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b'Is this sentence punctuated correctly? At elementary school, my teacher delighted in handing me worksheets crowded with row upon row of three to five digit long division problems.'

b'how does rebellion and conformity play a role with mr. rotchester in jane eyre and jack in the importance of being earnest thank you'

b'King Arthur II has problems with pronouncing the digit 3. People are afraid of presenting something which includes 3 in it. The solution found is that if any number includes 3 as a digit, the number is divided by 2. This process continues as far as the new numbers include new ...'


b'I Am Green I Sip Tea What Am I Can someone answer this riddle it has 6 letters, 2 words --- ---'

b"I'm writing a speech about a mythical character/legendary hero that i admire what are the reasons why i admire him or her that i could write about? thanks in advance."

b'Describe the tone of the final line in \xc2\x93Anthem for Doomed Youth.\xc2\x94 What specific words help to establish this tone? The speaker ends with an image of blinds being drawn before dark. That word slow reflects the way the poem has been slowing down throughout this second ...'

b'What is the part of speech for the word have in the following sentence? Does she have the flu?'

b'What does Georgiana represent in The Birthmark? feminine perfection<----- evil and greed the rewards of hard work the price of madness'

b'WORDS: Averse Detract Disdain Divulge Elation Endow Expulsion Mortified Nullified Ominous ------------- Some people are so 1averse to living near a nuclear plant that they want the plant\xc2\x92s license to be 2nullify. They say the plant infringes on every homeowner\xc2\x92s right ...'

b'How does the playing of scales echo the return to tradition in \xc2\x93Prayer\xc2\x94? A. Scales are ornamental and challenging. B. Scales are foundational and methodical. C. The meter of scales matches that of the sonnet. D. The piano is a source of traditional music. B ?'

b"In \xc2\x93The Rocking-Horse Winner,\xc2\x94 Paul's ability to predict winning horses is ____. A. discreet B. brazening C. uncanny D. remonstrated A ?"

b'I have a major poetry test tomorrow and I just wanted to know how to tell apart a blank verse from a free verse. Thanks'

b"Sonnet 43 is mainly about A. the death of the speaker's beloved. B. the appearance of the speaker's beloved. C. the ways in which the speaker loves her beloved. D. the speaker's religious beliefs. B ?"

b'Parallel structure is the A. use of lines that are all more or less the same length. B. dispersal of thematic elements evenly throughout a work. C. balanced arrangement of stanzas in the sections of a narrative poem. D. use of repeated words, phrases, or grammatical forms. b ??'

b"Which words best describe the character of the bridegroom in \xc2\x93Woo'd and Married and A'\xc2\x94? A. clever and wise B. foolish and poor C. wealthy and wise D. irresponsible and clever A?"

b'Which vocabulary word correctly completes this sentence? After reading Chapman\xc2\x92s translation of Homer, Keats\xc2\x92s _____ about classic literature increased. A. vintage B. ken C. requiem D. teeming D?'

b'When the speaker of \xc2\x93Ode to the West Wind\xc2\x94 speaks of the impulse of the wind\xc2\x92s strength, to what is he referring? A. the sound of the wind B. the force driving the wind forward C. the weakening of the wind D. the random nature of the wind\xc2\x92s direction B??'

b"From which statement in The Governess could you conclude that mistress is self important? A. I didn't bother making a note of it because I always do it*** B. Maybe you heard forty when I said thirty C. I excelled in mathematics. He gets that from his mother. D. The saucer wan ..."

b'Assonance is the repetition of?'

b"Criticism-related expressions 1. Shame on you. 2. You have no shame. 3. You're insane/crazy. 4. Have you lost your mind? 5. Are you out of your mind? 6. He must have stolen the money. 7. Your writing is terrible. 8. Your explanation is totally wrong. 9. 10. Are they right? ..."

b"Complaint-related expressions 1. I've got a complaint against him. 2. As for me, I'm not satisfied. 3. I'm really sick and tired of my job. 4. It's boring, isn't it. 5. Why are you acting this way. 6. Behave. 7. I'm not satisfied with my grades. 8. 9. Are they right? Would ..."

b"In these sentences which verb should be chosen? The public also views/view other sculptures at the memorial. I think Views because public is plural? Mathematics fail/fails to explain the wall's dramatic effect. Fail?"

b'why traditional African marriage is an advantage for a men only , not women'

b'How does a person inherit intelligence from someone else?'

b"1. Which is a key factor that affects the climate of mountainous Latin America? 2 points \xc2\x95 snow \xc2\x95 El Ni\xc3\xb1o \xc2\x95 elevation \xc2\x95 sea breezes 2. Which statement best describes the economies of Central America? 2 points \xc2\x95 Central America's economy is dependent on the ..."

b'What do you take to school? 1. I take the number 2 bus. 2. I take number 2 bus. 3. I take the bus number 2. 4. I take bus number 2. =========== Which one is grammatical and commonly sed?'

b'What are some things you can inherit from your parents?'

b'What job can I do while I am doing Agricultural Sciences, Maths Literacy, Geography, Life Sciences, Life Orientation, Tsonga ang English.'

b'What do you take to school? 1. I take notebooks, textbooks and pencils. 2. I take a bus to school. ======================== What is the answer to the question?'

b"1. How do you go to school? By bus? Nio, I go there by subway. 2. What do you take to school? By bus? Nio, I go there by subway. ========================= Is 1 the same as 2? Can we use 'What do you take to school?' instead of 'How do you go to school?'"

b"1. It is 3 dollars to take the subway. ============== Is this sentence grammatical? What does 'It' refer to in the sentence? Does 'It' refer to 'the subway' or ' to take the subway'?"

b'1. Many American people have two houses. 2. Each American has two houses. ================= Does 1 mean 2?'

b"1. I have a pen. 2. I don't have a pen. 3. I have not a pen. 4. Do you have a pen? 5. Have you a pen? ============= Are they all grammatical? Do they use 3 and 5 in The UK?"

b'1. Many people have a car these days in the country. 2. Many people have cars these days in the country. =============== Are both OK? Does 1 mean each person has a car?'

b'1. A lot of Russian families have a dacha. 2. A lot of Russian families have dachas. ================ Are both correct? Does 1 mean that each family has a dacha?'

b'In america, our government is based on the principles of society and the rights of man. do you agree or disagree? List at list 3 example.'

b"What are you like? What's your personality like? What's your personality? What's your character like? What's your character? Describe your personality. ================== Are the questions all grammatical? Which ones are commonly used?"

b'1. Many Russian families spend weekends at their dacha. 2. Many Russian families spend weekends at their dachas. =============== Which one is grammatical? Are both OK? Then which one is commonly used?'

b'What can i do with with this subjects'

b'1. She is a medium height woman. 2. She is medium height. 3. She is of medium height. 4. She is a woman of medium height. =================== Are they all grammatical? Which ones are right?'

b"Mom came to Emily's room and found the window was open. It was raining hard outside. Because the window was opened, the books on the desk were wet. A: Emily, look at the books. They are all wet. B1:Oh, no. I'm sorry. I forgot to close the window. B2:Oh,dear. I'm sorry, Mom. I ..."

b"What can you do to save the environment? 1. I'd better take the stairs instead of the elevator. 2. I'd better turn off the light when I don't use it. 3. I'd better turn off the tap water when I am not using it. 4. I'd better not use paper cups or plates. 5. I'd better take a ..."

b'1. I am on my own today. 2. I am loney today. 3. I am alone today. 4. I am lone today. =================== Are they the same in meaning and grammatical?'

b'We have to find the right linking verb. 1. It was she/her who was the director. She 2. The owner of the recording equipment was me/I. I 3. The engineer helping with the recording was her/she. She 4. The person testing how the microphone sounded was I/me. I 5. The ...'

b'In this sentence Most of my time at the party were/was spent playing two games. Should we pick was since the pronoun is singular'

b'By the time we got there, the seals have or had barked twice'

b'In the poem The Arrow and the song which form best describes the poem this excerp is from?'

b'1. Emily likes winter because she can see snow in the mountains. 2. Emily likes winter because she can watch snow in the mountains. 3. Emily likes winter because she can look at snow in the mountains. =================== Which verb should we use?'

b"I have to memorize and recite exactly 12 lines from Shakespeare's Othello for class. I am having trouble picking from the entire play, a nice and notable speech section from the play. Any suggestions? I would prefer a part by Othello or Desdemona : Please list act/scene/..."


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