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b'225-:15[60-:3|10add18-:9-7-14|add11] simplify'

b'Susie spent 4 1/4 hours on Monday and 3 5/8 hours on Tuesday working on a history project. About how long did she spend working on the project?'

b'A triangle has an angle that measures 105\xc2\xb0. The other two angles are in a ratio of 7:8. What are the measures of those two angles?'

b'8axadd4b = 4cxaddd'

b'a rectangle of board measures 21 m by 70 cm. Circular plates are to be cut from the board of diameter 14 cm. how many plates and board is left'

b'When constructing a graph showing the population of two? countries, an illustrator draws two different people with heights proportional to the populations. Identify a way in which the graph might be misleading. What is the general name for such graphs that use drawings of ...'

b'A marketing expert determines that sales of television sets an be increased by 3 sets per week for each 20 decrease in price. Weekly sales average 18 sets at 440 each. What price should be given in order to receive 10,800 in revenue?'

b'After travelling 3/8 of the distance between two cities a bus is still 12km short of half way. How far apart are the two towns?'

b'On a certain map 1-1/16 = 300 miles. How many miles does 7/16 equal? Please clarify he process for solving his. What is he correct way to write the equation?'

b"In rod's family 3/4 of members wear glases. Of those who do not wear glasses, 1/3are male. What fraction of the family are males who do not wear glasses?"

b'Mark works 7 more hours per week than Thomas works. Write an algebraic expression to represent the amount of hours Mark works. Let h equal the amount of hours Thomas works.'

b'What is the value of x after these statements if the starting value of x is 3. a If x^2 = 5^x then x := 25^x. b If x^2 > x and x^3 < 4x^2 then x := xadd 2. c If 4^x < x^4 or x^5 > 5^x then x := x^2. d If 5^x > 2^x xor x^2 < 11 then x := x add 8. e If x...'

b'Lian uses 200 regular paces to walk around a square park.If one pace of Lian measures 40 cm,what is the measure of each side of the park?'

b'A man sold an item for three thousand, six hundred naira if he had sold the item for two thousand naira what would have been his percentage loss.'

b'It takes a typist 3 hours to type 54 words. How many words can she type in i1hours ii 6 hours.'

b'I am an array made with 24 tiles.My number of rows is 2 More than the number of tiles in each of my rows. How many rows do I have?'

b'in a class containing 32 students, a student can either do Government or History or both. If 16 students do Government, 18 do History and 3 do none of the subjects, find how many do both'

b'What are three characteristics that mid-latitude cyclones have in with all cyclones?'

b'If the coefficient of sliding friction for steel on ice is 0.05, what force is required to keep a man weighing 150 lbs moving at constant speed along ice?'

b"Sheena is now one third of her father's age.Twelve years hence she will be half as old as her father.Find their present ages??"

b'Ten times increased by 12 is 32.find the number'

b'Find the weight of led pipe is 3.5 m long if the external diameter of pipe is 2.4 cm and the thickness of led is 2mm and 1cm cube of the leg width is 4g'

b'sum of the digits of a three-digit number is 20. If the hundreds and unit digits were interchanged, the resulting number is 297 less than the original. Find the number if the hundreds digit exceeds the tens digit by one.'

b'A cookie recipe calls for 3/4 cup of chocolate chips.Spencer has 2/3 cup. Does he have enough?If your answer is yes ,explain.If your answer is no, how much more does Spencer need?'

b'I am still confused Equation: C1V1=C2V2 Given: C1= 15 mM V1=? C2= 0.25 mM V2= 1mL Do I just plug 1mL into the equation or do I have to convert to liter? Does mM mean mmol/1L? I got ~17 microliter. Note: I must convert my answer to microliter. Math - bobpursley, Saturday, ...'

b'Plane A which contains an isosceles right triangle forms a dihedral angle of 60 degrees with another plane B. If the hypotenuse of the triangle lies in plane B and measures 8 in., find the distance from the vertex of the right angle to plane B, and the length of the projection...'

b'Equation: C1V1=C2V2 Given: C1= 15 mM V1=? C2= 0.25 mM V2= 1mL Do I just plug 1mL into the equation or do I have to convert to liter? Does mM mean mmol/1L? I got ~17 microliter. Note: I must convert my answer to microliter.'

b'A recipe for 2 dozen cookies calls for 1 1/3 cups of flour how much flour would be needed to make 5 dozen cookies'

b'Write a word problem in witch the starting number is in the hundreds and the answer is 4 tickets were left over.'

b"Sophia's age is twice of her brother and the sum of their is 18. What is the age of sophia and her brother?"

b'Calculate the amount of fluorescein MW 332.31 you will need to make 10 mL of 15 mM solution in ethanol EtOH. My answer:0.05 g 2.Using Equation C1V1=C2V2 calculate the volume of stock solution 15 mM you need to make 1 mL of each working solution concentration: 0 mM and 0....'

b'A wheel made 300 revolutions at 31 2/7 revolutions per minute. How many minutes did it rotate? Thanks'

b'1. Calculate the amount of fluorescein MW 332.31 you will need to make 10 mL of 15 mM solution in ethanol EtOH. My answer:0.05 g 2.Using Equation C1V1=C2V2 calculate the volume of stock solution 15 mM you need to make 1 mL of each working solution concentration: 0 mM and...'

b'Consider the propositions p: You like hockey., q: You like the cold., r: You play hockey., and s: You watch hockey. Write the following propositions using p,q,r and s and logical connectives. a You watch hockey but you do not play hockey. b If you do not like ...'

b"If the first term of an AP is 5 and it's 100th term is -292.find it's 50th term."

b'new syllabus maths 3 , pg -250 , Q.4 In the diagram , AP, BQ and CR are the angle bisectors of A , B and C respectively. Given that A =50 , B =70 and C=60 , find P,Q and R.'

b'a picture which measures 48cm by 40cm is surrounded by a frame which is 1cm wide.calculate the area of the frame'

b'3 type of beans, whose prices per kg are respectively 15m,25 and 30 are to be taken 2 at a time and mixed in the same proportion so that the resulting mixture are of equal value. How many they be mixed and the price /kg for resulting mixture. ans; 2:3, 21/kg'

b"So, I've been stuck in these for quite some time.... can someone help me? Which ratios can form a proportion? A 9/45 , 8/40 B 8/12 , 12/21 C 8/12 , 12/15 D 9/22 , 14/28 I think it might be C but my brain is fried. Thank you so much, Jacob"

b'1. Cheryl pours 1 pint of milk from a full 1-gallon jug. How much milk remains in the jug? I think 7 pints. 2.Ada buys 3 pounds 8 ounces of ham and 4 pounds 2 ounces of cheese for a party. How much ham and cheese did she buy? I think 7 pounds 9 ounces. 3. A spool of ribbon ...'

b'what is an equivalent fraction to 10/4 that starts with 90?'

b'what is an equivalent fraction for 7/6 that has a numerator of 84'

b'a circular pizza is cut along four diameters into eight identical sectors. If the total perimeter if each sector is 10 inches what is area of the whole pizza? express answer as a decimal to nearest tenth'

b'List these numbers from least to greatest 3/4,5/8,6/7,6/11,7/10,8/9,'

b"I don't get decimals adding. how do I solve this proble. 2.05add 3.675. they shouldn't be teaching this in grade 5 :{"

b'A tank at present is 0.875 phone which is 21 litres how much water does the tank hold when full'

b'ABCD is a kite with AD=AB Angle A is 116 degrees Angle B is 2x degrees Angle D is 5x-147 degrees Find the smallest angle of the kite'

b'which of the following expressions is expressed in implicit form? A. xy=1 B. y=1/x C. y=xadd1 D. y=1'

b'my 7 year old is having problems doing his work. can you please give me some work sheets for him that are fun and educational.'

b"A test question I just had. Not sure of the correct answer. Which situations have equal outcomes? You can only have one answer. A. I can't remember B. You watch a movie with 20 min. preview and 99 min. movie vs. 19 min. preview and 100 min. movie. C. A person 5'1 compared to 6..."


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