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b'Would guys be able to help figure me figure out a citation that am having a hard time with?'

b'Does this sentence make sense? For Amber volunteering instilled the desire to use her time more productively and simultaneously make a difference in the community.'

b"1. In formal writing, abbreviations ________. A. can be used sparingly B. should never be used C. can be used depending on the instructor's preference D. can be used depending on the discipline 2. A paragraph contrasting two teachers in which the first half of the paragraph ..."

b'I have found that when I travel some cities effuse warmth and hospitality while others are very difficult for a stranger to navigate. In this context, \xc2\x93effuse\xc2\x94 most closely means A. ignore B. disseminate C. dislike D. earn C?'

b'The friendly _____ looking puppy pawed on the window to attract the attention of the people walking by on the sidewalk. [L.11-12.2.a] A. : B. C. , D. \xc2\x96 C'

b'Which word in the following sentence is spelt incorrectly? \xc2\x93The ambidectrous student was conspicuously popular on the baseball team because he could pitch with either his right or left hand.\xc2\x94 A. pitch B. popular C. conspicuously D. ambidectrous D'

b'What is most likely the purpose of King\xc2\x92s Letter from Birmingham Jail? [RI.9-10.6] A. to publicize his personal achievements as a community leader B. to influence others to join the nonviolent civil rights movement C. to provide a legal argument that could refute the ...'

b'Which of the following words has experienced the most significant connotative and denotative shift over time as a result of conversational usage? A. fiery B. tepid C. cool D. warm A?'

b'1. Buy one, get one free. 2. Buy one, and get one free. 3. If you buy one, you will get one free. 4. If you buy one, you get one free. ============================ What does 1 mean?'

b'Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 4:10pm. 1. What a messy room Can you give me a hand cleaning it, Matt? 2. What a messy room Can you give me a hand which will clean it, Matt? ======================= Does 1 mean 2? \xc2\x95English - Writeacher, Wednesday, April 1, ...'

b'1. Pets welcomed 2. American and Indian food served =============== Can the expression be used as titles?'

b"Let's make it at six in the evening. - That's too late. How about an hour earlier? - Good, see you then. =================== Does 'make it' mean 'meet'?"

b'1. What a messy room Can you give me a hand cleaning it, Matt? 2. What a messy room Can you give me a hand which will clean it, Matt? ======================= Does 1 mean 2?'

b'What does refute the reasons mean ?'

b'I am doing argument essay on learning in the traditional classroom is better than online. I cannot figure out how to do my thesiS.my teacher wants it fits the is/not thesis/antithesis formula.'

b'I am writing research paper on outdoor activities and how digital gaming cannot replace outdoor activity. Could someone please give me five academic site sources to get information from thanks you'

b'Which of these words has the same denotative meaning a, but a different connotative meaning than, the word COPIOUS. A. meager B. abundant C. lavish ******* D. sparse An award is given every year to the student ______ has the highest grade-point average. Which of these ...'

b'Jhon and amy ----- things.to swap'

b'I am doing argument essay what does it mean evidence to support my argument?'

b'What do the pauses in Arsat\xc2\x92s story, which occur when he speaks of Diamelen, indicate about Arsat\xc2\x92s emotional state?'

b'When an adverb modifies a verb with a helping verb, the adverb should generally be placed'

b'The MACARONI AND CHEESE ____ ready to eat now. A. is****************************** B. are C. were Neither the CAR nor our COUSINS can, could be found. A. can B. could************************** Which of these words has the same denotative meaning as, but a different ...'

b'The detective asked me if I had heard any strange noises the night before.'

b"I need help answering some To Kill A Mockingbird questions 1.When Scout is talking about the Ewells' living conditions what is her tone? Is it sympathetic or disparaging or objective? I think it's sympathetic 2. When the story is talking about Mayella 's red geraniums and they..."

b"Which of the following moments in The Most dangerous Game represents an example of foreshadowing? a-Whitney Rainsford';s discussion about hunting b- Rainsford's observing the gate of the chateau c- Whitney's comment about the light of Rio?"

b'For argumentative essay could a topic be collegea admissions process it has to current issue that being debated across the country and across the world.'

b"1. Hurry up You have only twenty minutes left. 2. Hurry up Only twenty minutes are left. 3. Hurry up You have only twenty minutes which are left. ================= Are 1 and 2 the same in meaning? Is 'which are' omitted in 2?"

b"1. I'm getting dressed to go to school. 2. I'm getting dressed for school. 3. I'm putting on clothes for school. 4. I'm wearing clothes for school. 5. I'm putting on clothes to go school. 6. I'm wearing clothes to go school. ================= Which ones are grammatical? Are ..."

b'1. Did anyone call for me while I was gone? 2. Did anyone call me while I was gone? ---------------- Which one is grammatical?'

b'what are some examples of when upper class education is mentioned or used the the jane eyre book? thank you'

b"I'm not sure how to answer this: 3. THe 7th grade wants to have a back-up representative just in case the first teacher is absent. Based on the same scenario as 2, if a math teacher was chosen to be the 7th grade representative, what is the probablility that the back-up drawn..."

b"I need someone's help on editing my paragraph.... OPC is a great place for an athlete because OPC offers many options for the athletes and don\xc2\x92t forget about their countless banners. OPC as school give the athlete\xc2\x92s the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of sports ..."

b'Which word is most similar to morose? sensitive silly unhappy stubborn no sure but i it might be sensitive'

b"my statement is people can be kind without laws or police.. I can't think of points supporting my statement. plz help"

b'Cuba is one of the few remaining communist countries in the world. Since the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in 1990, however, the country has promoted capitalism in the form of tourism in order to stimulate the economy. is this right?'

b'How can I make this sentence better? or is it ok? The group offers organizations and companies access to their network of volunteers, resources to create any community-focused promotional event, and cause marketing strategies.'

b"Posted by rfvv on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 3:16am. 1. In the evening, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 2. In the evenings, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 3. Evenings, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 4. Every evening, Sonya's father cooks dinner. What is the difference of the four ..."

b"What does this mean beyond hope of help from any source when describing the Ewells in To Kill A Mockingbird? It's not a quote from the book."

b'And if we meet we shall not \xc2\x92scape a brawl, For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring. the fight in which Mercutio and Tybalt are killed or the duel in which Romeo is killed my answer is the 1st one because it was a fight'

b'Death lies on her like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field. Act 4, Scene 5 ow Does this example of dramatic irony create tension? My answer is because the reader know that Juliet is actually sleeping'

b'Is this sentence compound, complex, or compound complex? Charity groups distributed food and safe drinking water, and they handed out sleeping bags and mosquito nets, which were needed in the tropical climate. Is this compound complex?'

b"What quote from Romeo and Juliet Act 3, Scene 5 illustrates Shakespeare's use of comic relief?"

b'Read the following line from Act IV, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, when Capulet speaks of his daughters apparent death: Death lies on her like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field. How does Shakespeare use a simile to emphasize the tragedy of the apparent...'

b'1. Did you lock the keys in the car? 2. Did you lock the doors in the car? ------------------ Are they grammatical?'

b'Are these sentences compound, complex, or compound complex? Volunteer helped clear roads so that supplies could get to villages that needed them. Complex..'

b"I am having to come up with a thesis statement About dreams. This is what I came up with but don't know how I should proceed with the essay. Dreams are like the housekeepers of the mind. At the end of the day they sweep out the trash like the sensory input of our busy days."

b'A fictional event ... Am I supposed to write about a real story that has happened in MY life ? Or make up a story ? Write a short story that tells about a fictional event in which a central conflict is - or is not.'

b'1. The basis is another word for ________. A. the overall thesis of the essay B. selecting categories C. the order of classification D. guidelines provided by a professor'

b'1. Choose the letter of the one sentence in which quotations and underlining are correctly used. A. I hope, commented Josh, that I do well enough to make it to the final race. B. I hope, commented Josh, that I do well enough to make it to the final race. C. I hope, ...'

b'Read the following passage from \xc2\x93Coyote v. Acme\xc2\x94: Such injuries sustained by Mr. Coyote have temporarily restricted his ability to make a living in his profession as predator. Mr. Coyote is self-employed and thus not eligible for Workmen\xc2\x92s Compensation. Which of the ...'


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