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b'Which of the following word pairs best shows the differences between the American town and the Tang town? seedy vs. proud dingy vs. colorful disorderly vs. calm prosperous vs. impoverished 2. Which of the following quotes from Windrider best shows how he feels about Moon ...'

b'Is this a VALID or INVALID argument? Animals should be in cages Did this person use DEDUCTIVE or INDUCTIVE reasoning? What types of appeals did the person rely on ethos, logos, pathos? Do you detect any BIAS in their response? could i get help figuring this out'

b"Would someone be willing to proof read my English essay? I proof read it but I don't know if I got all the mistakes."

b'Both the authors of Zoos: Joys or Jails and the author of Why do we need Zoos : a. think animals should live in their natural habitat b.believe animals are protected in zoos c.wish people would make donations to zoos d. want to help wild animals, esp. endangered ones.'

b"Please could you help me that I don't have run on sentences or if I need commas.After reading Man's Nature is Good Mencius argues that man is born good but, that life itself makes a man evil. He states Human nature is inherently good, just like water flows inherently ..."

b'1. There are four kinds of stick food in the passage on this page. Can you name the kinds of stick food? - They are meat sticks, fruit sticks, insect sticks, and even starfish sticks. 2. What kinds of stick food can you find on Wangfujing Street? - We can find all kinds of ...'

b'1. Coins were made from gold and silver. 2. Coins were made with gold and silver. 3. Coins were made of gold and silver. =============== Which expressions are correct? Are they all correct? Which ones are commonly used?'

b'You go through the door but i go through an eye.'

b"1. Make cuts along the bottom of the T-shirt to make strips. 2. Make cuts along the bottom of the T-shirt to make slips. ================= Are they all the same? Can we substitute 'slips' for 'strips'? What is the difference between 'slip' and 'strip'?"

b'Either one of them __ enough experience to do the job. Twenty years __ a lot of time in the field, and that\xc2\x92s how long they\xc2\x92ve been doing this work. Which of the following options correctly completes the sentence above? A. has, are B. has, is C. have, are D. have, is i ...'

b'research skills are fundamental to a. academic writing b. all types of writing c. education, literature, business, and other industries, d. libraries it could be a,b, or c, but i chose b. pleases help'

b'you will submit an annotated bibliography. You must include five reliable good sources and five unreliable bad sources. Each of your ten entries must include the following: An MLA reference. A summary. An evaluation. Is the source reliable or not? Provide two reasons to ...'

b"Hi, I did the acid-base titration lab with HCl and 0.5M NaOH. I need to calculate the moles of NaOH from molarity of NaOH and the average volume used. My English isn't good but is it asking me to find the moles of NaOH using the molarity of NaOH and the average volume used ..."

b"Are my French sentences right? Can someone check? Merci. 1. Il y a une fille qui s'appelle Fama . 2. Elle est quinze ans . 3. Elle est from Mauritanie . 4. Elle goes to Californie. 5. Elle vit avec une famille am\xc3\xa9ricaine. _________________________________ English ..."

b'Which country do you want to travel to among the three countries on the two pages? How come you want to travel to the country? 1. I want to travel to Canada because I want to try/eat beaver tails in Ottawa. They are sweet. 2. I want to travel to Belgium because I want to try/...'

b'Create an accurate summary of Marilyn Lee Cross and her reasons for being aboard the EDS. Provide your answer in two to three sentences.'

b'1. Which street food can you find on Wangfujing Street? - We can find all kinds of stick food there. 2. What kinds of stick food do you like most? - I like fruit sticks most. - I like fruit stick food most. - I like the fruit stick food the most. 3. Which food sticks do you ...'

b'There are many sellers on both sides of Wangfujing Street in Beijing. they sell all kinds of stick food. What is the suitable name for the sellers? 1. street venders 2. shop owners 3. sellers 4. shop keepers'

b'1. You look like your mother. 2. You take after your mother. 3. You resemble your mother. 4. You are similar to your mother. 5. You are like your mother. ============ Are they all the same in meaning? Which ones are commonly used?'

b"Which quote from the train car could be interpreted as the foreshadowing by the author? a You'll see, you'll find your husband and sons again \xc2\x85 In a few days\xc2\x85 b Fire I see a fire I see a fire c Keep her quiet Make that madwoman shut up. She's not the only one ..."

b"Blooms taxonomy was developed as a n a. research methodology b. problem solving strategy c. evaluation of critical thinking skills d. concept mapping tool. I did the reseasch on this an I'm torn between b. and c. I feel more strongly with c. evaluation of critical thinking ..."

b'Thank you for your help in many ways. Would you like to check the questions and answers? I need your correction. Thank you. 7. What is the capital of Canada? - It\xc2\xa1\xc2\xafs Ottawa. 8. What animal live in Canada? - Many beavers live in Canada. 9. What do people in Ottawa enjoy ...'

b'Are there any tips to help to learn and memorizing the phrasal verbs in english ? With Respects'

b'Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Ruby emailed her instructor, a question, and he replied to her immediately. Ruby emailed her instructor a question, and he replied to her immediately. Ruby emailed her instructor a question and he replied to her immediately.'

b'There are three countries; one is Canada, another is Belgium, and the other is China. Which country do you want to travel to? Why do you want to travel to the country? I want to travel to Canada. I want to visit Ottawa, the capital of Canada. People in Ottawa enjoys eating ...'

b'There are three kinds of street food. One is beaver tails, another is Brussels waffles, and the other is stick food. Which food do you like the most and why do you like the street food? I like beaver tails the most because they taste sweet. I like Brussels waffles because ...'

b"1. An insect is a small creature, that has six legs. 2. An insect is a small creature that has six legs. ================= Which one is grammatical? Is 1 wrong in terms of grammar? Can we put 'comma' before 'that' as in Sentence 1?"

b"Ebenezer Scrooge's character changes between act 1 and 2, describe the change in scrooge's character not multiple choice"

b'stage directions are one element of a drama in a paragraph, define and provide an example of stage directions from A surprising point of view. then analyze the stage directions. explain how these directions contribution to your understanding of A surprising point of view...'

b'what purpose for reading do the stage directions suggest to readers? to learn about a subject to be inspired to be entertained to gain understanding i think its the last one, or the first, pls check'

b'what is the prepositional phrase in the sentence? the family drove to the store. Athe family drove bdrove to the store cthe family d to the store'

b'what is the prepositional phrase in this sentence the bird flew directly over our heads. aflew bover Cheads dour is b right??? ms.sue'

b"Which of the following sentences uses concrete language? A. Jerry saw that the glass was really dirty. B. I met Cathy at a store on a street near the bridge. C. Danny's Labrador retriever eagerly chases tennis balls. D. When I saw Susan, she was reading a book. My answer is D"

b"Which of the following is a simple sentence? A. Karen and David arrived at the airport at 3:35 P.M. and took a taxi to their hotel. B. When I realized I was too late, I called David's cell phone and made arrangements to meet them in town. C. I got to the airport late because ..."

b"Which sentence should be edited to eliminate its clich\xc3\xa9? A. The texture of the burlap was a cross between woven straw and a three-day beard. B. The family was immensely relieved when Great-Aunt Martha's condition progressed from critical to it looks like she'll live ..."

b"Which of the following sentences contains a redundancy? A. Chris had trouble working up even mild enthusiasm for Mike's plan. B. Steve admired the partially completed stadium. C. Emily's sister gave birth to a pair of twins. D. At no time did Tony indicate a willingness to ..."

b"In which sentence does the italicized word have a negative connotation? A. Jack, who is the most outspoken member of the group, led the opposition to the new rule. B. Jenna's green eyes and dark eyelashes gave her an exotic look. C. Matthew was a scrawnykid, but he grew up ..."

b'Which of the following is not a type of sentence? A. Compound-complex B. Simple C. Complex D. Simple-compound My answer is D'

b'Traditional africa marriage is an advantage for men.not women'

b'African slaughter rituals should be allowed in surburbs.why?'

b'the speech of traditional afican marriege is an advantage for men only,not women'

b'poor reading comprehension skills lead to a. failure to remember what was read b. failure in academic performance c. lack of interest and concentration d. inability to relate sentences'

b'________ paragraphs give readers step-by-step information'

b'Which of the following is not a type of sentence? A. Compound-complex B. Simple C. Complex D. Simple-compound My answer is A'

b'Which of the following sentences contains a dependent clause? A. Kicking and leaping, the three deer behaved like rambunctious rabbits. B. Jared eagerly climbed into the boxing ring; he was on his back and out for the count in less than ten seconds. C. Please clear the table ...'

b'How do i start a travel blog?'

b'dragon wings based on chapter 12 what can the reader most likely conclude about the relationship between moon shadow and robin'

b'What should be in italics on a work cited page?'

b"Same post, another question : If propaganda is analogous to somabody para 1, then what should I establish for the two other examples in my essay? Would the total control of the citizens' genetic, economic, social, and sexual freedoms be analogous to denial of independence/..."

b'Which pf the following, would not always require a citation in a research paper? a- quotation of a phrase b- quotation of a sentence c- thesis statement d- sentence paraphrased from a book'


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