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b'Hi I need help creating an small English sentence response.This is what I wrote please help I feel terribly sorry for all the library books out there. They are in such disrepair..Carelessly drawn upon and torn heartlessly. No one has even considered repairing it. Honestly......'

b'which seven counteries are located in central america?'

b'which river flows into the gulf of mexico?'

b'which twoo counteries are farthest south?'

b'some times the number of electors for a particular states change what can be the cause for that change?'

b'Read the following passage from the Odyssey: Tell me, where was it, now, you left your ship\xc2\x97 around the point, or down the shore, I wonder?\xc2\x92 He thought he\xc2\x92d find out, but I saw through this, and answered with ready lie: Poseidon Lord, who sets the earth a-tremble, broke ...'

b'BLM Wild Horses Joining the Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard on June 3 in Carson City, NV 1 A special tradition, almost two decades old, between the Bureau of Land Management BLM and the U.S. Marine Corps, will be renewed in Carson City on Saturday, June 3, 2006, as a new ...'

b'The first X games featured biking and skateboarding.'

b'exceptional uses of articles'

b'Is the following sentence correct? if if the pronoun is incorrect underline the pronoun error and write the correct pronoun. In the morning, my brother Kele is usually more alert than me.'

b'This is Engish 8th grade: So in my book titled The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, the bird sits on the bust of Athena the goddess but my homework is asking my why Poe choose Athena and not another god or goddess and how does she go with the story... Please help thank you'

b"1. The big boy picks on me at school. 2. The big boy harasses me at school. ---------------- Q1: Are both the same in meaning? Q2: What are the parts of speech of both 'picks' and 'on'? Q3:picks on 1 an intransitive verb add a preposition? 2 a transitive verb add an adverb? Q4:..."

b"It's about MLk I Have A Dream speech. Why does King use the rhetorical technique of parallel structure in his speech? Ato show that he is aware of the time that has passed Bto show that others are not aware of the time that has passed Cto show that two or more ideas have ..."

b"In a sense we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was..."

b'1. Which of the following uses a pronoun in the possessive case? A. Ask Sarah to pass the chips to me. B. Check for my signature on the front page. C. He went to the park to find the dog. D. The winner of the contest was she. I think 1. is B. 2. Revise the following sentence ...'

b'in which hobby would you most likely know about the word pollen? A.Fencing B.knitting C.gardening D.bowling'

b'Which of the following sentences uses a pronoun in the possessive case? a Ask Sarah to pass the chips to me b Check for my signature on the front page c. He went to the park to find the dog d The winner of the contest was she I have C?'

b'Which phrase from the lines helped you identify the correct answer to the previous question? A.The sun B.a spark C.Hung thin D.and dark I think its B'

b'revise the following sentence so it uses a pronoun in the objective case I took the book from Ian. a. Ian handed the book to me b. He handed the book over c. I took his book d. We exchanged books'

b'Which of the following sentences uses a pronoun in the possessive case? a Ask Sarah to pass the chips to me b Check for my signature on the front page c He went to the park to find the dog d The winner of the contest was she A?'

b'Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. We they us themselves'

b'Which is the best paraphrase of these lines from New York? eagles/ hie and/ hover/ above/ the plain a. Eagles hurry and hang above the flatland b. Eagles hang in midair and wave their wings c. Eagles race and rush in an ugly way d. Eagles soar and swoop in a simple, everyday...'

b'In January what does the speaker mean by the image in the following lines? The sun a spark Hung thin between The dark and dark. a. The sun barely shows behind the dark clouds b. The sun sends off thin sparks in the night c. The sun appears for only a short time between the ...'

b'Making a poem about the word problem'

b"Lots of my friends think that Prince's music is old, but I think it's not only excellent but also an innovation."

b'Chapter 23 and. 24 1. Within the church, it had hardly been kept down; beneath the sky, it pealed upward to the zenith is an example of a. Cumulative sentence B. Understatement C.oxymoron D balanced sentence E.paradox 2. What is the function of the words though doubtless...'

b"If you tell them about your worries, they will do the worrying for you while you sleep. ============== What is the part of speech of 'worrying'? Is 'worrying' a noun or a gerund?"

b"Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 10:03pm. Is he doing well in class? 1. - No, he isn't. You see, he can't read or write. 2. - No, he isn't. You know, he can't read or write. ----------------------- Are both the same? Which one is commonly used, 'You see' or 'You ..."

b'During the storm, Jenna hid in her basement'

b'What is the difference between the denotative and connotative meaning of a word?'

b'Vehicle backover injuries and deaths occur when someone, without a driver\xc2\x92s knowledge or awareness, is positioned behind a vehicle as the driver is backing out of a driveway or other parking spot. Most victims of backovers are the elderly and children. 2 To add to the ...'

b'The racehorse Boundless was not only fast but also beautiful.'

b'Which of the following is NOT true of an in-text citation? A basic in-text citation consists of the source author\xc2\x92s last name and page to show the source of the direct quote The page number has the word \xc2\x93page\xc2\x94 or \xc2\x93p.\xc2\x94 before it. The in-text citation information is ...'

b'In a class of students, 80 spoke English, 110 spoke spanish, 100 spoke french, 50 spoke english spanish, 30 spoke english french, 20 spoke french spanish, 10 spoke english frnech, but no spanish. How many spoke spanish french, but not english? The answer is 0. I was ...'

b'Chapter 24 Scarlet letter Please tell me if these are correct or not The narrator characterizes Chillingworth by means of A. An allegory B.A Simile C.An allusion D.A metaphor E. An Anecdote I say D The narrator implies that the difference between hatred and love is primarily ...'

b'What is the English word for this device on which a smartphone can be put so that people can watch videos on the phone?'

b"* move as in: his speech moved many people in the conference. 1.to know how others feel and why feel that way 2. to cause somebody to have strong feelings, especially of sympathy or sadness from a dictionary ------------------------ I found the definition of the verb 'move' ..."

b"move-to know how others feel and why feel that way ---------------- Is the definition of move to know....? Is the definition grammatical? eg. His speech moved people in the hall. English - Writeacher, Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 12:31am No, in that sentence, the word '..."

b"Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 7:45pm. 1. I wish I were good at ja dance. 2. I wish I were good at ja dances. ------------- Which on is grammatical? English - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 7:48pm Sorry -- but I don't know what ja dance or dances ..."

b"Hello, I don't know where else to post the question but since this website has many teachers helping students and probably the appropriate place to ask. ----------------------------------------?- So today I was just thinking about the past in my life and one thing came ..."

b'8 Sentences, packed with descriptions, details, and examples. A verbal video of your room. i am trying to write about my daughters room. need help. my daughters room has a wide closet filled with clothes. frozen pink carpet in front of her white bed. medium oak brown wooded ...'

b'how does imagery help build the theme ,words can be powerful, in A Barred Owl?'

b'Can you check my answers to see if they are right and if not, help me on it? These questions begin with the paragraph starting with Now was heard again the clangor of music .... 1. In the first two paragraphs, the narrator conveys his mood of the market-place by means of all...'

b'hi, i am not good at english literature at all, i want a 5 pages story on micheal faryn novel spies. it is about details on how life was for civilians at time of world war 2. assingment should include information on rationing evacation blackoutand gas masks. it should be in ...'

b"I revised this memo to approve the you-attitude. Can someone tell me if I did it correctly? If I didn't what did I do wrong. I worked on this for 3 hours Subject: Status of Building Renovations We are happy to announce that the renovation of the lobby is not behind schedule. ..."

b'Tomochichi\xc2\x92s trip to England with James Oglethorpe was important because A the English wanted to meet Oglethorpe\xc2\x92s Native American friends. B it showed the goodwill between the Native Americans and the English. C Oglethorpe wanted Native Americans to act and to talk ...'

b"The Spanish, French, and English all explored America and left a lasting mark on the New World?s development. Compare and contrast the colonization methods used by each. Be sure to discuss the goals, characteristics, and lasting effects of each power's methods"

b'move-to know how others feel and why feel that way ---------------- Is the definition of move to know....? Is the definition grammatical? eg. His speech moved people in the hall.'

b'I need to make sure these has the correct punctuation. Ive already done them, i just want to be positive 1.Kenneth scored the winning touchdown, and he was crowned Homecoming King. 2. Eggs and bacon make a good protein-based breakfast so you don\xc2\x92t get hungry. 3. Despite ...'

b'Why did the first English settlers come to America? A. to find gold B. to become fur traders C. to start new life D. to become missionaries I need help :-'


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