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b"Words: PRONE FLIPPANT PERCEPTION IMPASSE RELENTLESS REPRISAL ----------------------------------------?-------------- The waitresses in our local diner are 5_____ to be funny and not always polite. If a customer says, I'm ready to order now, he may get a 6______ ..."

b'Is this a good thesis statement? Walter Lee Younger faces both external and internal conflicts in the play which are ultimately resolved and can be seen through his clashes with his family, his thoughts and feelings and his decisions.'

b"For school I have to read Pride and Prejudice. My teacher gave us an assignment where we have to find a different literary element every couple of chapters. I have been searching for a while now and can't seem to find anything. It has to be between chapters 44 and 50 and can ..."

b"what is a good thesis statement that I can form out of this prompt for A Raisin In The Sun choose one of the following characters. identify and analyze the character's primary internal conflict and external conflict and how each is resolved . I choose Walter Lee Younger."

b'How is a diary, such as Pepys\xc2\x92s, different from a history such as Bede\xc2\x92s? A. A diary is usually more personal. B. A diary is usually more objective. C. A diary is usually more formal. D. A diary usually lacks historical accuracy. My choice is A'

b'paraphrase paragraph four'

b'Macbeth says that even the numerous, or _____ seas, will not wash off his guilt. A. predominant B. multitudinous C. stealthy D. palpable my choice is B'

b'Which statement most accurately contrasts the ideas of different literary periods? A. Anglo-Saxon literature focuses on free will, whereas Renaissance literature suggests that human beings are controlled by fate. B. Literature of the Middle Ages focuses on science, whereas ...'

b'Which structure is correct? We won at/in that tournament. Are you participating at/in that tournament?'

b"2. Which expression best represents the view a fatalist would have? A. Whatever will be, will be. B. The best is yet to come. C. We are still masters of our fate. D. You don't know what you have until its gone. 3. In which of these lines is the meaning of the word ..."

b'should a person pursue someone who seems not to like them?-with the hope of changing their mind'

b'If you _______ to visit your grandmother, you should go now; visiting hours will be ending soon. A. assert B. retort C. contend D. intend'

b'There are specific dates, this recount spans a long period of time in the narrator\xc2\x92s life, it is in 1st person point of view, and only significant times in this narrator\xc2\x92s life were chosen to be included. These characteristics make this piece a memoir an autobiography a ...'

b"In chapter 18 of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, how is the crew beguiled tricked into believing Captain Jaggery's testimony over Charlotte's?"

b'1. She wants to read the comic book. 2. She wants to read the specific comic book. 3. She wants to read comic books. ========================= Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Does she want to read the comic book in a bookshelf, for esample?'

b'1. Today is April 15th. 2. Today will be sunny and warm. 3. Today will be sunny and warm this afternoon. 4. It is April 15th. 5. It will be sunny and warm this afternoon. ================= Which sentences are incorrect? Are they all grammatical?'

b'1. It takes an hour to get there. 2. It takes an hour so as to get there. 3. It takes an hour so that I can get there. ============= Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b"1. How much is it to take the subway? 2. Answer:________________________. ------------------- Q1: In 1 what does 'it' refer to? Q2: What does 'to take the subway' modify? Is 'to take the subway' a noun phrase or an adverbial phrase? Q3: What is the suitable answer to the ..."

b'1. They are caring. 2. They are friendly. 3. They are kind. 4. They are considerate =================== Are they the same in meaning?'

b"Sorry, but what are some examples of these themes from A Raisin In The Sun. I tried to do some and don't know if they are right. I was also ask to find out what the rhetorical device for the examples of each theme represents. So please help me. 1. Values, ideals, and morals, ..."

b'compare and contrast the two differnt versions of the story of the great chicago fire. how does the format of each passage allow the author to add details and information to support his/her purose?'

b"Define parts of Speech for Jabberwocky I'm on stanza 2 Please check: Bewarev thearticle JabberwockNoun my adj son noun The article jaws n that pronoun bite verb, thearticle claws noun thatpronoun catch verb Bewareverb thearticle Jubjubadj bird ..."

b"Hi- I'm working on Jabberwocky"

b'My class is doing an essay on dracula and I need help with a thesis statement. This is the topic I chose: Issue of Trust Sharing of Knowledge-Is there ever a time when it is better to be kept/keep others in ignorance? How does this connect to the idea of establishing and ...'

b'What is one way that the maori:genealogies and origins in New zealand contrast with the raven and the first men:the beginnings of the haida?'

b'Anne accuses Peter of being insufferable,or A. unfriendly B. depressing C. unbearable D. hurtful Is the answer C?'

b'An example of dramatic irony in The Diary of Anne Frank,Act I is when A. Peter easily removes his Star of David but Anne has difficulty removing it because it is a symbol of her Jewish heritage. B. Anne states she will go to Paris or be a famous dancer and the audience knows ...'

b"Which line of dialogue by Mr. Dussel in The Diary of Anne Frank, Act I shows a growing conflict between him and Anne? A. I always get along very well with children. B. I'm not at my best this morning. C. I spend half my night shushing her. D. Your father spoke of a ..."

b"1. What is Ling-Ling not good at? 2. What isn't Ling-Ling good at? 3. Why don't you like apples? 4. Why do you not like apples? 5. Why can't you solve the problem? 6. Why can you not solve the problem? ------------------ Are they all grammatical? Which expressions are commonly..."

b"Which line of dialogue by Anne in The Diary of Anne Frank, Act I reveals that Anne is struggling to find herself? A. I knew it was the last night in my own bed, and yet I slept soundly. B. I'll take the room in the afternoons. C.You are the most intolerable, insufferable ..."

b'1. I tell great jokes. 1-2. I tell good jokes 2. I make great jokes. 3. I am a good joker. 4. i am a great joker. ----------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Which ones are correct?'

b'1. I dress well. 2. I am a good dresser. ---------------- Q1: Are both the same in meaning? Q2: Can a boy say 1? Q3: Do we have other expressions similar to 1?'

b'Do I need the second comma in this sentence? I said I was puzzled by the dream, but in reality, I believe that dreams mean nothing.'

b"I don't know what rhetorical devices these themes fall under. I know all these are themes but the themes are harder to figure out . 1. The value of dreams can be both a positive and be both a positive and negative influence. 2. It is important for men and women to play ..."

b"What is the moral of \xc2\x93The Wife of Bath's Tale\xc2\x94? A. Men should never let women gain the upper hand. B. The best judges are women because they are compassionate. C. It is best for husbands and wives when women rule the marriage. my choice is c"

b"What does the following statement mean? You can't rearrange the seats on a train"

b"I'm writing a news report about a rocket club sets new launch record. I need ideas on what to write about that heading"

b'Which sentence most clearly exhibits bias? A. The professor\xc2\x92s points appear to be based on outdated research. B. If my argument is true, Blake\xc2\x92s argument is clearly false. C. Few would disagree that poor people are incapable of rational thinking. D. When a major storm is ...'

b'\xc2\x93Nature is bountiful, which is why logging should be strictly regulated.\xc2\x94 Which logical fallacy is illustrated in this sentence? A. Ad hominem B. Non sequitur C. Post hoc ergo propter hoc D. Red herring'

b'Is the Midwest vs South a good compare and compassion essay'

b'is The Poetic Interpretation of the Twist by Cornelius Eady a literature poem ?'

b'paul was sad when the football burst'

b"yesterday I had homework. Um.. so, question is: what is the difference between the english language British with english language USA? ya, I really don't know what's the difference?"

b'Arrange the words into correct sentences 1. kimono - have - you - worn - a - ever ? 2. house - in - twenty - parents - same - have - my - lived - over - the - for - years 3. with - you - have - done - books - my - what ? 4. has - the - lately - weather - nice - been 5. food...'

b"What does the proverb 'you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar' mean?"

b'80 boys took the examination in the three subjects: Chinese, English and Mathematics, and none of them failed in all three subjects. It was noted that 8 passed in English only and 10 passed in Mathematics only; 7 passed in Mathematics and Chinese but not in English, 40 passed ...'

b'What is the thesis statement for the song Firework by Katy Perry?'

b'select the antecedent of the pronoun in the following sentence. The strikers will return to work when the union representatives have completed their negotiations. A. negotiation B. representatives C. work D. strikers'

b"1. melt:to be changed into a liquid 2. melt:to be changed into liquid -------------------- word:definition Do we have to use 'a' before 'liquid' or not? Which one is correct?"

b'1. What is he like? - He is a lawyer. 2. What is she like? - She is a nurse. ------------------- Are the answers grammatical?'


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