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b'What is 4/7 in words?'

b'A rectangular garden is 6m by 8m.if you walk 3times around the garden how many meters will you have covered'

b'Rhonda bakes p pies Mary bakes 3p pies If together they bake 20 pies, how many pies does Mary bake'

b'At a book fair; three books and two magazines cost 7. Two books and five magazines cost 6.50. Find the cost of a book and the cost of a magazine.'

b'Hannah and Her Three Brothers equally split the cost of a 379 gift for their parents how much did each sibling pay?'

b'The answer to the homework problem is greater than -5. Which rational number must be the number in the second circle?'

b"Convert e^{-pi i} to rectangular form. Not sure how to start this problem, should I use Euler's formula? Can anyone help provide the steps please? Thanks"

b'There are 37 people attending the Ruiz family reunion, and they want to split the cost of the present for the grandparents. If the gift costs 464.72, how much should each person contribute?'

b'Order the numbers from least to greatest: 3/25,0.41,10percent'

b'There are 37 people attending the Ruiz family reunion, and they want to split the cost of the present for the grandparents. If the the gift costs 464.72, how much should each person contribute? do I just divide the two numbers?'

b'There are 36 carpenters an a Crew. On a certain Day ,26 where present. What percent showed up for work? round to the nearest tenth'

b"Help I can't understand or find out the answer, I tried but I keep getting lost George rides a cab to work 3 days a week. He pays 3.50 for the cab to pick him up. He pays an additional fee for each mile driven. In one week, George paid 35.25. If he rides 11 miles each day..."

b'There are 15 bits and 12 girls in ms.smiths class.What is the ratio of girls to boys written as a fraction in simplest form'

b'In a triangle ABC,AB=5cm,BC=12cm,angle ABC=90\xc2\xb0calculate 1the length of AC. 2the area of the triangle 3the length of the perpendicular from B to AC'

b'How do I find the answer to 234 divided by 89 add 53 x 72'

b"Can you please help me I solved it, but I'm not sure if I'm right. ------------------------------ Paulo pays 45.99 per month for unlimited calls, with additional charges for text messages. His bill for 4 months is 207.96. If he sends 100 texts each month, how much is he ..."

b'maggie has 20 ribbons. Of them, 2/5 are polka dotted ribbons. How many ribs are not polka-dotted?'

b'Two part problem that need help with. 1. Jill arranged her baseball cards in 4 rows of 9 cards. Then she arranged them in 2 rows of 18 cards. How many other ways can Jill arrange her cards in equal rows? 2. Sam has fewer baseball cards than Jill. There are only three ways that...'

b'How do you find a percent of decrease for a car that costs 16,000 and 2 years later it was worth 12,000?'

b'Hoshi walks10 meters in 3 seconds.what is her rate.'

b"Four hours after the start of a 600 mile auto race, a driver's velocity is 150 miles per hour as she completes the 352nd lap on a 1.5 mile track a find the drivers average velocity during the first four hours of the race. b let fx represent the distance traveled in miles..."

b'What is the equation of the line that passes through the points ?2, 1 and 1, 10? 3x ? y = ?7 3x ? y = ?5 3x ? y = 5 x add 3y = ?5'

b'The average 3rd grade student can read 60 words I 5 minutes. What is the average reading per rate? Write an expressionto represent the problem. Solve the problem'

b'How long will it take to fill 6 similar tanks completely with water? Give your answer in hours and minutes'

b'A Marathon runner runs 10 1/2 miles in 2 hrs. What is her rate? Write an expression to represent the problem. Solve the problem.'

b'An extension laddder is to be placed against a house so that it reaches 1 ft above the edge of the roof, which is 23.5 ft high. The ladder makes an angle of 70 degrees with the ground. How long must the ladder be? How far is the distance from the house to the base of the ladder?'

b'Which value could be the length of the missing side of the triangle? the side of the triangle has 5, the bottom has a 12 and the top has a X PLZ I NEED HELP FAST'

b'1.Find the mesure of

b'Which value could be the length of the missing side of the triangle? the side of the triangle has 5, the bottom has a 12 and the top has a X'

b"1. Which expression is equivalent to -2aadd6? A. -2aadd6 B. 2aadd12 C. -2a-12*** D. -2aadd12 2. To which sets of real numbers does the number -22 belong? Choose all subsets that apply. There's two right answers Whole Numbers Rational Numbers*** Integers*** Irrational Numbers ..."

b'The radius of a 12 inch right circular cylinder is measured to be 4 inches, but with a possible error of \xc2\xb10.2 inch. What is the resulting possible error in the volume of the cylinder? Include units in your answer.'

b'Problem Page Brian rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of 15.99 , and there was an additional charge of 93 cents for each mile driven. Brian had to pay 259.65 when he returned the truck. For how many miles did he drive the truck?'

b'1. In the middle of the page, draw two vertical lines an inch long, an inch apart, and that are parallel to each other. 2. About a half inch below the lines, draw a half-inch horizontal line that is centered between the lines. 3. Draw a line from the bottom of the left ...'

b'Mr. Choi earns 600 for a 40-hour week. If he earns time and half for overtime, what is his hourly overtime wage?'

b'Need help with lession 12 unit 7 find three solutions of the equation y = 9x -4'

b'A number X is 3 times greater than the number Y, and Y is 3 times greater than Z. If the sum of Y and Z is equal to 50, what is the value of X? Please show working out, thanks.'

b'home / study / math / other math / questions and answers / the following tabulation gives earnings per share ... Question: The following tabulation gives earnings per share ... The following tabulation gives earnings per share figures for theFoust Company during the preceding ...'

b'if angle pqr=1 1/2 right angles find the reflex angle pqr'

b'Apply the 57-degree counterclockwise rotation about the origin to the vectors [1, 0] and [0,1], then use the image vectors written as columns to form the coe cient matrix M for the rotation. Test M by calculating the products M[1] [0] and M[0] [1 ]. Where does this rotation ...'

b'Use the vector form of the Law of Cosines to show that |u add v|^2 ? |u| add |v|^2 holds for any vectors u and v. What does this prove?'

b'What two numbers multiply to get 5.5'

b'A teacher from Anderson Middle School printed k nametags in preparation for the science fair. Half of the nametags were given out to students and 100 nametags were given out to parents. Three-fifths of the remaining nametags were given out to teachers and contests judges. How ...'

b'Angelica ran in a half-marathon. The length of the race was 21.1 km. She ran 1700 m in the first 10 min of the race. In each 10-min interval after the first one, her distance decreased by 4percent. How far did she run in the tenth 10-min interval?'

b'Write an algebraic expression for the quotient of 100 and the sum of b and 24'

b'Please help me teacher -114 / add19 / -3 Thank you'

b'Convert equation from quadratic form to vertex form, y= ax-h^2 addk, by completing the square. y= -.25x^2add5.5x-5.25'

b'A pole is painted 1/3 part red 1/5 part green rest 14 m yellow find total length of pole'

b'In a survey, 175 consumers were asked about their buying preferences concerning a product that is sold in the market under three labels. The results were as follows. 14 buy only those sold under label A. 25 buy only those sold under label B. 28 buy only those sold under label ...'

b'Eleven graduate students have applied for two available teaching assistantships. In how many ways can these assistantships be awarded among the applicants if a No preference is given to any one student? c The group of applicants includes seven men and four women and it is ...'

b'In how many different ways can a panel of 12 jurors and 2 alternates be chosen from a group of 15 prospective jurors?'


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