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b'During revision, you should scan your paper for _______ words and replace them with concrete words or phrases. A. figurative B. general C. formal D. informal my answer is b.'

b'Thank you, dear Reed, for the answer. Will you please help me with one more question. Which word is the best in the context maybe, all of them are OK: the aim is to define/determine/identify and assess the actions of the Bush administration...? Thank you very much.'

b'Hello. I will be very grateful for your help. Do you think the words actual and de facto have the same meaning in the context: the actual/ the de facto rejection of the 2012 agreements? The country decided not to abide by the agreements but did not announce it ...'

b'The exam is around the corner. Rewrite the sentence begininga. The corner ...'

b"About 200 years ago the Cherokee Indians were one tribe, or Indian Nation that lived in the southeast part of what is now the United States. During the 1830's and 1840's, the period covered by the Indian Removal Act, 1 many Cherokees were moved west to a territory that is..."

b"1. Bring me the chair. 2. Bring the chair to me. 3. Take me my house. 4. Take me to my house. ================== Does 1 mean 2? What about the verb 'take'? Is 3 incorrect? The structure of the verb 'bring' seems to be different from the verb 'take.' What do you think about ..."

b"1. I'll bring it to you tonight. 2. I'll take it to you tonight. ================ Which one is grammatical? Are both OK?"

b"What are some synonyms for appears rarely and often referred ? I'm writing an essay and my teacher doesn't want us to use the same phrases over and over again: repetitive as we write our paragraphs and I'm not really good at thinking of synonyms so please help me."

b'1. He stopped reading a book to watch TV. 2. He stopped walking to watch the accident. 3. He stopped working to take a rest. 4. He stopped watching TV to take a nap. 5. He stopped driving his car to sleep in the car for some time. --------------------------- Are the sentences ...'

b"1. I'll remember to see the movie with my friend. 2. I'll remember that I have to see the movie with my friend. 3. I'll remember that I will see the movie with my friend. 4. I'll remember that I can see the movie with my friend. 5. I'll remember that I must see the movie with ..."

b'I need to compare and contrast golf and curling I just need few points. I got that both sports require proper shoes.'

b'Based on your reading of \xc2\x93On Making an Agreeable Marriage\xc2\x94 and A Vindication of the Rights of Women, what can you conclude about women\xc2\x92s education at the time these pieces were written? A. Women were mainly taught practical skills useful in running a household. B. Women ...'

b"1. I'd better put less food on my lunch plate tomorrow. 2. I'd better put less food on my lunch tray tomorrow. 3. I'd better put less food on my lunch food tray tomorrow. ---------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Does 'tray' mean 'plate'?"

b'1. What will you recommend as a resorting place? 2. He recommended a good place to play with friends. 3. What about the restaurant that the man recommended for/to us. ------------------------------ Thank you for your help. What about the sentences? Are they grammatical?'

b'Identify the complements in the following sentences. Then, tell whether each complement is a predicate nominative, a predicate adjective, a direct object, or an indirect object. If a sentence does not contain a complement, write no complement. [1] My brother made Mom a ...'

b"Quick Is But I'll set down the pegs that make this music act 2 scene 1 line 185sparknotes of play Othello a metaphor? It is right? I hope I am right"

b'I need to describe the use of sound in Othello the play. Could someone give me an example from Act II for me to analyze please?'

b"Which excerpt from the play best supports the answer to the reason Anne spend time with Peter in the third read of the diary of Anne Frank? A.I'm sorry Mother, I'm going to Peters room. I'm not going to let Petronella Van Dann spoil our friendship. B.I mean, every time I go..."

b'Which sentence contains an infinite phrase? A. Anne passed the time by sharing her dreams. B. Anne wanted to live in Paris. C. Her favorite activity was riding a bike. D. Living in hiding, she did with little privacy. Is the answer A?'

b'Which of the following is not a type of sentence? A. Simple-compound B. Simple C. Compound-complex D. Complex my answer is b.'

b'Which of the following sentences contains an error in subject-verb agreement? A. Either Dennis or Susan is going to pick you up. B. Each of the 14 groups are going to contribute an item to the auction. C. Kristy, Molly, and Kate attend the same university and ride the bus ...'

b'Choosing a good reviewer for your writing means finding someone who A. is a close friend and will give you a positive review. B. concentrates on correcting your spelling and grammar errors. C. will concentrate on your ideas and how well you support them. D. knows everything ...'

b"Which of the following is a good rule to follow when proofreading an essay? A. Scan the essay twice, once for organization and once for surface errors. B. Ask your best friend to critique your essay. C. Use the computer's spell-check and grammar-check functions to be sure you ..."

b"Which word best describes the speaker's attitude toward death in \xc2\x93Ode to a Nightingale\xc2\x94? A. fear B. relief C. horror D. anxiety My choice is D"

b'What does the bride learn in \xc2\x93Woo\xc2\x92d and Married and A\xc2\x92 \xc2\x94? A. Marrying a man who loves her is enough. B. Having a house of her own is the most important thing in life. C. If she and her husband work hard, they will eventually be rich. My choice is A'

b"1.Antigone decides to bury her brother in defiance of the law. Her sister argues against it. Summarize the two sides of the argument, and explain Antigone's reasons for doing as she does. 2.Creon says that it would be wrong for him to listen to the arguments of a woman. How ..."

b"Select correct if sentence does not need any comma's and incorrect if the sentence does need a comma. 1.We were tempted to drink out of that clean cold stream Correct***** incorrect 2.How do motorcycles trail bikes and mopeds differ? Correct Incorrect******* 3. The Ammonoosuc ..."

b'1. I ate little food on my lunch plate. 2. I ate a little food on my lunch plate. 3. I ate less food than Bill. 4. Bill ate more food than me. 5. I ate the least food in my class. 6. I ate the least food of all my classmates. 7. I ate the least food of all of us...'

b'1. He kept a secret. 2. He broke a secret 3. He let out a secret. 4. He gave away a secret. 5. He betrayed a secret. ================= What is the opposite of 1? Can the others be used as the opposite? What is commonly used?'

b"1. Will you bring me the lamp? 2. OK. I'll bring it right back. 3. OK. I'll take it right back. ------------ Which answer is correct? Are both OK? Which one is commonly used?"

b'A _______ can be used for both organizing and revising an essay. A. graphic organizer B. flowchart C. verbal sketch D. topic sentence my answer is a.'

b'On Tuesday, Leslie spent 47 minutes on math homework, 39 minutes on science homework, 52 minutes on English homework, and 44 minutes on history homework. How much time did Leslie spend doing her homework on Tuesday?'

b'2. Which of the following is the best reason to use visuals in a research presentation? A to illustrate your main point in an engaging manner B to illustrate any topic with data in percentages C to show different ways of looking at the same information D to show the ...'

b'which sentence contains a participial phrase? a she wanted to spend time writing. b her job is giving the attic dwellers their food. c quickly snatching up the coat, she ran to her room. d to get along well requires cooperation. which sentence contains an infinitive phrase...'

b'In the following sentences, what word does the participial phrase modify? Everyone in the annex heard her screaming loudly. 1 point a everyone b annex c heard d her pl E A S E HE L P'

b'2.The child was reluctant to access/venture into the closet at night because he was unsure whether child-eating monsters really inhabited it in the dark Venture? 3.Th Members of the student councilcirculated/convened promptly affter school to finish their plans for the ...'

b"What aspects of Langston Hughes's poetry did people not like in general?"

b"I need to find 3 examples of figurative devices, and 2 examples of sound devices in Act II of Shakespeare's Othello play and write their effectsmeaning add why Shakespeare decided to use these devices. Anyone have any suggestions for good lines within Act II that exemplifies a..."

b'identify one of the darker actions examined in a story or drama from this unit. In what piece is the action highlighted? what intentions or emotions prompt the action? how would the story or drama change if the charcter involved were able to overcome the darker impulse and ...'

b'How does Erik the phantom from The Phantom of the Opera show romance? i already mentioned about his relationship with Christine, but i need two more points.'

b'How does Erik the phantom from The Phantom of the Opera show romance?'

b"Phantom of the opera. how does the theme of horror relate with Erik's Phantom face deformity?"

b'Yesterday my American friend asked me how long I had been learning English. I said I had been learning English since middle school. He was surprised. And he said, \xc2\xa1\xc2\xb0Why do you learn English?\xc2\xa1\xc2\xb1 When we travel to foreign countries, have a conversation with foreigners, and ...'

b'According to scholars, what is one way the advent of talking pictures changed the behavior of movie audiences'

b'Phantom of the Opera. What are some actions of Erik that show horror? What are some actions of Erik that show romance'

b'rewrite the following sentence. 1The exam is around the corner. Begin:The corner....'

b'Pls help me..give me a best sample of introduction paragraph 1 and Conclusionp.6 keywords of the contentsp.2-5 about Why people should quit gambling.'

b'I am writing argumentative essay about learning in the traditional classroom. I confused what my teacher means by presenting the other side in a presentation?'

b'\xc2\x93Active Learning.\xc2\x94University of Michagan this what I know for this writeteacher.'

b"Helllpppp Mom struggling on The Raven. Which of the following lines from The Raven best illustrates how the author's word choice impacts the mood and tone of the poem? AOnce upon a midnight dreary, while I ponder, weak and weary. B Presently my soul grew stronger; ..."


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