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b'Thermal wanted to make a dessert for her family. The recipe made 8 servings, but she only wanted to make enough for 5people. If the recipe for 8servings called for 2 cups of flour, how much flour would she need for 5 servings?'

b'In a proportional relationship, why must the graph of the line always go through the origin 0,0?'

b'Hi guys I am desperately in need of help. I really need to do good on this test but I am uncertain if I am doing this portion correctly. Can someone check my work? 11. Which inequality matches the graph? The dot on the graph is at 1 and the arrow is pointing that way <...'

b'On a test I was given 2 triangles. One triangle gave measurements of all three sides as 2, 4, and 5. The next triangle had sides given 4 and 8 and it asked what the third side should be if the triangles were perpendicular. How would I solve this? Do I find the perimeter of ...'

b"I'm confused about a question on a math test. The question is: Which statement is a true statement? The answer choices are: A. All rectangles are squares B. All squares are rectangles C. Every rhombus is a rectangle D. Every rectangle is a rhombus. I really need help. Thanks"

b'samina spends three-fourth of her pocket money to buy chocolates and the rest to purchase chewing gum. find the ratio of amount spent on chocolates to that spent on chewing gum'

b'What is the difference between class limits and class boundaries? A Class limits are the numbers that separate classes without forming gaps between them. Class boundaries are the least and greatest numbers that can belong to the class. For integer data, the corresponding ...'

b'My Shopping List 1. Please describe how to find a unit price. * a price for foodstuffs, stated or shown as the cost per unit, as per pound, per kilogram, per dozen, Contemporary definitions for unit price Expand. noun. the cost of a single commodity Unit Prices Please use the...'

b'1. Please describe how to find a unit price. * Your answer And thaks to steve and ms. sue i turned a f into a d need help with portfolio to get higher grade *NOT ASKING TO CHEAT*'


b'Area of rectangle room is 165 sq.m. the length is 4m more than its breath and the perimeter is 52m. Find the length and breadth of the room?'

b'Essential Algebra Readiness Pre-Algebra B Unit 5: Functions Lesson 4: Understanding the Slope'

b'A recipe calls for 3.2 cup of sugar for every 2 teaspoon of vanilla. How much sugar should be used for every 1 teaspoon of vanilla?'

b'given x and y are both functions of t and x^2-2y=5, what is dy/dt?'

b'Newton\xc2\x92s law of cooling states that for a cooling substance with initial temperature T0 T 0 , the temperature Tt T t after t minutes can be modeled by the equation Tt=TsaddT0?Tse?kt T t = T s add T 0 ? T s e ? k t , where Ts T s is the surrounding ...'

b'Six small marbles and four large marbles have a combined weight of 30 g, whilst seven small marbles and two large marbles have a weight of 23 g. Find the weight of a large marble. Can someone help me create the equation? Thanks.'

b'The difference between two numbers is 11 and twice the smaller number, minus four, equals the larger number. Find the two numbers.'

b'300 bees have enough honney supplies to last 9 months. They are joined by 150 bees whose hive has been destroyed by a storm. How long will the honey supplies last now?'

b'A recipe calls for 2.3 cup of sugar for every 2 teaspoon of vanilla. How much sugar should be used for every 1 teaspoon of vanilla?'

b'It takes 15 electricians 24 days to wire a new housing subdivision. How many days would 18 electricians take to do the same job? Thank You for all who answered this question'

b'Students at an elementary school are given a questionnaire that they are required to return after their parents have completed it. One of the questions asked is, Do you find that your work schedule makes it difficult for you to spend time with your kids after school? Of the ...'

b'how much simple interest would you earn for 5 years at 7percent with a beginning principal of 8,000.00'

b'tell me some one a bike was originally 24000 the price was marked 15percent what is the new price of the bike'

b'Previously you found that a 15-degree counterclockwise rotationcenteredat2,1sendsthepoint4,6?toanother point x, y ? 2.638, 6.347. The diagram on the right shows the vector v in the same direction as vector [2,5], only with a di?erent length. Similarly, the ...'

b'Last year Alex earned a monthly payment of 250 and Ben earned a monthly salary of 180. This year each of them received it increase of 25percent. This year how much more did Alex earn in one month than Ben? I do not understand how to solve this please help'


b'Help me Bobpursley is dumb Serge invests 700 at 5.75percent per year, compounded quarterly. When the account is closed, its value will be 950. How long will Serge\xc2\x92s money be invested?'

b'Unit 1 Lesson 5: Drawing Triangles Quiz if some knows what the answers are then please put them down I have been stuck on this quiz for the past 3 days PLEASE HELP MEEE 7th grade'

b'Divide 294 metres of cloth into three lengths in the ratio 2:3:9. How many metres will the longest piece measure?'

b'if I run the 400 meter dash in 14.5 seconds. What is my speed in meters per second'

b'What is a number that is divided by 6 and by 7?'

b'Serge invests 700 at 5.75percent per year, compounded quarterly. When the account is closed, its value will be 950. How long will Serge\xc2\x92s money be invested?'

b'A cake calls for 1/4 lb of butter. How much butter is needed to make 15 such cakes?'

b'Suppose 10 deers are travelling together. if four of them are does and 3 are fawns What fraction represent the number of buck?write another equivalent fraction that represent this number. Does mean Female and Fawns mean Baby. BUCK mean Male'

b'Determine whether the function is symmetric with respect to the y-axis, symmetric with respect to the x-axis, symmetric with respect to the origin, or none of these. y = -6x3 add 7x'

b'Chris had a tin of 24 cookies. He has eaten 1/4 of the cookies. How many cookies has he eaten?'

b'Can the figure below tesselate a plane? Explain your answer. The shape is an arch like a rainbow Thanks will fail math bc this problem why is this happening'

b"Kaya pasted 3 rows of photos on each of 5 pages of her scrapbook. She put 2 photos in each row. How many photos are in Kaya's scrapbook?"

b'in probability math what instances in real life can i apply this lesson? enumerate and discuss three instances'

b'Donnie completed 85percent of his field goal attempts last season. If he attempted 60 field goals, how many did he make?'

b'What is the equation of the line that passes through the points ?2, 1 and 1, 10? 3x ? y = ?7----my answer 3x ? y = ?5 3x ? y = 5 x add 3y = ?5'

b'Start at 5. Create a pattern that multiplies each number by 2. Stop when you have 4 numbers.'

b'Which statement is true for all regular pyramids? A the length of the altitude is equal to the length of the slant height*** B all lateral faces are congruent isosceles triangles C the base and the faces are similar polygons D all edges are equal in lenght'

b'What is the slope of the tangent line to the graph at fx=x^2-5 at the point 2,-1?'

b'A notebook costs 4 times more than a pencil. The pencil is 30gh less than the note book . What is the price of the pencil'

b"For what values of r does the function y = erx satisfy the differential equation y'' ? 6y' add 3y = 0?"

b'-2.4/5 1/3 -2.4/5.333 =-0.45?????'

b'two strips of fabric measure 14 3/4 and 20 7/8 in in length. To form one length, the strips are sewn together using 3/8 in from ea strip to make the seam. What is the final length of the fabric after the two strips are sewn together?'

b'Ryan has a collection of220 baseball cards.helets his bro have 1/4 of his collection sells 20percent of the coll to the baseball card shop. he takes 15 cards to school to give his fireds how many baseball cards remain in ryan coll? 1/4=55 to school=15 70-220=150 205 of 150=30 shop...'

b'Two long roads intersect at P at an angle of 53 degrees. Starting at P cyclist A rides for 16.2 km along one side .Cyclist B rides 18, 9 km to the other side. How far apart they are?'


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