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b'What can we do to save water? 1.We can use our cups when we brush our teeth. 2. We can put a brick into the toilet. 3. We can use a waterbowl when we wash the dishes. 4. We can get rid of the old before we wash the dishes. 5. We can reuse the water after linsing the rice. 6. ...'

b'1. We can take showers. 2. We can take a shower. 3. We can take cold showers. 4. We can take a cold shower. 5. We can take longer showers. 6. We can take a long shower. ================= What is the difference between each pair? Which one is commonly used? Does each pair have ...'

b'1. We can use less water when we do the dishes. 2. We can use less water when we are doing the dishes. 3. We can use only a little water when we wash a car. 4. We can use only a little water when we are washing a car. ===================== Are they all grammatical? What is the...'

b'1. We need to cut 20 trees to make every 1 ton of paper cups. 1-2. We need to cut 20 trees to make every 1 t of paper cups. 2. We need 10 l of water to make a piece of A4 paper. 3. We need 10 liter of water to make a piece of A4 paper. 4. We need 10 liters of water to make a ...'

b'1. What do we have to do in case of a fire? 2. What do we have to do when a fire breaks out? 3. What do we have to do when your apartment is on fire? 4. Call 119. 5. Tell grown-ups. 6. Tell adults. 7. Use the fire extinguisher. 8. Go outside and use the stairs. 9. Go down the ...'

b"The word aloof is an English word borrowed from Dutch. It's meaning is at a distance. In which of the following sentences is the word used correctly? A. Anne's sociable nature made her aloof in new situations. B. When he first arrived at the secrete Annex, Peter kept aloof ..."

b'1. We can turn off the water when we are not using it. 1-1. We can turn off the water when we do not use it. 2. We can turn off the water when we are brushing teeth. 2-1. We can turn off the water when we do not brush teeth. ==================== Which ones are grammatical? Do ...'

b"1. I can make a vegetable soup. 2. I can make vegetable soup. Do we have to use 'a' ornot? 3. I can make ramen. 4. I can make pasta. 5. I can make seafood. 6. I can make raw fish. 7. I can make noodles. 8. I can make sandwich. 9. I can make bread. 10. I can make apple juice..."

b'Why is Mrs. Drover in London? A. to fulfill a promise she had made twenty-five years ago B. to do some shopping and get some things from the house C. to meet her husband and sister My answer is B'

b'1. I plant potatoes shopping tomorrow. 2. I will plant potatoes shopping tomorrow. 3. I will plant potatoes and shop tomorrow. 4. I will plant potatoes and go shopping tomorrow. =========== 1 is wrong. Am I right? How can we correct 1? What about the others from 2 and 4? ...'

b'In what way does third section of \xc2\x93In Memory of W. B. Yeats\xc2\x94 reflect the tension of the decade in which it was written? A. The section describes the hatred growing among nations. B. The section describes how contemporary people differ from their ancestors. C. The section ...'

b'1, The Appalachian Mountains extend through Bristol. The mountains are beautiful. Which is best way to combine sentences? 1. The Appalachian Mountains extend through Bristol and the mountains are beautiful. 2. The Appalachian Mountains extend through Bristol, they are ...'


b'What part of speech is did in the sentence: Did the statue in the lobby crash?'

b'Which of these is a specific type of parody? A. mock-epic B. folk ballad C. conceit D. paradox My answer is A'

b'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old time is a-fl ying; And this same fl ower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying. 5 The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun The higher he\xc2\x92s a-getting, The sooner will his race be run, And nearer he\xc2\x92s to setting. Which line does NOT ...'

b'What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor'

b"Choose the correct possessive form for each phrase. A. the potatoe's skins***** B. the potatoes' skins C. the potatoes's skins D. the potatoes skins the whiskers of the men A. the men's whiskers****** B. the whisker's men C. the mens whiskers the mens' whiskers I marked my ..."

b'Choose the meaning of the BOLDED word During the playoffs, the team faced a FORMIDABLE opponent. A. oversized B. declining C. imposing D. pompous I think the answer is C or D im just not sure Thank you'

b'Reach each group of sentences. Two of the sentences are punctuated correctly. Choose the sentence that contains incorrect comma usage. A. They were able to prove, I believe that Jesse James was killed in Missouri in 1882. B. Frances, therefore, was the last student to leave ...'

b"1. What kind of food can you make? 2. What kinds of food can you make? ------------------- Do we have to use 'kind' or 'kinds'? Which one do we have to use? Are both OK? Then, is there any difference between them?"

b"1. A: Where can we hear this announcement? B: We can here it in an airplane. 2. A: Where can we hear this announcement? B: We can here it on an airplane. -------------------- Q1: Do we have to use 'in' or 'on'? Q2: Is the expression 'announce' from athe pilot correct?"

b"In relation to \xc2\x93A Shocking Accident,\xc2\x94 what word best describes Jerome's attitude toward his father's memory? A. worshipful B. conflicted C. rejecting My answer is A"

b'The speaker in \xc2\x93Follower\xc2\x94 was considered a nuisance because he A. grew up to be a farmer. B. admired his father greatly. C. wanted to be like his father. My answer is B'

b'1. I read Chapter 2 of my history book. 2. I read chapter 2 of my history book. ======================= Which one is grammatical? Do we have to use the capital letter or not?'

b'What are each of these are like: 1. Control 2. Conformity 3. Equality 4. Individualism'

b"Can someone proofread my English paragraph for grammar? I'd really appreciate it. Give me advice/tips on how to make it better Shortly after her moving to the Wisconsin, Molly began attending Second Baptist Church, where during service one day, she said she was approached by a..."

b'In \xc2\x93Porphyria\xc2\x92s Lover\xc2\x94 how does the speaker feel when Porphyria says she loves him? A. surprised and angry B. surprised and happy C. angry My answer is A'

b'Traditional african marriage is an advantageous to men only not women'

b"Which of the following is the best definition of a drama? a. a story with props b. a story with a happy ending c. a story written to be preformed by actors d. a story in which the main character eventually fails I think it's D, can anyone check me? Thanks ;"

b'To compose strong, compelling sentences, avoid using A. clauses as modifiers. B. forms of the verb to be. C. dependent clauses. D. short, simple sentences. my answer is b.'

b'Which of the following techniques would be best used to present constructive feedback on a draft of an essay to a peer? A. Rewrite sections for your peer B. Only write notes on the things you like about it C. Point out the negative aspects so your peer can improve D. ...'

b'Which of the following sentences uses a coordinating conjunction in a compound sentence? A. The budget payment is much higher than we anticipated, but the price of heating oil has skyrocketed this year. B. Out in the yard, the children shouted loudly and threw silly insults at...'

b'Reading your draft aloud, using peer review, and using a typed and printed copy are all examples of A. points of view. B. useful techniques for revision. C. patterns of development. D. graphic organizers. my answer is b.'

b'What is the sequence of components in the following sentence? Listless and depressed by vistas of snow and gray skies, Dieter left the cabin and walked toward the frozen pond. A. Subject, modifier, verb B. Subject, verb, modifier C. Modifier, subject, verb D. Modifier, subject...'

b'15. Identify the sentence in which the underlined pronoun is used incorrectly. There are only six days left in the school year. It will be fun to visit their house in the summer. Their just going to have to wait to see the movie. Greg refused to go there because of the bad ...'

b'20. Which of the following statements would be considered a hasty generalization? The sun is at its highest point between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The elderly are often resistant to advances in technology. When it snows, bridges tend to freeze before the roads do. Children should ...'

b'18. Identify the sentence that most strongly relies on emotional language. I was surprised when you took a job with that company. It came as a real shock when you took a job with that company. When you took a job with that company, it really blew me away. I was mystified when ...'

b"17. Identify the choice that correctly completes the sentence: Neither Kurt nor Sue has turned in _______ permission form. their his or her his they're"

b"Why does the world seem so unfair, Screaming can't even make a repair, I don't even have any friends, I can't even comprehend, Is it any good?"

b"what external motivation strengthens Anne and Peter's relationship in the diary of anne frank, act 2. A. the time they spent together at school*** B. being forced by the Nazis to hide in the attic C. the teasing both endured from classmates D. their shared fear of the future"

b"1. I didn't use paper cups or plates at the picnic. ================== What does 'the picnic' mean? Does 'the picnic' mean 'the picnic site'?"

b'I identify noun in the following sentence They worked for months together'

b'What kinds of food can you make? 1. I can make pasta. 2. I can make ramen. 3. I can make noodles. 4. I can make fruit soup/juice. 5. I can make cooked rice. 6. I can make cookies. 7. I can make bread. 8. I can make Japanese food, sushi. 9. I can make pasta, Italian food. 10. I...'

b"What is another word for other characters like in a book? I tried using the thesaurus but still can't find a good word."

b"Which of the following sentences uses concrete language? A. Danny's Labrador retriever eagerly chases tennis balls. B. When I saw Susan, she was reading a book. C. Jerry saw that the glass was really dirty. D. I met Cathy at a store on a street near the bridge. my answer is d."

b'Which of the following is an evaluation tool using questions and answers that lead to effective strategies? A. Thesis B. Outline C. Flowchart D. Graphic organizer my answer is c.'

b"Nathan argues that each paragraph in a narrative should support the author's thesis. Nan says that paragraphs in a narrative should illuminate some part of the action. Which one is correct? A. Neither Nathan nor Nan is correct. B. Both Nathan and Nan are correct. C. Only Nan ..."

b'Which of the following correctly uses a transitional word or phrase? A. First impressions are so important in both personal and professional life. Addison shaved off his beard. B. Kara has been happily trying lots of new activities lately. For example, she took up needlepoint ...'

b"Both Ada and Phil are evaluating their thesis statements, topic sentences, and evidence. If Ada finds that her essay doesn't have a thesis statement identifying the topic of the essay, Ada will reread the essay and decide what the main point of the essay. If Phil finds that ..."


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