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b'The topic sentence of a body paragraph provides a thesis link by ________. A. revising the thesis to fit the body paragraph B. introducing the thesis of the essay C. mentioning the general subject of the essay D. providing an example that underscores the thesis'

b'If a thesis statement lists multiple supporting points, topic sentences ________. A. are not used B. follow the same order C. do not offer direction D. only address the first point'

b'for what integral values of K can the trinomial x^2 add kx add12 be factored? my English is limited, I not sure what the question is asking, can everyone help me? Thank You'

b'Choose the correct sentence pattern for the sentence below. There is good reason to be thankful. E-V-S S-V-DO-OC S-LV-PA S-V-DO S-V-IO-DO S-V S-LV-PN Question pattern'

b'Well, son, I\xc2\x92ll tell you: Life for me ain\xc2\x92t been no crystal stair. It\xc2\x92s had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor\xc2\x97 Bare. But all the time I\xc2\x92se been a-climbin\xc2\x92 on, And reachin\xc2\x92 landin\xc2\x92s, And turnin\xc2\x92 corners, And...'

b"In Why, You Reckon? what argument does the other man use to convince the narrator to team up with him? What lesson do you think the narrator learned by the end of the evening? I have part of the answer but I don't now how to put it in ACE format."

b'1.Is the group of words a simple sentence, a compound sentence, a run-on sentence, or a sentence fragment? Her computer has new software, it runs much faster now. A. run-on sentence B. sentence fragment** C. compound sentence D. simple sentence 2.Is the group of words a simple...'

b'1.Is the underlined verb transitive or intransitive? The pilot STEERED the helicopter toward the harbor. **Transitive 2.Is the underlined verb transitive or intransitive? Far beneath the surface, the octopus SQUIRTED its ink at a predator. **Intransitive 3.Which sentence has a...'

b'In these lines from concrete mixers which context word provides a synonym for urban concrete mixers are urban elephants, Their trunks are raising a city aConcrete bElephants ******THIS ONE**** craising dcity'

b'What chapter is when dracula attacks Lucy Westerna'

b'in a dream within a dream which phrase is a context clue to the meaning of grasp? While I weep--while I weep/O God Can I not grasp/Them with a tighter clasp? a While I weep bO God Can I not c with a tighter clasp dcan I not grasp them My answer is B Another one from A ...'

b'How should i start a crime and crime scene analysis about dracula?'

b'How does Kurt Vonnegut address the concept of equality differently in \xc2\x93Harrison Bergeron\xc2\x94 than Martin Luther King Jr. does in \xc2\x93Letter from Birmingham Jail\xc2\x94? What relationship does Vonnegut\xc2\x92s story show between equality and personal freedom/individual achievement? ...'

b'Let X be a number. Translate the English phrase or sentence into a mathematical expression. Then evaluate the expression for X =8. The expression is ?'

b'In \xc2\x93Harrison Bergeron,\xc2\x94 Kurt Vonnegut\xc2\x92s purpose is to show readers Points : 5 the danger of letting extremely strong people have freedom. the value of keeping all people at the same level of potential and achievement. the ugliness of violent revolt in the face of ...'

b'I need an Acrostic poem for the word Exponent'

b'please help me to prepare for asl topic monuments'

b"Can someone explain to me how was life back in.. **below** describe some ways how they were good and or bad. I don't even know the time era, and what I mean by that is like.. medieval times etc. 1340's 1640's 1990's Thank you."

b'that the Armatix smart gun would not trigger the law Is that a device? Maybe personification?'

b'1.How do the male characters treat, or talk about the female characters? 2.If the female characters had a power what kind will it be? Economical, Psychological, Social, Political , etc and Why? 3. Dimmesdale punishes himself because he wants redemption. I find what he is doing...'

b'What is the warrant in this article? BOULDER, Colo. \xc2\x97 JUST after Christmas, Veronica Rutledge of Blackfoot, Idaho, took her 2-year-old son to a Walmart store to spend holiday gift cards. As they strolled by the electronics section, according to news reports, the toddler ...'

b'Behaviours of dracula'

b'What is the claim, warrant, and grounds in this article? Smart Guns Save Lives. So Where Are They? BOULDER, Colo. \xc2\x97 JUST after Christmas, Veronica Rutledge of Blackfoot, Idaho, took her 2-year-old son to a Walmart store to spend holiday gift cards. As they strolled by the ...'

b'What are some behaviours of Dracula? i have two so far: appears during the night leaves two punctures on his victims neck'

b'if dracula is sucking the blood of his vistcms, would it be called homicide or what??'

b'How should i start to write a victimology about dracula'

b'how is young love by andrew marvell and of holiness of life by john bunyan, both the same in politcal, poetic and thematic sense? thank you'

b'The racehorse Boundless was not only fast but also a beauty.'

b'Is endurance a physical challenge'

b'my hands constitute my career. when i was young, i practiced for hours to master the great composers. I decided long ago that tickling the ivories would be the key to my success. Who am I? Please help I came up with piano but im not sure...'

b'Is drawing considered a physical challenge'

b"i need one sigh of discrimination here's my work The most obvious form of discrimination is skin color. Crooks is segregated in view of his skin shade. \xc2\x93They play cards in there, but I can't play because I'm black. They say I stink.\xc2\x94pg. 34 This quote shows how the young ..."

b'To write well is to.'

b'What are some behaviours of Dracula'

b'In a survey of a TriDelt chapter with 50 members, 21 were taking mathematics, 32 were taking English, and 7 were taking both. How many were not taking either of these subjects?'

b"what's the meaning of 1. i've grown certain that the root of all fear is that we've been forced to deny who we are"

b'what does this quote mean: never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups please help'

b'I have to name some physical challenges. Would aiming be considered a physical challenge'

b"Which word correctly completes the sentence? __________ time for us to leave the library. A. Its B. It's** C. Its's __________ is going to the museum with you? A. Whom** B. Who __________ is coming along on the trip to the beach? A. Whom B. Who** Which interrogative pronoun ..."

b"I am making a Wanted Poster of Dracula and i don't know what statement to put about him below the picture of him. i was thinking like: Evil Count and Blood Thristy"

b'How is the underlined pronoun used in the sentence? The last people in the restaurant are they. A. subject B. object of preposition C. predicate nominative D. indirect object**'

b'How is the underlined pronoun used in the sentence? Grandma and WE eat dinner together every Monday. A. possessive B. subject C. direct object D. predicate nominative**'

b'1. How is the underlined pronoun used in the sentence? Whom should Charlotte call before making a decision? A.* indirect object B. possessive C. direct object D. subject'

b'What tells you that the speaker is using stream of consciousness in the passage from Pedro Paramos? A. the speaker\xc2\x92s recollection about sleeping with her mother B. the uncertainty about the speaker\xc2\x92s actual situation C. the speaker\xc2\x92s concern that she didn\xc2\x92t show ...'

b"Why does the speaker of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage admire the ocean? A. The ocean is beautiful and its sounds are soothing. B. Many people depend on fish from the ocean for food. C. The ocean is unchanged by human activities. D. The ocean provides a way to travel to faraway ..."

b'In what way does third section of \xc2\x93In Memory of W. B. Yeats\xc2\x94 reflect the tension of the decade in which it was written? A. The poem describes writers with strong political beliefs. B. The section describes the era in which a famous poet died. C. The section describes the ...'

b'Which phrase from \xc2\x93The Rime of the Ancient Mariner\xc2\x94 contains alliteration? A. \xc2\x93The western wave was \xc2\x85\xc2\x94 B. \xc2\x93Had I from old \xc2\x85\xc2\x94 C. \xc2\x93And some in dreams \xc2\x85\xc2\x94 D. \xc2\x93A spring of love gushed \xc2\x85\xc2\x94'

b"Which word best summarizes Brooke's tone in \xc2\x93The Soldier\xc2\x94? A. guarded B. determined C. uncertain D. idealistic"

b"How is human joy different from the skylark's joy in \xc2\x93To a Skylark\xc2\x94? A. Human joy is not heard by others. B. A skylark has joy only when flying. C. A skylark's joy is based on unlimited freedom. D. Human joy is always touched by sorrow."

b"What is the exposition in the book Poseidon's arrow?"


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