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b'1. It is a surprising event. 2. Look at the surprised boys. 3. He is surprising to us all because he always makes us surprised. 4. He was surprised at the news. 5. The news surprised him. 6. The news were surprising to him. --------------- Are they all grammatical?'

b'Can anyone think about any commericals that use the technique Repetition?'

b"Why do you want to be a fashion designer? 1. I like making clothes. 2. I'm interested in making clothes. 3. I'm interested in designing clothes. -------------------- Are the answers suitable? Do you have some other suitable answers?"

b"When this happens, your skin will produce more oil, and that will cause even more acne. ----------------------- Can we use 'oil' in the sentence? Does 'oil' mean 'sebum'? Do we have to use 'sebum'?"

b"He was lucky enoough to win the playoff tickets. ------------------ Q: Why do you use 'off' in 'playoff'? Is 'off' used as 'end'?"

b'I am given a task to write a description of a theme/amusement park. But I have no idea where to start. Please help?\xc2\xa0 Things I should include:\xc2\xa0 The 5 senses\xc2\xa0 Some dialogue\xc2\xa0 Personification\xc2\xa0 Similies/metaphors \xc2\xa0Contrasts\xc2\xa0 Sibilance\xc2\xa0 Varied vocab\xc2\xa0 Your help will be very ...'

b'What is a metaphor for improvement?'

b'Are the following statements correct. 1. There is/are normal DTRs noted on examination. 2. The prosthetic hardware was/were freed from the surrounding tissues and removed. Is this correct: 1. are 2. was'

b"1. When she was young, she had a dream. 2. When young, she had a dream. 3. When being young, she had a dream. 4. Being young, she had a dream. 5. Young, she had a dream. 6. When young, she had dream. ------------------------ Which ones' are grammatical? Are all acceptable in ..."

b"We sometimes find that we sit in front of a TV set without thinking anything. It is very important for us to select good TV programs. We must try to make the vest use of it. ------------------------ What does the word 'it' in the last sentence refer to? Before this passage ..."

b'Longfellow repeats the line \xc2\x93the tide rises, the tide falls\xc2\x94 throughout his poem. What idea is he trying to emphasize about the difference between nature and human life through this repetition?'

b"What part of speech is the infinitive phrase used? Is this a noun, adjective, or adverb? 1. The coach's example is one to take seriously. 2. We all made an effort to work harder. 3. The contest requires all entries to be mailed by Thursday. 4. The players were eager to try on ..."

b'A sentence with a compound predicate A. may have a single subject'

b"I can't walk anymore. Then James said, Come on We're almost at the top. ------------------ In the passage, what is the meaning of 'Come on'?"

b'Change the italicized clause to a nominative absolute. Rewrite the entire sentence in the box below. As the hurricane season was over, people returned to the cottages on the beach. Change the italicized clause to a nominative absolute. Rewrite the entire sentence in the box ...'

b"What are some words that start with 'w and mean the same as change?"

b"How can I make this sentence present tense? Or is it already present tense? The problem I'm having is with the word banished which is past tense. And my teacher wants us to write in the present tense. I have the main verb present so does that make the whole sentence present ..."

b"He is proud that he is rich. ----------------- What is the part of speech of 'that he is rich'? Is it an adverbial clasue? Or is 'of' omitted before 'that'?"

b"1. He refused to help me. 2. He rejected to help me. 3. He dislikes to help me. 4. He refused helping me. 5. He rejected helping me. 6. He dislikes helping me. -------------------- Which expressions do we have to use? The verbs, reject and refuse take 'to infinitive' as an ..."

b'Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunbar I KNOW what the caged bird feels, alas When the sun is bright on the upland slopes; When the wind stirs soft through the springing grass, And the river flows like a stream of glass; When the first bird sings and the first bud opes, And the ...'

b'The fishing having become so poor, we packed up camp and moved to another lake. past participial phrase noun clause adverb clause nominative absolute elliptical clause'

b'The first sentence restate the question/prompt and give the answer to iy'

b"1. I don't wash my hands often. 2. I often don't wash my hands. 3. I don't often wash my hands. Which one is grammatical?"

b'1. We asked 100 students What kind of exercise do you do? 2. We asked 100 students What kind of exercise do you take? 3. We asked 100 students What kinds of exercises do you do? 4. We asked 100 students What kinds of exercises do you take? ------------------ Which ones...'

b'I need help on sentence check 2 chapter13'

b'Both texts deal with racial discrimination. How does the structure of poem help convey this meaning in a way that the prose passage does not? AThe poem conveys meaning through imagery; the prose passage does not. BThe poem uses first person point of view; the prose passage ...'

b'A few weeks ago I was in company with my friend Josephine S. Griffing, when the conductor of a streetcar refused to stop his car for me, although I was closely following Josephine and holding on to the iron rail. They dragged us a number of yards before she succeeded in ...'

b"Hermit crabs rely on a supply of empty mollusk shells that they inhabit. What is the function of the relative pronoun in the clause 'That they inhabit'? A. Possessive B. Object of a preposition C. Direct object D. Subject I think it is either direct object or subject. What ..."

b'I have an essay i need to write and the questions i need to answer are Why do you think Romeo and Juliet remains so popular?and What is it about the characters of Romeo and Juliet that makes it so easy for young people to relate to them? I need two example from the play to...'

b'Anxiety is to test as procrastination is to'

b'Going over my work before I have to submit. I have one doubt before I do it. The sentence is--- If you hurry you will be able to keep your appointment. I say two independent clauses with no comma, but If you hurry sounds like an order ofexpression to set outside. Am I right to...'

b'1. Both Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson were influenced by the Romantics. Choose one of the two poets. Provide at least three ways that he or she reflects Romantic thinking in his or her writing. Then give an example from one of the works that you studied in this unit that ...'

b'an article on mobile culture the ethics thanks in advance'

b'1. She has glasses whose arms are broken. 2. She is holding glasses whose arms are broken. 3. She is wearing glasses whose arms are broken. --------------------- Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b'Determine success by measurement or other objective method such as the time taken. What does that mean'

b'What could the main idea of Through The Tunnel be, in a sentence?'

b'1. Which of the following groups would most likely not want to remain loyal to Great Britain during the pre-Revolutionary period? 1 point Scots from St. Andrew\xc2\x92s parish government officials Anglican ministers Indian traders 2. Which was a benefit Georgia received as a ...'

b'1. Shall we go where there is a shop? 2. We can get where there is water. 3. We have to walk where we can take a rest. 4. We drove where we can see many kinds of trees. ---------------- Are the sentences all grammatical? Would you correct errors? Thank you.'

b'I know with a dependent clause in front of the sentence, then an independent clause separated by a conjunction I use a comma. If u have two independent clauses with a conjunction do I use a comma. Example The class will take a trip when school is over. It seems the more I ...'

b"I have to create a piece of descriptive writing about a good day at a beach, but I am unsure on how to describe the atmosphere of the beach.\xc2\xa0Please help\xc2\xa0Here is what I have so far:\xc2\xa0 It's the morning of somerset beach. Seagulls haver over waiting for food, whilst the sun ..."

b'Compare and contrast the topics and themes of writers from the Americas and European writers.'

b'Is this a good persuasive essay ? If not can you help me change it? Everyday people come in contact with illegal aliens in some way or form, but they don\xc2\x92t know it. It is often hard to tell because illegal immigrants look just like the average person. Illegal immigration is ...'

b'1. If it had not been for your call, I would have been late for school. 2. But for/Without your call, I would have been late for school. 3. Had it not been for your call, I would have been late for school. 4. If you had not called me, I would have been late for school...'

b'1. He is an actor. 2. She is an actor. 3. She is an actress. --------------------------- Is Sentence 2 grammatical?'

b'Which of the following sentences both a direct and indirect object? A. My psychology professor has written several books. B.My pyschology prefessor is one of the best lecturers on campus. c.my psychology professor requires his students to quite a bit outside reading. d. My ...'

b'I have to find the verb and predicate nouns and predicate adjectives. 1. Their uniforms are a symbol of their authority. Verb=are PN=symbol'

b'what motivated Shakespeare to write The Tragedy of Macbeth?'

b'They insist that Bacon really wrote the play. I am saying this is a complete sentence with no dependent clause,. Am I right?'

b'In the Call of the Wild, Buck did not fight back when Hal was beating, him because? My answer is that he did not have the strengh'

b'Does a comma go after an independent clause with a subordinate conjunction followed by another independent clause? Example The classes will be held unless the schedule has been changed. I know one is needed if a dependent clause is first.'


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