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b'Which of the following is a primary source from early American and colonial literature? A. Religion in the Colonies Discovery Education streaming movie B. An essay about Olaudah Equiano C. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards ****** D. the Library of ...'

b'12. Why did the English not try to settle North America earlier than the late 1500s? 1 point A.They were not as strong as their European neighbors. B.They were isolationists who preferred to keep to themselves. C.They did not believe there was anything of value in North ...'

b"Analyze the validity of the following argument: Sally argues, Mom, your rules are way too strict Melissa's mother lets her stay out until 2:00 AM on weekends. Peter's parents let him go to all-night raves even on school nights. Tom's parents don't even give him a curfew ..."

b'In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass what is the cumulative effect of a periodic sentence, antithesis, and balanced sentence have on the story. Also how does sentence structure help to create the effect.'

b'1. He used to take a walk in the park. 2. He used to swim in this river. 3. He used to live in Chicago. 4. He used to drive a car to New York. 5. He used to walk his dog along the road. 6. He used to play soccer when he was young. 7. He used to cook noodles for his mother. 8. ...'

b"IS The italicized word in the sentence below an adverb or a preposition? Why don't you come OVER this evening? A. Adverb. B. Preposition. C. None of the above. Which sentence below uses the word FINE as an interjection? A. The weather is very FINE today. B. Did you pay your ..."

b'The direction of At the Tourist Centre in Boston can be described as a. emotionally charged b. colloquial and relying on slang c. informal and simple d. mostly figurative and abstract'

b'Please, explain me what does it mean about this quote. \xc2\x93Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, ...'

b'What can you do for your school? 1. I can help my homeroom teacher clean the room. 2. I can go on an errend for my teacher. 3. I can pick up waste from the ground. 4. I can sweep the hallway with a broom and a dustpan. 5. I can clean the hallway to the gym. 6. I can water the ...'

b"Don't want to forget what you learned today? Sleep on it. Naps, ideally 90 minutes long, help you register the happenings and how-to's learned during the day. Then when you catch your z's at night, your brain creates memories of the day's events. But overload your brain with ..."

b"Read the following sentences from The Youngest Doll.The aunt thought he was listening for the breathing of the prawn to see if it was still alive, and shefondly lifted his hand and placed it on the spot where he could feel the constant movement of thecreature's antennae. The..."

b"W: I baked some cookies. Pick your favorite. M: Wow Looks yummy. I'd like a round cookie, please. W: A round one? You mean the one with a star? M: No, I mean the cookie with a bear on it. ================================== What is the full form of Looks yummy? 1. It looks ..."

b"I had to read this paragraph to see if there was any puncuation and grammar mistakes and also with the content and correct citations. I found that the person used this which is not appropriate because the reader doesn't what this is. There seems to be run-ons as well. What..."

b'at a bookfair there was an equal number of chinese books and english book. at the end of the day 84 chinese and 156 english books were sold. the ratio of english books to chinese books became 7:4.how many books were there altogether at beginning of the day'

b"Long was the season: Twelve-winters' time torture suffered The friend of the Scyldings, every affliction, Endless agony; "

b'Who was Mary Elizabeth Lease?'

b'What was the goal of the Americanization movement?'

b"Use the excerpt to answer the following question: And so as it were at the same moment the master's command is given and the disciple's work is completed, the two things being speedily accomplished together in the swiftness of the fear of God by those who are moved with the ..."

b'A comma cannot be used to correct most run-on sentences can be used to correct most run-on sentences can be used to combine two independent clauses correctly is required to combine two dependent clauses correctly is it b pls help me'

b'Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment? She writes comics. That was her dream. Because she loves them. In time she made it happen. is it d pls help me'

b'A run-on sentence A fails to express a complete thought and lacks proper punctuation B is a dependent clause and lacks proper punctuation C combines two or more complete thoughts without proper punctuation D combines two or more dependent clauses without proper punctuation is ...'

b'A sentence fragment expresses a complete thought fails to express a complete thought connects two complete thoughts together puts two incomplete thoughts together is it b pls help me'

b"What are three questions asked in this sonnet. If you can help great If not that's fine"

b'You enter an exam room to see an elderly patient, and they refuses to remove their glasses during the exam. How would you handle the situation? You have a patient whose English skills need some improvement, and you do not speak their language. How do you overcome the language ...'

b"1. I'm running late. 2. I'm becoming late. ========== Does 1 mean 2?"

b'1. Time is up. 2. Time is over. 3. Time is finished. 4. Time is off. =============== At the end of a talk show, what can an MC say?'

b'I have to write about an artifact. Could a place be an artifact? Say I went someone and really enjoyed it for a certain reason Ex: Going to a museum that I really liked.. Could I write about that? or is it not an artifact'

b"Mrs. Sue or anybody can you help me with this question please?? Create a paraphrase of the following sentence from \xc2\x93The Cold Equations\xc2\x94: She held the letters out to him. Will you take care of these and see that they're enveloped and mailed? pls help me"

b'Why do some people keep diaries and journals? Diaries are considered important by literary individuals. Diaries help people find strong, incriminating evidence. Diaries allow writers to tell stories about what they have done. Diaries keep track of useful information for later ...'

b'How can teaching someone else what you have learned from your reading help you understand it? The other person can pass a test about the information. The other person can tell you whether it is interesting. You will be forced to consider and clarify tough concepts. You will ...'

b'According to the strategies discussed in the lesson, when you have trouble making sense of what you have read, what is one strategy you can use? Share thoughts and questions with friends. Try not to overthink the problems you have. Read the same material at least three times. ...'

b"0 Hi, It's not a nursing interview but I have an interview for Dietary aide on Tuesday. I will be attending nursing school on September 8th, 2015. how should I answer on a question, Why are you qualified for this position? How can I use my education as a qualification? ..."

b"1. The knife is used to dice a radish. 2. The box is used to wrap gifts. 3. The dancing room is used to play ping-pong. -------------- Are they all grammatical? Do we have to put a pause after 'used' in each sentence?"

b"When you touch another person's life, the gift keeps on multiplying. Please help me interpret this quote because I don't understand it very much."

b"1. I'll give you 3 more a week. 2. I'll give you three dollars more a week. 3. I'll give you three more dollars a week. =========== Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Are they all the same in meaning?"

b'The following BODY paragraph appeared in a student essay submission. Read it carefully, identifying srengths and weaknesses in the margins and fixing any errors with regard to content, style, grammar, and mechanics. I this already I could only find that there was no legit ...'

b'The Magna Carta and writings of __________ illustrate the English legal heritage that limited government authority. A. John Locke B. Thomas Jefferson C. Patrick Henry D. James Madison I am pretty sure its A'

b'I am frank,i have 4 credits with me namely,maths,siswati,business studies and english,am asking what courses i can take'

b"1. What fact best explains why it is significant that Angelou's narrative is set in 1940? A. In 1940 the united states was not yet involved in world war 2 B. In 1940 segregation of blacks and whites was still the norm *** C. In 1940 most high school students did not go on to ..."

b'Similarly on the other hand and however are the signals that the author of a source is using which of the following structures. A. Sequencing B. Comparison and contrast *** C. Cause and effect D. Problem and solution'

b'India elections: domination of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty under threat.'

b'What are the two main reasons for \xc2\x93a wave of discontent directed at those who have represented [the people] over the decades\xc2\x94 as discussed in the article'

b'From reviewing your notes, you can learn to understand the author find the story\xc2\x92s main idea determine the word count locate the date of publication pls help'

b"1. Did anyone call me while I was gone? 2. Did anyone call for me while I was gone? - Yes, you have a message from Lisa. =========================== Which question is right? What is the difference between 'call me' and 'call for me'?"

b'the diameter of a wheel is 63 cm, the distance travelled by the wheel in 200 revolution is :'

b"1. This is the boy who Jane likes. 2. This is the boy whom/that Jane likes. ---------------- 2 is grammatical, but what about 1? Can we use 'who' in Sentence 1? ============================ 3. Look at the table that/which is made of stone. 4. Look at the table whose color is..."

b"What size do you wear? 1. A size six. 2. I wear a size six. 3. I wear size six. ======================= Which ones are correct answers? Do we have to use 'a' or not before 'size six'?"

b"1. I don't think it's good to get so many side dishes. 2. I don't think it's good to receive so many side dishes. 3. I don't think it's good to have so many side dishes. ================= 1 is correct,right? How about 2 and 3? Can we use 'receive' or 'have' instead of 'get..."

b"Quality openings typically exhibit the following components: SCENARIO: told in the 3rd person-even if t happened to you-- that connects creatively to the essay's central idea; instead of I, use appositives to describe yourself ; a disinterested teenager, an aspiring gymnast..."

b'Can you please send me some examples of metaphor?'


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