2\x95English - Writeacher, Monday, October ..."

b'What do classical Greek and Roman myths, Norse myths, Native American myths, African myths, and Asian myths have in common? How do they differ?'

b"What will the speaker of \xc2\x93My City\xc2\x94 most regret losing when he dies? A. the experience of city life B. the touch of people he loves C. the brightness of the world D. the sound of children's voices"

b'did anyone read the book called memoirs of a geisha ? by arthur golden'

b"Thank You Ms. Sue College English is harder then I thought and haven't had to ask just a few questions and I am running a 98 average"

b'Lost on this one. Is demanding in this sentence a verbal gerund or just a verb? He is always demanding to have his own way. I want to say a verbal gerund, but then I want to say verb'

b'In following sentence is Knowing a verbal participle or a verbal gerund? Knowing how an engine works is the key to auto repair. I want to say gerund because I say it is the subject.'

b'he federal government says Canada will start shipping its experimental Ebola vaccine to the World Health Organization on Monday. The government says in a release the Public Health Agency of Canada is supplying the vaccine to the UN body in Geneva in its role as the ...'

b"the speaker in birches compares the boy's climbing to"

b"1. Don't make a nooise. 2. Don't make noise. Which one is correct? Are both OK? Then which one is commonly used? 3. Don't manke any noise. 4. Don't make much noise. 5. Don't make any noises. 6. Don't make many noises. 7. Don't make a lot of noises. 8. Don't make a lot of ..."

b"She couldn't concentrate on her study because it was too noisy. She asked Kathy not to make noise. --------------------------- What does 'it' refer to in the first sentence?"

b'In the recent years, the media has shared with the public two very different stories involving children who committed acts of violence. Both minors were charged with murder and sent to adult state prison to serve their prison sentences. Some people may believe these teens ...'

b"1. This class is so difficult that I can't follow it. 2. This class is so difficult that I can't understand it. --------------- Does 1 mean 2? Does 'follow' mean 'understand'?"

b"Okay so in English I'm doing Appositives I understand the question and I'm just confused a little. Circle the appositives. Then, underline the noun each appositive explains. 1. Sheila, my cousin works in that department store. I circled Sheila I underlined cousin Or is ..."

b"I hope someone knows how to write a gerrc paragraph.. Anyways I need help for the reference part. Hence the word R, how do i show my point? I can explain the quote but I don't know the point. The general statement is, the author used a variety of humor to point the nature of ..."

b'In this sentence People have been telling themselves the story of Snow White for centuries. Is themselves reflexive or intensive. I am thinking intensive because you do not need it for the sentence to make sense?'


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