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b'explain how johnny learns? how can he be helped? how can he help others? from the play;outsiders chapter 5'

b'what do the supplies tell you about johny'

b'Which sentence would be correct? a It has been some time since I attended school. b It has been sometime since I attended school. Thank you'

b'Which algebraic equation models the English sentence, a number subtracted from 8 is equal to 4? A. 8 ? x = 4 B. x ? 8 = 4 C. 8 ? 4 = x D. x ? 4 = 8'

b'Which of the following algebraic equations models the English sentence, a number decreased by two is equal to four? A. w add 2 = 4 B. 2 ? w = 4 C. w ? 2 = 4 D. w = 2 ? 4'

b'Composition needs to be three to five paragraph long. It must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Please read. Compare and contrast in the winter and driving in the summmer. Throughout the year, safe driving should always be a top priority. Especially when ...'

b'The difference between the so-called old and new immigrants was: Select one: a. Their reasons for migrating to the United States b. That the native language for the new immigrants was typically English. c. That the new immigrants were from southern and eastern Europe. d. ...'

b'Capitalize correctly... A.In front of the hotel, the American flag and the Canadian flag flew side by side. is this correct - I think it is...'

b'The introduction of your research paper should include A.your thesis and a credible cited source B. an attention-getting statement and your thesis**** C. a description of your argument and how you will prove it. my choice is B 2. Capitalize e sentence correctly A.The Texas ...'

b'It is best to create a working thesis statement before you make your outline. True***** False I think this is true...'

b'can you give some questions to be answered regarding the topic which is infatuation vs. love'

b'Ms. Sue can you tell me which one right. I am confuse. Ms. Writeacher-March 2003. Education globalization and international action.Braslavsky Prospect, 13. Retrieved February 16,2007 Mr. Reed-Braslavsky, March, 2003'

b'I just want to know if i have these correct for in-text citation. January 2005. Globalization: \xc2\x93A portrait of exploitation, inequality, and limits\xc2\x94 Dunklin Prospect, 27. Retrieved January 15, 2008 September 1977. \xc2\x93Body Politics: Power, Sex\xc2\x94 Nancy Non-Verbal ...'

b'Can someone please explain this poem to me and also the literary devices used? Thanks Like This If anyone asks you how the perfect satisfaction of all our sexual wanting will look, lift your face and say, Like this. When someone mentions the gracefulness of the nightsky, ...'

b'Can you please explain what is in-text citation for this-- Braslavsky, C. March 2003. Education, globalization and international action. Prospects, 1-3. Retrieved February 16, 2007,'

b'Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. *Dove, fingerprint, barcode* Conformity which is a form of social influence involving a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group. This further prevents individuals from becoming dreamers that see ...'

b'Thank you Ms.Sue. Do you think a dove, a fingerprint and a barcode would represent this bumper sticker well? any suggestions?'

b'i put to under the verb where does my birthday party go...thank you'

b"I came up with conventionality is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth which one of the 4 ethics would it fit into best? - individualism - Justice view - moral rights - utilitarian i was thinking it was individualism but i'm not sure"

b'how do you diagram can you come to my birthday party'

b"Can you guys think of idea's for a bumper sticker based on ethics Individual, Justice view, moral rights, utilitarian? Thankyou, but my teacher wanted something more along the lines of connecting it to myself but i tried to think of something but i still don't know how i ..."

b"Can you guys think of idea's for a bumper sticker based on ethics Individual, Justice view, moral rights, utilitarian? I need to create a paragraph based on this bumper sticker but I'm having trouble thinking of one."

b'Write a short story about a main character who undergoes a change or learns something. If you feel your creativity is lacking, remember writing about what you know, your own personally experiences or those of your friends and family are easy to turn into an entertaining short ...'

b'please clarify : 1. i am suffering from high fever 2.i am suffering with high fever'

b'I am writing a 10-12 page argumentative paper about the Representation of Women in the Media. I need some ideas and articles. Any help is much appreciated'

b"Is This Parallel? Either you can eat or talk, but you can't do both at the same time."

b'Sorry to ask this question again but what are some examples of realism in A Raisin the Sun in Acts two and three'

b'what is the antonym answer to the puzzle.. -nncntglty -gvtk -nt -ftthn THANKKK YOUUU :'

b'What are the verbals in these sentences and are they gerunds or participles? The dog reacted by racing around the corner, dashing across the kitchen, and skidding to a stop. In the finished commercial, the chuck wagon disappears right through the cabinet door.'

b"Okay, So I didn't post this one because I thought I had it right.. but now im unsure. My school appeared on the news last week because we had made an important change in our community. Our 8th grade class had planted a large garden in what was once only a vacant lot. It was a ..."

b'the outsiders page 63 imagery compare the picture with the situation'

b'A food chain is part of a bigger system called a food web. That web links the living things in an ecosystem. The herbivores in that system depend on the plants. If the plants are removed, the herbivores cannot survive. Then the carnivores, the animals that eat other animals, ...'

b'------------ Words: ABSTAIN AFFILIATE AGNOSTIC ASPIRE BENEVOLENT DEFICIT DISSENT DIVERSION LUCRATIVE MANDATORY ----------------------------------------?----------------------- 1-2. My uncle decided to splurge and _____ with a country club because golf is'

b'How do \xc2\xb0? write a reflective essay about \xc2\xb0? am can you please how mean 350-400 words'

b'Which one of the following words has more then four syilables'

b'Essay: Honor Introduction/Topic sentence: Courage, strength, and dignity is a very hard goal to achieve and to accomplish in ones life. Many have not succeeded in such a gift in their life but they took it for granted. How can you fix these two sentences or are they correct as...'

b'define literature'

b'What sentence type is this? Gas prices are very high right now, consumers are looking for cars that get high miles per gallon.'

b'Five sentence paragraph. Preparing for a test should start the first day in class this includes paying attention in class,taking good notes,review all assignments on a regular basis. Budget your time make sure you set aside time to study. Ask your teacher to specify the area ...'

b'What is the gerund phrase in these sentences: Waiting took patience, but Silver let the teachers lift a woman named Maria onto his back. Is it waiting took patience? As a result of training with Silver, Maria now lives independently. Now lives independently?'

b'Could someone read my five sentence paragraph. Before I turn it in. Thank u. To prepare to host a party or an event. The first thing I would figure out the date and location. Then I would sat down and figure out a menu,the guest list,entertainment. I would also seek input and ...'

b'Learning is to sail challenging and exhilarating it is also not the easiest thing to do. is this sentence a dangler sentence.'

b"I'm thinking of ideas for my Mr Pip ideas and a theme I came across was lies and lying in the book. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some more examples of lies in the book that I can review. Thanks What I have so far Spoilers: -Mr Watts says that he is Pip..."

b'1 Brenda would have liked to have taken her vacation at the beach. 2 However, the weather forecast on the television called for rain. 3 Also, her fianc\xc3\xa9, Max, wanted to vacation in the mountains. 4 After a heated discussion, Brenda and Max decided to compromise. 5 ...'

b'Contains dialogue is created from the mind of the author. -A.B Written in chronological order, following the author from the beginning of his/her life to the end - A.B? Does not necessarily follow the main character from beginning of his/her life to the end - F Is this ...'

b'Use a cliche in a sentence that you create. the sentence that I created is. My sister and I are so much a like that most people say we are two peas in a pod. Did I do the sentence correctly'

b'Can someone read my eight sentence paragraph. A high school diploma is very important to me. With a high school diploma I can show my children that your never to old to go back to school. Which will set a good example for my children to show them they need to follow their ...'

b'Five sentence paragraph. To make a perfect turkey sandwich you will need, butter knife, turkey, cheese,mayo, lettuce, tomato and two slices of bread. Next, place the mayo evenly on both side of the bread. On one slice of the bread place the cheese,turkey,lettuce,and tomato. ...'

b'Which use of semicolons would be correct? 1 In Asia as well, Chinese noble women led armies, often with great decisiveness and skill; paid tribute to the Emperor; and controlled agriculture within their areas of command. 2 In Asia as well, Chinese noblewomen led armies, ...'

b'Note: My questions are below mostly in brackets and at the very end I have to do an immigration diary assignment and I am to portray a young 12 year old girlany English name suggestions? from a city in Englandwhat is a realistic city during that time? who is migrating to ...'


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