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b'What is the message/theme in Eulogy by Brian Turner?'

b'What is the difference between modern fantasy and regular fantasy. Is modern fantasy merely a subgroup of fantasy? Some examples would help.'

b'1. He is outgoing. 2. He is extrovert. 3. He is extroverted. Are they all grammatical and the same in meaning? 4. He is shy. 5. He is reserved. 6. He is introvert. 7. He is introverted. Are they all grammatical and the same in meaning?'

b'Where does the comma go in these sentences? 1. Usually castles sat on a hilltop, and had high stone walls. 2. Loo at this picture of a castle Cate.'

b'Which sentence is punctuated correctly? A. Milton wrote many prose works, but is more famous for poetry. B. In a sequence of sonnets dedicated to his wife Edmund Spenser traced their courtship. C. Sonnets were new to England, when Sir Philip Sidney wrote them. D. When ...'

b'Which choice would supply the strongest, most logical support for this claim? Lakeside Manor is a wonderful new community on Lake Winchester. A. After just a few hours, you will know you want to move there. B. There is ample parking for all residents and for guests. C. ...'

b'Read this passage from Donne\xc2\x92s \xc2\x93Meditation 17.\xc2\x94 Then, answer the question that follows. No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory ...'

b'Which clause in this sentence is used as an adjective? When Beowulf arrived, the Danes welcomed him, for they desperately needed someone who could stop Grendel. A. When Beowulf arrived B. the Danes welcomed him C. they desperately needed someone D. who could stop Grendel D ??'

b'Choose the correct sentence pattern for the sentence below. I hereby declare Tuesday Shakespeare Day.'

b'Where do I need a comma? After returning to the United States from Canada Sitting Bull was put in prison for two years. Just after canada?'

b"Hello. Please help me with my question. Is there any difference between the verbs 'learn' and 'study' in the sentences: 1 I'm going want to learn English. 2 I'm going want to study English. Thank you for your help a lot."

b'Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only,not women.'

b'Biographies are based on A. Rumor B. Fiction C. Imagination D. Study and research Is it B?'

b'I need help.I have to write a prepared speech on the topic-traditional african marriages is an advantage to men only not women'

b'traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only, not for women'

b'speech. TopIc:afRican slaughter rituals should be allowed in the suburbs?'

b'What was Olaudah Equiano motivation ?'

b'1. A research paper has which of the following aspects in common with an essay? A. a title page B. a works cited list C. body paragraphs with topic sentences D. personal experience as a primary source 2. When citing all sources, which answer lists the items that must be ...'

b'1. When taking notes from your sources, you should also ________. A. revise your research question B. write the information needed for your works cited list C. format your paper and works cited list D. find a topic for your research paper 2. Academic writing involves which of ...'

b'Which sentence is the most grammatically correct and clear version? Superman announced that he could leap over buildings in a single bound, which was a very risky thing to do. It was risky for Superman to announce that he could leap over buildings in a single bound. Leaping ...'

b"1. The word aloof is an English word borrowed from Dutch. Its meaning is at a distance. In which of the following sentences is the word used correctly? Anne's sociable nature mad her aloof in new situations When he first arrived at the Secret Annex, Peter kept aloof from the..."

b'The night was gone. The morning star was shining in the sky. I too had become a completely different person. The student of the Talmud, the child that I was, had been consumed in the flames. There remained only a shape that looked like me. A dark flame had entered into my ...'

b'Figurative Language 1..August is a day in the sun These words compare _____ to _____. 2.Such a stinky flower that is makes people regret having a nose These words suggest. 3. the camera spoke for him These words suggest. 4.them look like incomplete drawings These words...'

b"I am helping my child and didn't read much of the book Dragonwings, so can you help me to answer what is moon shadows point of view of the opium dens."

b'Henry and Lois are discussing ways to evaluate sources. Henry maintains that one should scan a source before skimming it. Lois argues that scanning is the best first step in evaluating a source. Who is correct?'

b'Advertising has both advantage and disadvantage. What does this statement mean?'

b'Advertising has both advantages and disadvantages.Discuss the statement.'

b'English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous language'

b'The distribution of B.A. degrees conferred by a local college is listed below, by major. Major Frequency English 2073 Mathematics 2164 Chemistry 318 Physics 856 Liberal Arts 1358 Business 1676 Engineering 868 9313 What is the probability that a randomly selected degree is not ...'

b"1. Make sure you unplug the TV when you go out. 2. Make sure that you unplug the TV when you go out. 3. Make sure you should unplug the TV when you go out. 4. Make sure you unplug the TV before you go out. ========================== Are they all grammatical? Can we use 'should..."

b'In which sentence is the meaning of the word blackmail best expressed. A. They hope that her envy would not cause blackmail B. They were afraid that blackmail would lead to more demands for money C. They reached for the phone, eager to hear the blackmail news.*** D, Alone and ...'

b'Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only not women?'

b'What can you do to save electricity? 2 1. I can unplug the computer and the printer. 2. I can unplug appliances in my room. 3. I can unplug all electronic devices in my room. 4. I can unplug the TVs in the rooms. 5. I can unplug all the electronic devices including the fax ...'

b"Look at this electricity bill, Andy. - Wow That's a lot. ==================== In this short dialogue, what is the part of speech of 'a lot'? 1. The electricity bill is a lot. Is this sentence grammatical? What other expressions can we use instead of 'a lot'?"

b"What can you do to save electricity? 1. I can turn off the lights when I leave my room. 2 I can turn off the lights when I don't use the room. 3.I can turn off the lights when I don't stay in the room. 4. I can turn off the lights of my classroom when we leave for the music ..."

b'what is the difference and the likes of Psalm 23 and The Sermon on the Mount ?'

b'4.In Amy\xc2\x92s English class, 30percent of the students play an instrument. She does not know how many in the whole school play an instrument, but there are 500 students in the school. A.Solve the proportion 30/100=n/500 to estimate the total number of students in the school who play...'

b"Which simple sentence has a compound verb? A. Becky and I weren't sure. B. Anne wanted a surprise party for Carrie. C. We have been planning the party since April. D. Finally, we voted and decided against a surprise."

b'I need help in finding good online sources for my essay. The topic and question is; why do community college students drop out?'

b"Which of the following would most likely be an entry in a sentence outline? A. Education beyond high school versus education beyond college B. Education as a pathway C. Education as a tool D. Education can change a person's life."

b'Hello I am having quite a bit of trouble trying to figure out a better way to answer this. 1. In the video, The Fates Present: Pyramus Thisbe,There are parts of the animated version in which there is a character, who appears at the beginning of the animation first, and who ...'

b"Im looking for some media examples of how women who don't want kids are perceived by society... one example I have is How I Met Your Mother, where one of the main characters Robin doesn't want kids..... Can anyone think of any other examples? Thanks"

b'1. A hippo is an animal which has a big mouth. 2. A hippo is an animal which is very heavy. 3. A hippo is an animal which is very big. 4. A crocodile is an animal which has lots of teeth. 5. A crocodile is an animal which has a strog and long tail. 6. A crocodile is an animal ...'

b'traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only not women.'

b'1. We can live to be 200. 2. We can live to be 200 years old. 3. We can live up to 200. 4. We can live up to 200 years. 5. We can live to 200. 6. We can live to 200 years. 7. We can live up to 200 years old. 8. We can live to 200 years old. ===================== I have listed ...'

b"1. We can reuse the water after we rinse the rice. 2. We can reuse the water after we rinse rice. Do we have to sue 'the' before 'rice'? 3. We can do the laundry after we gathering many clothes. 4. We can put many clothes in the washing machine. 5. We can use less water when..."

b"1. We can turn off the tap of water, when we are washing our faces. 2. We can turn off the tap water, when we are washing our faces. 3. We can turn off the city water, when we are washing our faces. =================== Q1: Can we use all the expressions? Q2: Can we use 'wash a..."

b'Compare Psalm 23 and The Sermon on the Mount'

b"I'll bet you can't guess my favorite musical instrument challenged my dentist"

b'HELP John or Doris write, Writes to us regularly. Either Carol or Ted was, Were asked to lead the meeting. Either Marie or you was, were late for class. Either you or Marie was, were late for class. Everybody in the class has, have a ticket. We speak a bit different...'


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