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b"She ate a piece of bread at the table. ===================== What does 'a piece of bread' mean? 1. a small piece of bread 2. a big piece of bread 3. whole bread such as a sandwich"

b'In this essay there are 6 sources. I would type it out but I doubt that someone will read all the sources to help me out. If you want, I could type every source out. Can someone help me explain what this is asking and how I could make a thesis statement out of it??? Now, the ...'

b"Why was Memorial Day originally called Decoration Day? It was a better name for the holiday than Memorial Day. People used to make decorations on that day, but they no longer do. People decorated soldiers' graves with flowers on that day. Decoration is a more old-fashioned ..."

b'Underline each verb phrase. Write the main and helping verbs on the line. 1.You may know about the job of the ghostwriter. main:__ Helping:__ 2.Ghostwriters do not haunt anyone. Main:__ Helping:__'

b'To what people does John Winthrop compare the Puritans in A Model of Christian Charity? the ancient Egyptians the ancient Romans the ancient Israelites the ancient Babylonians'

b"Everything will be 20 percent off. So, don't miss your great chances for great prices. ============================ What does 'for great prices' modify? Does it modify 'chances' or 'miss'?"

b"1. Is there a big market around here? 1. Yes, there's one near here. 2. Yes, there's a big one near here. ============= Q1: Are both answere grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Q2: Does 'one' in 1 mean 'a market' or 'a big market'?"

b'what is a minor transtion of a text?'

b'1. A pair of gloves is a nice present. 2. A pair of gloves are a nice present. --------------------------- Which one is grammatical?'

b'1. He kept in contact with his parents every day during the journey. 2. He got in contact with his parents every day during the journey. 3. He kept in touch with his parents every day during the journey. 4. He got in touch with his parents every day during the journey...'

b'I need a sentence that will finish my descriptive writing off with a funny personification? Aiming for level 7.'

b'A clause that tells how, when, where, or to what extent something was done is an _____.'

b"I'm looking for a pair of gloves. 1. Are they for you? 2. Is it for you? ======================== Which response is right?\xc2\x95English - Reed, Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 7:38am Pair is a singular noun. The plural is pairs, as in two pairs of gloves. The second response is ..."

b'Asepsis, 766-793 Medical, 766-781 Cleaning in, 767 Client education in, 780 Control of infection transmission and, 768-769 Disinfection and sterilization in, 767-768 Hand hygiene in, 769-770 Isolation precautions and, 774-776 Personal protective equipment and, 779-780 ...'

b'Make your corrections in the space provided beneath each sentence. Most students do not like english class. They think its a waste of there time and energy. Ain\xc2\x92t nobody likes to right papers and take tests anyway? Me and you dont. My friend Johnny now him know alot about ...'

b'Why are words written in italic even though they are formal English?'

b'1. My favorite book is Tempest. It was written by William Shakespeare. I like it because it was about the happenings on a magic island. 2. My favorite book is Tempest. It was written by William Shakespeare. I like it because it was about betrayal, magic and forgiveness. 3. My ...'

b'Betty is a pretty girl. Fatimah is a pretty girl. Both____________________________________?___________.'

b"well among all those subject i'm good at sepedi, maths,history,english an geography,so is it possible to become a lawyer wth these subject?"

b"1. New York City is in USA. 2. New York City is in the USA. 3. He lives in New York City, USA. 4. He lives in New York City, the USA. ============= Q1: Do we have to use 'the' or not? Q2: Can we use New York instead of New York City?"

b"I am writing a 300 word short storyor a 'personal' narrative essay for the prompt: lessons we learn affect one's future. So far I have a general idea: I want the lesson to be loyalty and truth and I want the effect to be that the character would learn to appreciate and ..."

b'Not only is the aim of this presentation being to provide guests of the Day with a linguistic insight as to how profound this problematic topic is to modern-day society, it will also attempt to communicate to the audience plans of action of which to terminate this issue ...'

b"1. He is anxious about his mother's health. 2. He is anxious for his mother's health. ======================== Which one is OK? Are both right? Then, which one is commonly used?"

b'What food do we eat from carts? -We eat drinks, hotdogs,a nd pretzels from carts on every street corner in New York City. ==================== Are they correct? can we use eat drinks?'

b'1. special:not ordinary or usual 2. ________: to have pleasure in something ===================== What is the suitable word for the blank?'

b"A prepositional phrase modifies a word and relates that word to the preposition's _____."

b'1. This is a long-sleeved shirt. 2. This is a longsleeved shirt. 3. This is a long-sleeve shirt. 4. This is a longsleeve shirt. =================== Which ones are grammatical?'

b'1. short winter coat 2. long winter coat 3. medium winter coat 4. long-sleeved shirt 5. short-sleeved shirt 6. medium-sleeved shirt ============== Are the expressions all used? Do we have some other expressions?'

b"I'm looking for a pair of gloves. 1. Are they for you? 2. Is it for you? ======================== Which response is right?"

b"I'm looking for a shirt for my dad. =============================== Does 'for my dad' modify 'shirt' or 'looking'? Is 'for my dad' an adjective phrase or an adverbial phrase?"

b"Word Bank: deliberately, derision, despair, diligent, fatigue, felicitous, fervent, impudent, insolence, keen, lingered, meagerness, merit, mock, obliged, resentful, tedious, terse, treacherous, vast. While most museum visitors displayed respect for the artiste's work, there ..."

b"In \xc2\x93The Birthmark,\xc2\x94 what does the birthmark represent for the two main characters, Aylmer and Georgiana? At the end of the story, what does the birthmark come to symbolize? I read the story I just don't understand the question"

b'I need help with a few questions. They need to be answered to help me write an essay on Neoclassicism. Please help me. Thank you 1. Throughout his career, critics accused John Dryden of catering to people in political power. Does Annus Mirabilis fit this accusation? Why or ...'

b'What did the author of \xc2\x93The Cold Equations\xc2\x94 most likely want you to believe? What examples from the story make you think this? Explain your answer in three to five sentences.'

b"1. There are a house , trees and a shining sun in the first picture. 2. There is an English textbook in Picture 2. Do you like English. English is fun, isn't it? 3. There are two boys. What are they doing? They are playing with a ball in the sea. 4. A math textbook is in the ..."

b'1. The price was 40,000 won. The price is 50percent off. Now the price is 20,000 won. 2. The price of the shirt was 40,000 won. The shirt is 50percent off. Now the shirt is 20,000 won. ================ Which one is grammatical?'

b"May I take your order? - Yes, please. I'll have a ham sandwich and an orange juice. - Is that all? - Yes. How much is it all together? =============================== Q1: In the short dialogue, will you look at the last sentence? What about the following sentence? Can we use ..."

b'hello admin,i have an english homework and i confuse with this question 1 robin still felt --------- of the accident several months later. a reaction b effects c affects d contraction and i answer a,is it wrong? 2 despite the peer pressure, jessica held fast to her _________ a...'

b'In each sentence, there is one word which is incorrect. Choose the one word or phrase that is in? 1. What is the name of the taller mountain in the world? a. Is b. Name c. Taller d. In 2. Every morning, Kristen wake up at 7.00am on the dot a. Every b. Wake c. At d. On 3. ...'

b'anguage that is important to the story and exact dialogue that is important to the message or tone makes: sharing the book difficult for the teacher. for a poor choice to share with young children. a story better when acted out with puppets instead of read. a story better when...'

b"1. I will transfer you to my manager. ================== In which situation, can we use this expression? What other expressions are similar to 'transfer' here?"

b"I'll have one hamburger. 1. Anything else? 2. Will you have anything else? 3. Do you want anything else? 4. Do you want to have anything else? -------------------- Can we use the others instead of 1?"

b'She describes the pain as sharp pain located in the right trochanteric region.'

b"A: May I take your order? B: Yes, please. I'll have a chicken sandwich. A:Sure. Anything else? B: One small orange juice, please. Conversation at a sandwich shop ============================== Q1: What is the meaning of 'Sure'? Why is 'Sure' used here? 'What other ..."

b"1. What will you have from the menu above? - I'll have a cheese sandwich and a large Coke. 2. What will you buy from the menu above? - I'll buy a cheese sandwich and a large Coke. 3. What will you eat from the menu above? - I'll eat a cheese sandwich and a large Coke..."

b'Identify the following sentences as simple,compound,complex, or compound-complex I saved money so that I could buy either a house or a car'

b"Q1: What is there in the classroom? Q2: What's there in the classroom? Q3: What is in the classroom? Q4: What are in the classroom? 1. There is an LCD TV in the classroom. 2. There are an English textbook and a pencil case on my desk. 3. There are a lot of handouts on the ..."

b'Synthesis/transformation question I agree with your comment entirely. ______ cannot _________ more _______________. Ans 1: I cannot agree more with your comment. Ans 2: I cannot agree more entirely with your comment. We can accept Ans 1. Is Ans 2 acceptable as well?'

b'In a sample essay for this lesson, we read, \xc2\x93Add those two together and then think about the health benefits that accrue to all pet owners and you\xc2\x92ll realize an amazing thing: Adopting a shelter animal can improve your quality of life in surprising and delightful ways.\xc2\x94 ...'

b'what makes a wax harmful?'


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