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b'Still doing good in English, I hope. Sentence---Yesterday during the tornado watch, we heard the wailing of the siren in the pathway. A gerund always ends in -ing and functions as a noun. Ok during is not a gerund but wailing is a gerund. Am I right?'

b"1. Cleaning is good exercise, too. 2. Cleaning is a good exercise, too. --------------------- Do we have to use 'a' or not? Which one is correct? Are both correct?"

b"Is the following a complete sentence. I say NO it is a fragment. The woman who had been our family dentist for many years. If who wasn't in there I would say it was complete."

b'1. What kind of mistakes is he making? 2. What kinds of mistakes is he making> 3. What kinds of mistake is he making? 4. What kind of mistake is he making? ------------------------- Which expressions are grammatical? Which one is commonly used?'

b"Is the following a compound complex sentence? During last night's game, the bases were loaded, and Bob hit a grand slam. During last night's game is a dependent clause the bases were loaded in an Independented and bob hit a grand slam Independent"

b'What part of speech is am?'

b'how would you use personification and metaphors to describe a school bus?'

b'Act I of An Enemy of the People Question Think carefully about what each quote might infer about the character and choose the most appropriate answer in the context of the play. Taking one thing with another, there is an excellent spirit of toleration in the town--an admirable...'

b'Create an accurate summary of the \xc2\x93good-bye\xc2\x94 scene between Marilyn and her brother in \xc2\x93The Cold Equations.\xc2\x94 Provide your answer in three to five sentences.'

b"Hello Can you tell me if I corrected these sentences properly? My answers are below each sentence I'm supposed to punctuate. Instructions/Hint: Semi-colons 1. The baby smelled like lavender, and she just had a bath. The baby smelled like lavender; she just had a bath. 2. She ..."

b'How many dozen eggs in the box, the box said it contained 96 eggs'

b"1. I cannot but admire his courage. 2. I cannot help admiring his courage. 3. I cannot avoid admiring his courage. ------------------------- Are all the sentences grammatical? What is the meaning of 'but' in Sentence 1? Does 'help' in 2 mean 'avoid' in 3?"

b'a humbly request from or byrita in this sentence i use from or by plz tell me quick i have test in tution ???????'

b'3. In \xc2\x93The Pigman Me,\xc2\x94 the author creates a mood of suspense by focusing most of the action around a fight between two boys at school. a tree cut almost to its heart. Nonno Frankie\xc2\x92s advice to Paul. concerns about how a girl will react.'

b"1. Don't use a cell phone while you are driving. 2. Don't use a cell phone while you drive. 3. Don't use a cell phone while driving. 4. Don't use a cell phone driving. ----------------------------- Which ones are grammatical? Does 3 mean 1 or 2?"

b'what does the diction and details reveal about the tone in this passage. When first I took up my abode in the woods, that is, began to spend my nights as well as days there, which, by accident, was on Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, 1845, my house was not finished ...'

b"1. Listening to loud music isn't good for your ears, either. 2. Also, listening to loud music isn't good for your ears. ------------ Are both the same in meaning?"

b'The homework this week is over sentence transformations. The question asks: 1. Write the positive declarative sentence that corresponds to the transformed sentence 2. Identify the sentence type Sentence: What courses have been scheduled for next fall? I have written next ...'

b'In a debate, after the opposing team poses a question, can our team just stand up and answer or do we have to wait until someone tells us that we are allowed to answer?'

b"1. The hospital is for certain people. 2. He has a certain problem. 3. He has a sure problem. 4. He is certain that the boy is diligent. -------------------------- Are they all grammatical? The meaning of 'certain' seems to be different. Does 2 mean 3? Is the meaning of '..."

b"1. Don't touch. 2. Don't take pictures 3. Don't bring pets. 4. Don't bring/use _______________. 5. Don't use cellphones. --------------------- There are five kinds of signs. They are stop signs. There is a line from the top left to the bottom right. Are the explanations ..."

b'What is the purpose of Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe? What are some qualities and Character traits about of the Speaker in Annabel Lee? I need at least 5. so far I got romantic, dedicated, crazy, and obsessive .'

b'What components make up a compendious meganovel and how is this related to being a Great American Book? Thanks'

b"Where would I put the apostrophe on: Close the children's mouths? Since there is more than one child and more than one mouth, is it before or after the s?"

b"I am supposed to paraphrase the ideas that Emerson introduces in this passage There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better for worse as his portion... I don'..."

b'What is moral lesson in Annabel Lee?'

b'In the sentence Mr. Ortiz plays the violin in a local orchestra. Is plays present or present participle?'

b'Does motion sensing need a hyphen?'

b'Do you know of any websites that have chapter summaries for the book Plague of Doves? Thanks'

b'How would you describe waiting at a school bus stop in third person? Also trying to use metaphors and personification.'

b'S-subject, DO-direct object, SC-subject complement, OP-object of preposition The valedictory prize will be awarded to whoever has the highest academic rating.'

b'Review the metric pattern in \xc2\x93Old Ironsides.\xc2\x94 How does this meter reflect the poem\xc2\x92s subject matter? I know this is not a do your homework website. I have been on this question forever. I only know the definition to a meter. So I would really like some help with what the...'

b'All of the following are common except a.emotion b.leader. c.tablets. d.Kindle I think it d'

b'All of the following are common except a.emotion b.leader. c.tablets. d.kindle I think it A'

b'How can I make a perfect sentence without messing up?'

b'How do i get a good grade on my really hard essay without messing up??'

b'what metaphors or personification could i use to describe a busy bus stop? thank you'

b"1. I'm so happy with my job. 2. I'm so satisfied with my job. Are both the same in meaning? 3. We dress up and shout Trick or Treat What does Trick or Treat mean? * If you don't treat me, I will play a trick on you. <= Is it the meaning of that?"

b"1. finally I could decide on my future job. 2. Finally I could decide my future job. -------------------- Are both grammatical? Do we have to use 'on'? Which one is commonly used?"

b"1. When everyting is ready, bring it to her bedroom carefully. 2. When everyting is ready, take it to her bedroom carefully. ----------------- Do we have to use 'bring' or 'take' in the sentence? Are both OK?"

b"Give yoiur mother the day off on Mother's Day. Let your mother sleep in. --------------------- In the last sentence, what is the meaning of 'sleep in'?"

b'1. Even if the sun were to rise in the west, I would never change my mind. 2. Even though the sun were to rise in the west, I would never change my mind. 3. Even if the sun were to rise in the west, I will never change my mind. 4. Even if the sun were to rise in the west, I ...'

b'1. Tired, he went to bed earlier. 2. Being tired, he went to bed earlier. 3. As he was tired, he went to bed earlier. Are they all grammatical? 4. As it was sunny, we went on a picnic. 5. It being sunny, we went on a picnic. 6. It sunny, we went on a picnic. Are the three ...'

b"Give your mom a day off. ------------------------- In this sentence,is 'a day off' a noun phrase? Or is 'a day off' is made up of an article, a noun and an adverb?"

b"I need my sentence to be past tense third person. I know my main verb 'caused' is past tense, but the 'prime acting citizens' phrase is confusing me since 'acting' ends in 'ing', which is not past tense. Do I need to change it to make it past tense? Rules caused stress upon ..."

b"How does Hamlin Garland's The Return of a Private exemplify the characteristics of regionalism?"

b'How would you form a superlative for the adverb widely? A. Add the word less B. Add the word most C. Remove the \xc2\x93ly\xc2\x94 D. Add the suffix \xc2\x93est\xc2\x94'

b"Is this a good thesis statement? Europe's forests affect economic activity and the housing industry."

b"Thoreau included the following sentence in Walden: There is some of the same fitness in a man's building his own house that there is in a bird's building its own nest. Which of the following statements rephrases his literal comparison as a metaphor? A. A man building his ..."

b'please find the error: 1. To whom is this wallet that was found in the room yesterday? 2. A man with five children have a large family to support. thanks... :'


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