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b'Astronomers Ferraro and Newman study the speed of the stars circling the galactic center of the galaxy. Identify the appositive or appositive phrase. galaxy Astronomers the galactic center Ferraro and Newman'

b'My aspiration to become a famous astronomer propels me to exceed in all of my classes. Identify the appositive or appositive phrase. - to exceed - aspiration - to become a famous astronomer - classes I am thinking its B. but not 100percent sure...'

b'Which sentence correctly punctuates a nonessential appositive phrase? A. Aries, one of thirteen constellations in the Zodiac, contains four stars. B. Aries one of thirteen constellations in the Zodiac contains four stars. C.Aries, one of thirteen constellations, in the Zodiac ...'

b'Some examples of tricky plurals include a.changing to y to it and adding -es in nouns that end in y after a consonant, as in city/cities. b.changing f or fe to a v and adding -es to most singular common nouns that end in f or fe, as seen in life/lives. c.making compound nouns ...'

b'All of the following common nouns except a.emotion b.leader. c.tablet. d.Kindle. I am think D. Singular or plural nouns a.refer to whether a noun is singular or plural. b.can usually be changed in number by adding or deleting -s or-es. c.sometimes use the same form or both ...'

b'Hang Ideas They are tramps vagabonds knocking at the back door of your mind each taking a little of your substance each carrying away some crumb of that belief in a few simple notions you must cling to if you want to lovie decently and would like to die easy What is the ...'

b'Ideas are great arrows but there has to be a bow What is the meaning of this quote Answer : Ideas can only be shot forward by being focused and aiming towards them?'

b'What are the answers for chapter 9? Final Check: Money Problems'

b'Hang Ideas They are tramps vagabonds knocking at the back door of your mind each taking a little of your substance each carrying away some crumb of that belief in a few simple notions you must cling to if you want to lovie decently and would like to die easy Metaphor or ...'

b'Men can intoxicate themselevs with ideas as effectually as with alcool SImile or metaphor Answer : Simile What are they comparing Answer : Comparing men and alcohol'

b'Ideas are great arrows but there has to be a bow Is this a metaphor or simile? Answer : metaphor What are they comparing? Answer : They are comparing ideas to arrows'

b'New ideas are for the most part like bad sixpences and we spend our lives trying to pass them off on one another What is this quote trying to say Answer : we spend our time on new ideas like we spend sixpences?'

b"Need to do a presentation on adverbs what the device does, what it's used for, explain how writers can use this for effect, the impact it can create, provide examples in action and explain how it's being used and the effect it is having"

b'An interview is an __________ in which one-on-one or small group question-and-answer sessions are conducted. secondary source unreliable source serious source primary source'

b'I want people to know that she was a great teacher who loved her family and her country. She had the courage to speak out and do something about the injustice. She worked hard to pass redress. When a group of people feel they have been treated unfairly by the government, the ...'

b'What is the difference between explicit and inferred details? A.There is no difference between the two terms. B.Explicit details are implied by the text. C.The reader implies information, while the text infers it. D.The reader infers details that are implied by the text.'

b'1. Sensory language is also known as __________. syntax broadsides imagery irony 2.Which excerpt taken from the poem \xc2\x93Birmingham Sunday\xc2\x94 by Richard Farina is an example of sensory language? A.\xc2\x93clouds they were grey\xc2\x94 B.\xc2\x93She asked for a blessing C.\xc2\x93Her prayers and ...'

b'Sensory language is also known as __________. syntax broadsides imagery irony'

b'Which is an example of simile? A.\xc2\x93clouds they were grey\xc2\x94 B. \xc2\x93how many black berries grew in the Blue Sea\xc2\x94 C.\xc2\x93the number her killers had given was four\xc2\x94 D.\xc2\x93blood ran like wine\xc2\x94 HELP ME PLEASE AND CAN YOU EXPLAIN'

b'Is this a good way to describe silence outside the school gates? silence arose at the school gates. Every so often cars pass by disturbing the peace. The sound that was made was the part time teachers escaping before the chaos and the sound of the wind, whispering rumours. it ...'

b'How would you describe silence outside the school gates, before the school is about to finish?'

b'I am writing a description of a school bus stop on a rainy day I am at the part of describing the bus. How would I describe the sound of the typres screeching using metaphors or personification? also How can I describe the condition of the bus to be negative?'

b'Question: How long did your family spend in an internment camp? Answer: We were sent from Florin, California, to a temporary facility at the Fresno County fairgrounds for 6 months beginning in May of 1942. From there our family along with others from California were sent to ...'

b'How do you identify the speaker\xc2\x92s purpose? A.by listening to the third line of each speaker\xc2\x92s speech B.by evaluating each speaker\xc2\x92s questions and responses C.by asking a teacher or peer to identify the purpose for you D.by determining the speaker\xc2\x92s syntax and diction I...'

b"We are debating this sentence. Although some items are not for the body but for the soul. I say a fragment. It just doesn't sound complete to me."

b'How would you describe the smell of rain?'

b"12. Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics? A. The sauce tasted bitterly, and I couldn't swallow it. B. I feel goodly now that I'm over the flu. C. He spoke sharply to his sister. D. Joe looked sad at his broken bike. C? The italicized words are..."

b'The falcon of death was a creature they knew, And the choirs kept singing of Freedom, Which type of figurative language does the bolded part of the stanza use? simile personification imagery metaphor'

b'Which ballad convention does Dudley Randall use in \xc2\x93Ballad of Birmingham\xc2\x94? using an innocent questioner and a wise respondent using a celebration to emphasize values using a song to discuss fate using prose instead of verse format'

b'10. What is the indirect object in the following sentence? For her birthday, Jody bought Alice an angora sweater. A. Jody B. Alice C. Birthday D. Sweater B?'

b'That cold autumn morning no eyes saw the sun, Which literary technique does this line use? metaphor imagery simile personification I was thinking imagery'

b'The physician discussed problems faced by everyone, and the response was positive. This is a compound sentence I would think no comma is necessary.'

b'Here is another poem that uses personification to help define the theme. Answer the questions that follow using all you know about poetic devices. The heart asks pleasure first, And then, excuse from pain; And then, those little anodynes a medicine that relieves pain That ...'

b'Second guessing myself again, Cigarette advertising has been banned from television, it does, however, appear in printed material. Has to be a comma splice sentence to me am I right?'

b"3. Which of the following sentences does not properly use a subordinating conjunction? A. As the man said, what comes around goes around. B. He acts like he's going to cry. C. You stay put unless I call for you. D. I will refuse his demands because they are outrageous. B or A?"

b'I need to buy some new clothes for the summer. to buy some new clothes to buy is asking what new clothes. I am saying an adverb again'

b'I am learning I hope. The tortoise ran slowly and steadily to win the race. to win the race tells why so it is an adverb Correct?'

b"1. He knows it's hard to stop junk food. 2. He knows it's hard to stop eating junk food. Are both grammatical?"

b'PRINT AND BRING THIS COUPON IN Spend 20 or more, you get 20percent off 10/16/2010 only -------------------------- This is a part of an advertisement on the Internet. The expressions above is in a dotted box line. On the top in the middle of the dotted line, there is a scissor.What...'

b'Finally, I woke up, one day my life began to change. I am going to say this is a Comma splice sentence. This part of grammar I do not like, LOL'

b'Why do you save money? 1. I save money to buy a fancy bike. 2. I save money to buy the MS Office program. 3. I save money to buy a Samsung galaxy 5. 4. I save money to please my parents, for they like me to save money. 5. I save money to buy a new coat. 6. I save money to ...'

b'Why do you study English? 1. I study English to chat with foreigners. 2. I study English to get 100 points on the English test in the final exam. 3. I study English to read technical English books. 4.I study English to enter Cambridge University in the future. Would you check...'

b'Why might the author have chosen to organize Forest Fireby Anais Non in chronological order? A. She wanted to create the same suspense for readers as she felt at the time. B. She wanted readers to understand the causes of the fire. C. She was afraid that she would leave out ...'

b'The song lyrics say that we live to worship the Lord. to worship the Lord is the infinitive phrase I say an adverb because it is how we live'

b'Many people want to travel around the world. To travel functions as a noun because it is the direct object of the verb wants. Am I right?'

b'To return your items, you must have a receipt. To return your items is the infinitive phrase I am saying used as a noun am i right?'

b'To return your items, you must have a receipt. We are studying infinitives. I need to by some new clothes for the summer. I know to buy is the infinitive and to but some new clothes is a phrase but i am lost as to say what part of speech. is it an adverb describing need'

b'plss help what is the point of the story of the moro epic parang sabir plssss answer thank you'

b'Ok, I got my final exam in hand. Nine pages. Think I can whip this one, but he put my weakest point in test. 4 pages of nothing but the complex, compound complex, simple and compound sentences. Have pulled out my print outs from chompchomp. I will do this My professor has not...'

b'Can a gerund come at the end of a phrase? Like When you reach the crossing, try to avoid stepping on the stones in the pathway. I am thinking crossing is a gerund in the phrase. Stepping used as a verb.'


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