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b"there are 32 students 12percent got an A.How many of them got A's.i need help converting this percentage to a whole number please help"

b'Can someone please help me with my open needed question Solve the system by substitution -X-y-z= -8 -4add4yadd5z =7 2Xadd2z= 4'

b'If there are 24 students in the classroom and 3/6 are boys. How many boys are in the class'

b'A sales man bought some plates at 50naira each if he sold all of them for 600naira and make a profit of 20percent from transaction how many plates did he buy'

b'Find the number of terms in an AP given that its first and last terms are A and 37A respectively and that its common difference is 4A?'

b'arctany=xaddc To solve for y, would it just be: y=tanxaddc?'

b'How many cc of a 20percent solution of a sulfuric acid must be mixed with 100 coffee a 50percent solution to make a 25percent solution of sulfuric acid'

b'does anyone have some of the answers of at least know some of the answers for the algebra 1 a part 1 semester exam'

b'Sway has 3 red roses in her bouquet for every 5 yellow roses. The bouquet has two dozen red and yellow roses. How many are yellow roses?'

b'Which answer describes the transformation of gx=log4x?2add4 from the parent function fx=log4x? It is the graph of fx shifted 2 units right and 4 units up. It is the graph of fx shifted 2 units left and 4 units down. It is the graph of fx shifted 4 units left and 2 ...'

b'1 Write a ratio and a percent for the shaded area. An image of a square divided evenly into 16 smaller squares is shown. 5 of the smaller squares are shaded grey. A 1/5, 25percent B 5/16, 31.25 C 1/4, 20percent D 1/4, 25percent'

b'Find the components of vector u with a magnitude of 10 and a direction angle of ?=54\xc2\xb0 Help??'

b'Sam is hoisting an engine form a pickup truck he is fixing. He hands hoist using 3 rafters on ceiling. Measures the angle the hoist makes at the baseto be 85 degrees and the length across the of chain across rafters to be 80 inches. One length of chain hanging down from ...'

b"Shantanu's age is 3 years more than Tanya's age.The sum of their ages is 27 years.Find their ages."

b'You have 10.0 ml of a 5.0percent NaCl solution. To this you add 5.00ml of a 2.0percent NaCl solution. What is the molarity of NaCl in this final mixture?'

b'If 4 balls out of 6 reach the boundary in a cricket match then the average number of balls reaching the boundary in selected 10 overs of the match?'

b'How much pure acid must be added to 2 liters of a 10percent solution of acid to obtain a mixture that is 20percent acid?'

b'from the top of a vertical mast 150m high,two huts on the same ground level are observed. One due east and the other due west of the mast. Their angles of depression are 60\xc2\xb0 and 45\xc2\xb0 respectively. Find the distance between the huts. Solutuons with diagram'

b'The sides of two squares are 4cm and 6cm. Find the ratio of their areas and their perimeters.'

b'what is the possible number of outcomes in choosing a book to read from 7 fiction and 9 non fiction books?'

b'Student of standard X to plant 300 trees in a rows, to form an isosceles triangle. The number of trees in the successive rows increasing by one from the starts by 1 tree to the base. How many trees the student have to plant in the row which forms the base of the triangle ?'

b'Two number are in the ratio 4:7 if the smallest is 36 what is the largest number?'

b'At the end of a journey 7/9 of the fuel tank of a car had been used and the remaining was 14 litres. How much fuel was in the tank at the beginning of the journey.'

b'The diameter of a spherical grapefruit is 6.0 inches. An amateur fruit slicer misses its center by one inch. What is the radius of the circular slice?'

b'If the 15th and 16th term of an arithmetic sequence are 99 and 92 respectively then the 5th term is? Studying for math final and I cannot figure this out'

b'In what time will 800 amount to 860 3 3/4percent simple interest? I=860-800'

b'A locker combination has three nonzero digits, and digits cannot be repeated. The first two digits are 1 and 2. What is the probability that the third digit is 3? is it 1/7 or 1/6?'

b'Fruit smoothie five dollars coupon for 40percent off find the price of each product after a discount is applied'

b'Color pencils are six dollars and the discount rate is 5percent find the price of each product after a discount is applied'

b'If the shadow of a 45 foot building is 60 feet long what time of day is it?'

b"find f'x find the slope of the graph of f a x=2 and x=4 find the equations of the tangent lines at x=2 and x=4 and find the values of x where the tangent line is horizontal. fx=2x^2add8x I found that f'x=4xadd8 and that the slopes were 16 and 24 and the equations were y=..."

b'A force act on a body for 0\xc2\x955sec and changes its momentum from 16kg. Calculate the 1-magnitude of the force 2-impulse on the ball'

b'Nick pulled pizza out of the oven and cut it into four equivalent pieces he ate two of them.His sister came in and cut one of the remaining pieces into three smaller equivalent pieces she ate two of the small pieces .what fraction of the pizza did each of them eat?what ...'

b'Enzo is 7 years younger than Ezra.Five years later,Ezra will be twice as old as Enzo.Find their present ages'

b'It takes 2 hours to travel 30 miles by bike.how long will it take to travel 105 miles?'

b'Hello, I could really use some help with this problem. If the national economy shrank at an annual rate of 7?percent per year for three consecutive? years, then the economy shrank by 21?percent over the three?-year period. - Of course, I understand 7percent would be 93. I have tried ...'

b'out of 320 students at a university,190 taking math,235 taking chemistry and 120 taking physics.125 are taking both chemistry and math,95 taking both chemistry AND PHYSIC,55 TAKING BOTH MATH AND PHYSICS.HOW MANY ARE TAKING ALL THE THREE SUBJECTS'

b'Kay wants to know the length of large pond on property. One stake is at 50m with an angle of 21 degrees. The 65m from the other end of the lake and the angle is 26 degrees. How long is pond?'

b'Here is the question: a ball is dropped from a height of 3m and bounces on the ground . At the top of each bounce, the ball eaches 60percent of its previous height. Calculate the total distance travelled by the ball when it hits the ground for the fifth time? I know you need the n, ...'

b'the battery lifetime is normally distributed for large samples with a standard deviation of 70 days. if 16percent of the batteries have a lifetime of 850 or higher, what is the average battery life?'

b'45 Over 180 *360'

b'Airport control tower measures the distance to one plane taken off at 500m and distance to second plane coming for a landing at 1050m. If the angle between the lines of observation on radar screen is 86 degrees> how far apart are the two planes?'

b'Two guy wires are attached to a cell tower. The first one is 15 ft long and at an angle of elevation on the ground of 55 degrees. The second wire is 22 ft long an angle of elevation on the ground of 63 degrees. Both wires secured same location on ground. How far apart the ...'

b'The table shows the position of a cyclist. t seconds 0 1 2 3 4 5 s meters 0 1.4 5.4 10.8 17.4 24.6 a Find the average velocity for each time period. i [1, 3] 4.45 Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. m/s ii [2, 3] 5.5 Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. m/s iii [3...'

b'A outdoor swimming pool is 3.0 m wide and 10.0 m long. If the weekly evaporation is 4.0 cm, how many laters of water must be added to the pool weekly if it does not rain.????'

b'if n veries inversely as y^2-1 and is equal to 24,when y=10. then find the value of n, when y=5'

b"For events A and B it is known that pA=pB , pA{intersection} B=0.1 and pA{union}B=0.7 find pA'?"

b'How do you solve 6x add 12 add 2cosx = 0?'

b'Suppose that the domain of discourse is the set {-2, -1, 0, 1, 2}. Express the following statements without using quantifiers, using only the connectives \xc2\xac, V, ?. a ?x Px b ?x Px c ? \xc2\xacPx d ? \xc2\xacPx e \xc2\xac? Px f \xc2\xac? Px'

b'triangle PQR has vertices p-3,5,q7,3 and r-1,-5 find the distance between PQ,QR and RP'


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