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b'In which sentence is the word punitive used correctly? A. Mario proposed an ingenious, punitive solution to the math problem. B. Teresa\xc2\x92s report was punitive, and she added to its interest by presenting a brilliant slide show. C. The jury\xc2\x92s verdict awarded the plaintiff 3...'

b'What part of this selection from The Woman Warrior best illustrates the complications faced by bicultural families? A. Brave Orchid\xc2\x92s memory of Ellis Island and her own immigration experience B. Brave Orchid\xc2\x92s concerns about her son in Vietnam C. the conflict between Brave...'

b'I need help figure out to cite this source that I got on the computer. On google search Operation Just Cause Joint History Office am not sure how to cite it.'

b'I need a good thesis statement about dreams'

b'Hello, can you check with me to see if this answer is correct to this question. What does scrooge mean by these lines in a Christmas carol Act two scene four? Spirit this is a fearful place, in leaving it, I shall not leave its, lesson, Trust me let us go. Answers are; I am ...'

b"if you BLANK someone's mail, then you seize it before the person receives it; however, it is illegal to take someone's mail, so the police might attempt to BLANK you and put you in jail. What are the two blanks?"

b"arrange the sentences to good dialoge. a: did you hear the good news? a: you think so? a: i got a promotion at my job b: did you really? b: well, congratulations a: thank you a: seriously, i am so excited a: really? b: yes. good for you b: no, i haven't b: i'm so happy for you..."

b'Can someone give me some good character traits about Friar Lawrence from Romeo and Juliet? I know he was trustworthy and friendly/'

b"There's a volunteer worker who volunteers closely two diff organizations. If one organization receives donations and can't utilize them, he'll bring it over to the other organization that maybe can, and vice versa. Can it be said that he serves as a liaison for both ..."

b'what is the complements and is it predicate nominative or predicate adjective? 1.Does the lemonade taste too sour? 2.The window washers on the fifteenth floor appeared tiny. 3. Why does he always look so serious? 4. Our candidate for the city council was the winner in the ...'

b'Can you find the word passage which matches the meaning given. a knocked about, pushed off balance b another choice'

b"What is the dependent clause in these sentences and are they nouns, adverbs, or adjectives? All family members know why the dog must leave. Why the dog must leave? Adverb They realize that the dog will become a visually challenged person's constant companion. They realize that..."

b"Don't use plastic bags to save the environment. ============ What is the meaning of 'save' here? what other words can we use instead of 'save'?"

b'which career i should follow with this subjects'

b'Which quotation from \xc2\x93The Unknown Citizen\xc2\x94 is the clearest example of satirical writing? A. \xc2\x93Except for the War till the day he retire / He worked in a factory and never got fired, . . .\xc2\x94 B. \xc2\x93And his Health-card shows he was once in hospital but left it cured.\xc2\x94 C...'

b'During our summer vacations, we would always go out to our cabin by Butterfly Creek. The trips were always fun and relaxing. We would take hikes, photograph the wildlife, and swim in the river. Wildflowers in high meadows. Butterflies hovering. I still remember the smell of ...'

b'Read Capulet\xc2\x92s speech from Act IV, scene 2 , as he plans for the wedding: Tush , I will stir about , And all things shall be well , I warrant thee , wife: Go thou to Juliet , help to deck up her; I\xc2\x92ll not to bed to- night ; let me alone; I\xc2\x92ll play the housewife for this...'

b'Read the following excerpt from Mercurio\xc2\x92s monologue about Queen Mab , bringer of dreams From Romeo and Juliet: \xc2\x85\xc2\x85.. She comes In shape no bigger than an agate-stone on the fore-finger of an alderman drawn with a team of little atomies Athwart men\xc2\x92s noses as they lie ...'


b'unscramble Elbep'

b'How do you pronounce the Russian names? 1. Sonya 2. Olga 3. Anton What about Russian pronunciation? Is Russian pronunciation the same as English pronuncination?'

b'1. A lot of Russian families have a dacha. 2. A lot of Russian families have their dacha. 3. A lot of Russian families have dachas. 4. A lot of Russian families have their dachas. -------------------- Which ones are grammatical? Do they have the same meaning?'

b'Hello I have to write an essay a critical paragraph/essay tommorrow on the following topic: In the first half of the novel, the author uses the idea of gender identity and societal expectations. In what way does the author use the character of Scout to comment on this topic...'

b"In \xc2\x93A Rose for Emily,\xc2\x94 what type of conflict is shown by Homer Barron's not being \xc2\x93a marrying man\xc2\x94? A. internal conflict in Miss Emily's mind B. external conflict between Homer and Miss Emily C. ambiguity about what Homer may have felt D. resolution to the problem ..."

b'Why is Romeo intelligent, clever and quick witted?'

b'Hello Can someone please help me check my answers? I really appreciate it and thanks Directions: Rewrite the following English sentences in correct Spanish form. The verb you will just is limpiar. 1. I cleaned the house. 2. Has Juan cleaned the house? 3. They cleaned the ...'

b'What does scroll products mean?'

b"Using a single formatting _____ helps to make reading researched information easier;it lets the reader know what to expect.\xc2\xa0 A. Citation\xc2\xa0 B. Text\xc2\xa0 C. Style\xc2\xa0 D. Website\xc2\xa0 My answer was b it was wrong so I'm thinking the answer is c"

b"To use another's ideas in your own words is to ___ those ideas. A. Paraphrase B. establish C. Manifest D. Refute My answer was b I got it wrong so would the answer be A"

b'One last question for the night. Then is it likely that thou wilt undertake/A thing like like death to chide away this shame. a- simile b- metaphor c- personification my answer is personification'

b"Which of the following would most likely be an entry in a sentence outline? A. Education tool B. Education can change a person's life C. Education as a pathway D. Education beyond high school versus education beyond college My answer was D I got it wrong Would it be a"

b"Complete the analogy, distraught is to affliction as sullen is to--- a- failure b- victory c-happiness I don't think any of them are right. I think it should be unhappiness so I'm stuck."

b'poor soul they face is much abused with tears is what kind of figurative language my answer is metaphor'

b"1. Our picnic box was heavier than usual because we didn't bring paper cups of plates. 2. Our picnic box was heavier than usual because we didn't take paper cups of plates. ---------------- Do we have to use 'bring' or 'take'? Are both grammatical? Which one is grammatical? ..."

b"1. I usually take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. 2. I usually use the stairs instead of using the elevator. Are borth grammatical? Do we have to use only 'take'? "

b'Which of the following is not a good suggestion for writing an introductory paragraph? A. Describe a hypothetical situation. B. Cite a surprising fact or statistic. C. Never asks questions. D. Use a quotation to help illustrate your thesis. my answer is c.'

b"Your topic is courtesy, and you're writing from the point of view of a caring mentor. Which of the following sentences is most persuasive for an audience of high school graduates from a working-class neighborhood? A. Courtesy to others shows self-respect as much as it does ..."

b"1. Playing computer games in not good for your health. You may have some problems on your eyes. Do we have to use 'on' or 'in' before 'eyes'? 2. The boy is planting a tree. He is adding some soil around the tree. 3. The boys are playing soccer in the mountain. One is kicking..."

b'Which of the following is a common error in composing a thesis statement? A. You offer an original perspective on a familiar theme. B. Your thesis statement is specific as opposed to general. C. Your thesis statement contains two or more central points. D. You focus your ...'

b"Paddy and Clare are writing effective conclusions. Paddy's conclusion will summarize his main point and reaffirm his theses statement. Clare's conclusion will take the readers beyond the scope of her essay. Who is writing an effective conclusion? A. Both Paddy and Clare B. ..."

b"Lillian is looking for ideas to write about, and she decides to make a list of everything she can think of that relates to the topic of teenage romance. Which concept best describes Lillian's strategy? A. Free association B. Outlining C. Brainstorming D. Mapping my answer is c."

b'As a general rule, where in your essay is it best to place your thesis statement? A. In the first, introductory paragraph of the essay B. Anywhere at all, because the best thesis statement is implied, not specified C. In the second or third paragraph of the body of the essay D...'

b'Please read the following excerpt from an essay, and answer the question that follows. Biologically, adolescence is marked by hormonal changes that produce secondary sexual characteristics. These include breast development in females and beard growth in males. Psychologically...'

b'Most-to-least, spatial, and chronological are all A. critical reading techniques. B. methods of organization. C. thesis statement order. D. pattern of development. my answer is b.'

b"When using pronouns such as you, your, and yours, you're writing in which point of view? A. First-person B. Compound-person C. Second-person D. Third-person my answer is c."

b'Which of the following is a strong introductory sentence? A. Should each of the United States allow citizens to openly carry a weapon? B. I don\xc2\x92t agree with any open-carry laws. C. This essay will explain the open-carry laws in the United States. D. To carry or to not carry...'

b"Please read the following excerpt from an essay, and answer the question that follows. I've never actually met a real live humorist. Well, not in person at any rate. However, one summer, having a lot of time on my hands, I discovered unexpected treasures lurking in the local ..."

b'Which of the following methods is used to narrow a broad essay topic? A. Brainstorming B. Branching and questioning C. Polling classmates D. Wikipedia my answer is a.'

b'Cary and Vince are discussing titles for their essays. In developing a good title, Cary will create a title using alliteration. Vince will use a vague, broad title. Who is using a better strategy to develop a good essay title? A. Both Cary and Vince B. Only Cary C. Only Vince ...'

b'What is the most likely purpose of the essay from which the following passage was taken? Having been raised on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota, Lorie Ann Kline was having trouble adjusting to life in the city and to Central High School. In a conference with her parents, the ...'


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