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b'How does Shakespeare use dramatic irony to engage his audience in Romeo and Juliet?'

b'For class I read the poem by Wilfred Owen Dulce et Decorum Est. I have most of my essay down but one paragraph where I focus mainly on the use of the word beggars. I so far, only have one point/sentence: The specific word \xc2\xa1\xc2\xb0beggars\xc2\xa1\xc2\xb1 reflects a beggar\xc2\xa1\xc2\xafs reputation ...'

b"Bill didn't wear gloves as he made a snowman. => His hands got very cold. ------------------------------ In the first sentence, what does 'as' mean? Does 'as' mean 'when' or 'because'?"

b"Dogs have helped blind people for many years. They are not only helper animals. ---------------------------- Is the expression 'helper animals' correct? Do you have other expressions for that?"

b'you are ozymandias, you cannot conquer or supress the time. Write a diary on about 60-65 words.'

b'Can someone extend this paragraph. Rewording and extending please.. I would not let him disgrace us, disgrace himself, disgrace you. You see Annie, dear sweet Annie, My younger sister, he told me he was leaving me for someone, younger, sweeter, kinder than me. Patrick, the ...'

b'1. I have no money. 2. I have no money with me. ------------ What is the difference between the two sentences?'

b"1. When they were taken to America as slaves, they took thier songs and dances with them. 2. When they were taken to America as slaves, they took thier songs and dances. --------------- Sentence 1 has 'with them' at the end. Sentence 2 doesn't have 'with them' at the end. What..."

b"Special hospitals care for people with certain problems. ----------------- In this sentence, what is the meaning of 'certain'?"

b'Identify the italicized part of the sentence. The main event will be a memory contest. subject predicate direct object indirect object predicate noun predicate adjective'

b'How can i reword this to make it stronger. My weapon, so cleverly disposed of, shattered his skull. Broke it in to pieces. The cradle, the shield, the host of the brain he used to think he could ever leave me. My weapon, meant to be his supper. A delicious one, even last ...'

b'How can I rephrase this sentence to a stronger one No one is the wiser one '

b'Looking over past questions posted. Looks like English students are studying the same thing. Glad to say chompchomp helped me a lot,but I have one I keep pondering on. Jimmy crossed the deep stream by carefully stepping on stones without moss, but he fell twice. I want to say ...'

b"Though remarkably inconvenient for my garden, the dog's rehab therapy is her digging of holes. Please correct me if I am wrong. digging of holes is a gerund Her ---what----digging of holes"

b"My dogs' insistent barking woke me up at 4:00 a.m. barking woke me up---- is not a gerund is it?"

b'Now is the time to step up and study. On my infinitive is it the whole phrase to step up and study? And am I correct to say an adverb'

b'To give to others is the lesson Scrooge learned in The Christmas Carol, a famous novel by Charles Dickens and dedicated to his family. I sure To give to others is the subject of this sentence.I not sure about to his family. I am thinking an adverb. Is this correct?'

b"Ms. Sue the chompchomp helped me a lot. BUT confused on this one. Pausing, the deer was sniffing the wind before stepping into the meadow. I believe Pausing is a participle. I don't believe it is a gerund used as a noun."

b'The game of lacrosse seems complicated to me. How does the word complicated function in the sentence? predicate adjective predicate nominative objective complement indirect object'

b'Does the following sentence have 2 infinitives? Many people go to Europe to travel around historical sites. I am saying to travel because of verb following it Saying NO to to Europe'

b'In the sentences below, which of the bolded adverbs is used to describe an adjective? A. Gia ran VERY quickly to get to the bus on time. B. Troy was TOO cold to continue ice skating. C. Jack grumbled LOUDLY about his history grade. D. Nora looked SADLY into the mirror. I think...'

b'Sentence We are doing no favors to the young men if we let them believe that a game shall set them free. I am saying the clause that a game shall set them free. Is a dependent clause am I right?'

b"1. Sales have been down these days. 2. sales have been up these days. Are both right? 3. If they hadn''t helped me, I would be poor. 4. As they helped me, I am not poor. Does 3 mean 4? 5. If it hadn't rained hard yesterday, the road wouldn't be muddy. 6. As it rained ..."

b"1. The country the USA was involved in a civil war. 2. The country the USA was involved in the Civil War. ------------------- What is the difference between 'a civil war' and ' the Civil War'?"

b'Which sentence contains a proper noun? 1 pointThe boy quickly ran ahead of his mother to get to school. My dog plays all afternoon with the neighborhood kids. The sweater Tanya wore today was not warm enough. Birds or fish would be a good place to start for a research project'

b'how can i describe polluted air using imagery'

b'1. It is said that, it he had not lived, the United States might be two countries, instead of one. 2. It is said that, as he lived, the United States may not be two countries, instead of one. --------------- Does 1 mean 2? Otherwise, what other statements can we use instead ...'

b"How is your business lately? 1. Not so good, I'm afraid. 2. Not so good, I'm sorry. ----------------- Which one is right answer?"

b'Rewrite the over coordinated sentences that follow, changing clauses into phrases or into single words. where appropriate, break the over coordinated sentence into two sentences. 1. The doctor inserted one end of a long tube into my throat, and she attached the other end of ...'

b"1. The Difficult in Meaning 2. The Difficulty in Meaning 3. When to Use a Dictionary? ------------------ Are they suitable as a 'title'? Which one is not suitable?"

b'Would Della from Gift of the Magi be a round and static character?'

b'1. Annie is a popular female hocky player. 2. Annie is a popular woman hocky player. ------------- Are both OK? Which one is commonly used? ========================= 3. Sam is a popular male hocky player. 4. Sam is a popular man hocky player. -------------- What about these ...'

b"1. As he didn't know what to say, he remained silent. 2. Not knowing what to say, he remained silent. Are both the same? 3. As he was not happy, he kept quiet. 4. Being not happy, he kept quiet. 5. Not being happy, he kept quiet. What about these sentences? Do we have to ..."

b'How is the word brusque used in a complex sentence? please give examples.'

b"bold 1. being not afraid of taking risks and making difficult decisions 2. not being afraid of taking risks and making difficult decisions ----------------- What is the right definition of 'bold'? What is the right position of 'not'?"

b'Write a paragraph in which you compare and contrast the motivations of Brutus and Cassius, and determine whether the ends justify the means. The ends justify the means is simply saying that the good results, or ends, make it acceptable, or justified, to do drastic or ...'

b'What do you have to do afer school? 1. I have to go to my academy and study hard until 11 p.m.. 2. I have to go to an academy to study math, English and science. 3. I have to go to the academy to study 5 subjects. 4. I have to wash clothes in the washing machine. 5. I have to ...'

b'Which type of faulty logic does this sentence contain? Although the cheeseburger is the most sought-after item on our menu, it is really difficult to manage the crowd in the drive-up lane because of the high demand; so, the cheeseburger should be taken off the menu.'

b'i am doing does subject i want to know can i become a social worker?'

b"1. There is one more point that I want to talk about. 2. There is one more point we have to think of. ------------- Are the sentences grammatical? What is the meaning of 'point' here? 3. The farmere wanted to get rid of the hawks. So with the help of officials, they could kill..."

b"The hawks began to kill their chickens, so the farmers began to kill the hawks with the help of the officials. ------------------- In this sentence, what does 'chickens' mean, baby chickens or grown-up chickens?"

b"Not many years ago, I worked outside of the UK. ---------------------- In this sentence, what other expressions can we use in place of 'not many years ago'? Is it 'a few days ago'?"

b'How do values and belief shape who characters are as individuals and influence their behavior? Our values and belief are strongly related and influence our behavior. It can bring to mind by certain communications or experiences. Our values therefore not only change at ...'

b'How does viewing human behavior as good or evil shape an individual\xc2\x92s/ society\xc2\x92s view of the world? Can you give me some thoughts about this question ? I have no idea please help Thank you so much'

b'On following sentence the first clause is a dependent clause. The second clause is an independent clause which can stand by itself. Before President Roosevelt died, President Truman did not know that the United States was developing atomic weapons. I say No Noun Clause. My ...'

b"1. The coffee was so good that I had another cup. 2. The coffee was so good that I had another cup of coffee. --------------------------- Does 1 mean 2? Does 'had' mean 'drank'?"

b"1. This digital camera is so small that it can fit in my pocket. 2. This digital camera is so small that it can fit my pocket. --------------------------- Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'fit in' or 'fit'? In Sentence 1, what is the part of speech of 'in' as in 'fit in'?"

b'Am I right to say the following sentences has 2 adjective clauses. The boxes in that closet belong to my nephew who has moved away. in that closet who has moved away'

b'In the following sentence am I correct to say that whom the newspaper endorsed is the adjective clause. My company once employed the woman whom the newspaper endorsed for political office.'

b'Each shipment of VSV-EBOV will be packed in a special container with dry ice, at a temperature of -80 degrees Celsius, or -112 degrees Fahrenheit. The vaccine was developed at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. Can someone summarize this in their own words..? As I...'


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