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b'How did geography influence the way the English colonies developed? A: Geography was a very influential factor in the development of English colonies. Economies in each colonial region depended solely on their geographic surroundings. For example, access to the Atlantic Ocean ...'

b'Can someone help me edit revise this ex. paragraph. The directions were to revise edit identify strengths weaknesses about this person and what this person included in their body paragraph. I could find very few mistakes but the major is including 3 QUOTES in 1 BODY ...'

b'If Ms. Herbert gives her class a English quiz every 6 days any math quiz every 10 days when is the first day there will be a math and English quiz on the same day'

b"Can someone check that I put these words in the right spot of where they need to go? Please correct me if I'm wrong : In the 1950s in Europe, to BROACH such a controversial subject as the Algerian separatist movement in a public forum was assured to immediately EVOKE rage ..."

b"Which word has a meaning most similar to the word pageant? Rebellion Performance Auction preeminent Help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Don't understand"

b'which are state-of-being verbs in following sentences: While he was biking this morning, Zach had seen a small accident. A huge SUV ran a red light, and the oncoming sedan was unable to stop. Driving on Portland\xc2\x92s narrow streets was dangerous and expensive. The small dent ...'

b"A:I found it on the counter. Library B:Thank you. I'll come there right now. -------------- Do we have to use Come there? How about Go there? ex I'll go there right now."

b"1. He is an old college buddy of mine. 2. He is an old university buddy of mine. ================ Are both OK? Which one is commonly used? Does 'buddy' mean 'friend'? Can we substitute 'friend' for 'buddy'?"

b'1. I have a bit of a fever and a cough. 2. I have a bit of fever and cough. ============= Which one is grammatical?'

b"Please check to see if I have these words in the correct sentences. Correct me if I'm wrong : 1. The defendants attorney objected to the plaintiff's ASSERTION, claiming it was hearsay. 2. The news media PROMULGATED the results of the election. 3. I tried to ARTICULATE my ..."

b'Independent of compound clause she got a hot dog you got a hamburger and she got a salad'

b'How did geography influence the way the English colonies developed?'

b'Which of the following vocabulary words ends in a suffix that indicates it is an adverb? A. Imminent B. Doggedness C. Infallibility Is the answer B? Thank you'

b"What is the term for the part of a story that sets up the story's ending? Exposition Conflict Falling action Resolution Plzzzz help me"

b'Why put it in an nonfactual persuasive. I need options.'

b"Have a great weekend. See you on Monday. - You, too See you later. ========================== What other expressions can we use instead of 'You, too? Is You,too used instead of Have a great weekend?"

b'Revise the following paragraph, improving it without changing its overall meaning. Pay particular attention to the sentence structure and parts of speech. Imagine a time when there was only one little store. To shop in for a whole town. The only selection there was to choose ...'

b'Read Article IX of the United States Bill of Rights: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. What is the main effect of setting the phrase of certain rights off with commas following the...'

b"How does the episode with Victor's father and the episode with the lightning strike as described in this excerpt function similarly? They both involve the reading of books about science. They both involve interactions with parents or guardians. They both suggest a certain ..."

b'If, . . . my father had taken the pains to explain to me that the principles of Agrippa had been entirely exploded and that . . . the powers of [Agrippa] were chimerical, . . . I should certainly have thrown Agrippa aside. . . A chimera is a deception or fantasy of the mind. ...'

b'All that had so long engaged my attention suddenly grew despicable. Which of the following assertions is supported by this text? The forces of nature are not predictable enough for the narrator. The forces of nature are responsible for the shift in focus of the narrator. The ...'

b'Which of the sentences below uses the word turned as a linking verb? AThe milk turned sour after sitting out on the counter overnight. BShe turned the doorknob but the door was locked. CHave you turned in your writing assignment yet? My choice is A'

b'After I finish my homework I will listen to the radio. Is this sentence a complex sentence?'

b"Help me identify the subject and predicate in the sentence, 'After I finish my homework I will listen to the radio."

b'Can you help me identify the subject verb indirect object direct object in the sentence, The garbage truck arrives very early in the morning.'

b"Hey guys I need to say at which position finally stands. and I have no idea... Here the sentence: Age had finally wearied them. At the other sentences it was after the subject or before the predicate. something like that. And here I'm lost... Can you help me?"

b"How does the episode with Victor's father and the episode with the lightning strike as described in this excerpt function similarly? 5 points They both involve the reading of books about science. They both involve interactions with parents or guardians. They both suggest a ..."

b"What is the main effect of the scene with the lightning strike on the reader? 1. It suggests the narrator has little understanding of the world. 2. It suggests the power of nature is beyond the control of the narrator 3. It suggests the shifting nature of the narrator's ..."

b'What is the main effect of describing key events in the narrative as accidents or as happening by chance? They suggest the events are not entirely negative in their effects on the narrator. They suggest the events cannot be retold objectively by the narrator. They suggest ...'

b'I feel exquisite pleasure in dwelling on the recollections of childhood, before misfortune had tainted my mind and changed its bright visions of extensive usefulness into gloomy and narrow reflections upon self. 1. Which words from this text help develop the theme of pride? ...'

b'Which is a complete sentence? a. Jordan Pond House was destroyed by fire in 1979. b. Seal Harbor for popovers and fruit ice cream. c. Two campgrounds inside the park, Blackwoods and Seawall. d. For the future of the site, restoration of the Rambling Inn. need help please'

b'The connotation for these words Snooty Arrogant Conceited Vain Egotistical'

b'What is an homograph.'

b'write a story that illustrates the saying Every dark cloud has a silver lining'

b'Which value is reflected in Heracles ? .'

b'I have to write a thematic essay and a characteristic essay. I have a few questions in the writing. I am in grade 11 right now. 1 what should I include in the introduction? Whenever I write anything about the story, my tutor says that is summarizing and I should not do that ...'

b'true or false all the words in could have been prevented are verbs.'

b'Choose the correct relative pronoun in the sentence: answer I think is correct Mrs. Eggelson tells _____ will listen about her health problems. whoever whomever The children argued about the actor _____ should receive the award. who whom Few people knew the woman _____ ...'

b'Tati write letters once a month ?'

b'Choose the correct relative pronoun in the sentence: I have great respect for _____ accepted that responsibility. whoever whomever Is the answer whomever?'

b'can anyone please take this small vocab game? I want to see how I do compared with others... q u i z l e t .c o m /89352005/scatter'

b'I just learning more accuracy English important with communications.'

b"Samuel Johnson's Letter to Lord Chesterfield ? Help? Where in the letter does the tone seem ironic? And also where does the tone shift? Please Help"

b'1. It is the World Cup soccer contest. 2. It is the World Cup soccer match. 3. It is the World Cup soccer game. =================================== Are they all grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Thank you for your help.'

b'1. There was a village beneath this hill. 2. There was a village under this hill. 3. There was a village below this hill. ======================== Which preposition is suitable in the sentence?'

b'I have to find all the nouns and label them. Exploration is dangerous. It takes courage to sail to an unknown land. Exploration - idea Courage - idea Land - place'

b'I saw __________ one-eyed rogue. [a/some] please help me'

b'how do you write an evaluation for a narrative about Cry Freedom explaining techniques you have used in your narrativeeg. simile, metaphor, structure???'

b'1. In Japan, we have to pay for every little dish. 2. In Japan, we have to pay for every small dish. 3. In Japan, we have to pay for every little/small food. 4. In Japan, we have to pay for all little dishes. 5. In Japan, we have to pay for all small dishes. =============== ...'

b'Ravit and his friends won the match yesterday.rewrite the sentence'


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