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b'In The Maori: Genealogies and Origins in New Zealand,\xc2\x94 which evidence best helps the reader infer that the Maori people live in a difficult climate?'

b'For questions 7-10, identify the type of noun underlined in each sentence. 7. The AZTECS made sacrifices to their gods. 2 points Select all that apply. Common. Proper. Compound. Collective. 8. A SWARM of insects surround the raft as we drifted down the river. 2 points ...'

b'describe two improvements that the people of ikror have enjoyed from the state assembly and mention two aspects that still need improvement from the article of india elections:domination of nehru-gandhi dynasty under threat'

b"1. It's not actually raining now. 2. It's not raining now actually. 3. Actually it's not raining now. ================= Which one is grammatical? Where should we put 'actually' in the sentence?"

b'Sally wants a new bicycle,but her mother and father will not buy her one.'

b'What are some imaginary elements to fantasy comics?'

b'In the state of Indiana, 192,031 people claim not to speak English very well. If this is 3.2percent of the population of Indiana residents aged 5 years and older, estimate the population of Indiana residents aged 5 years and older. round to the nearest person'

b'Is the word humor abstract or concrete'

b'What type of question can the bolded text help you answer? My social studies teacher, Ms. Galvez, rolled her eyes at me and I rolled my eyes back at her. The Man was always coming down on me, just because I go through school firewalls like wet Kleenex, spoof the gait-...'

b"Which of the following is an example of an interpretive question? Who is Marcus' social studies teacher? Why did Marcus have such a hard time in school? What does the school intercom sound like? Is it fair that Marcus is always called to the office? is it b"

b"Which of the following is an example of an evaluative question? Where does Marcus go to school? Why did Marcus have such a hard time in school? Is it wrong for Marcus to work around the school's security systems? How does Marcus react when he is called to the office"

b'Which type of question can you answer by connecting the dots and piecing together information from a text? literal interpretive evaluative adaptive pls help me'

b'why did marilyn lee cross aboard the EDS'

b'Identify the purpose of this writing. Some people love the Everglades; as for me, I agree with the contest people who said their first prize was one week in the Everglades, and their second prize was two weeks in the Everglades. A. To inform B. To persuade C. To entertain D. ...'

b"9. The author of My Brother's Keeper mainly develops Jamie\xc2\x92s character through his actions *dialogue and thoughts the narrators description other\xc2\x92s reaction to him 10. In My Brother's Keeper, what does Ted want Jamie to do for him? Give him an alibi at court* Forge ..."

b'What public health issue starts the escalation of misery in top of the food chain?'

b'Identify the various purposes in writing. 1. We thought our first day in the Everglades would be dull, but one impatient girl in our group proved us very, very wrong. Chief purpose: To narrate 2. On that day in the Everglades everything dripped--the cypresses and live oaks ...'

b'Create a paraphrase of the following sentence from \xc2\x93The Cold Equations\xc2\x94: She began writing another, twice looking up at the chronometer as though she feared the black hand might reach its rendezvous before she had finished. There are no choices btw pls help me'

b'A fearful man, all in coarse gray, with a great iron on his leg. A man with no hat, and with broken shoes, and with an old rag tied round his head. A man who had been soaked in water, and smothered in mud, and lamed by stones, and cut by flints, and stung by nettles, and torn...'

b"In Great Expectations, does the man seem fearful and what details make them think so? A: The man seems fearful in that he is causing or likely to cause people to be afraid of him. The descriptive details of the man's appearance makes them think so."

b'What are methapors?'

b'what are the two main reasons for a wave of discontent directed at those who have represented the people over the decades as discussed in the article?'

b'1. He raised his right hand a little. 2. He raised his right hand a bit. 3. He raised his right hand slightly. 4. He raised his right hand a lot. 5. He raised his right hand much. 6. He raised his right hand a little. 7. He raised his right hand just a little bit. 8. He raised...'

b"1. It's been such a long time. 2. It's been a very long time. 3. It's been a while. 4. It's been so long a time. =================== Are they all the same and grammatical? Do you have other similar expressions?"

b'What is the active voice sentence of the following sentence? The two men were handcuffed together. situation: The police officer handcuffed his left hand with the right hand of the criminal.'

b'1. The lady looked up at the handcuffed man. 2. The lady looked up to the handcuffed man. ================================ Do they have the same meaning? Ot Are both different in meaning?'

b'2. Are there any themes that run through more than one of the memoirs in this unit? If so, what are they? List at least two themes that appear in more than one of the memoirs you read, and explain the similarities you noticed in how the author explored those themes.'

b'The author of \xc2\x93My Brother\xc2\x92s Keeper\xc2\x94 emphasizes Jamie\xc2\x92s conflict by 1 point describing the car accident in detail. detailing Jamie\xc2\x92s physical appearance and good grades. flashing back to earlier events with his brother Ted. including the incident of his parents\xc2\x92 ...'

b'1. She like to be idle and watch TV all day long. 2. She like to be lazy and watch TV all day long. 3. I need to examine your teeth, so open your mouth wide, please. 4. I need to check your teeth, so open your mouth widely, please. ================= Which expressions are ...'

b'1. You have to structure your time effectively. 2. You have to construct your time effectively. 3. Yoiu have to organize yoiur time effectively. ================ Are they the same in meaning? Are they all grammatical? Which verb do we have to use?'

b'What is this place called in English? Each student carry a waste basket from his classroom to this place. In this place, there are big plastic bags for the recyclable items and unrecyclable items. Students brings used textbooks and notebooks. Then put them in boxes. Sometimes ...'

b'Thank you all for _____ _____ in our volunteer work. 1. Fill in the blanks with suitable expressions. 2. Put two English words in the blanks. 3. What are the appropriate words for the blanks? Complete the sentence by putting right words in the blanks. ===================== Are...'

b'1. She held out her hand to catch the balloon. 2. She stretched her hand to catch the balloon. 3. She extended her hand to catch the balloon. ======= Are they all the same in meaning?'

b'Posted by rfvv on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 7:55am. She was sitting in the train. ================== Is she moving to sit down in the train? Or she sat before and now she remains seated in the train? English - Writeacher, Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 8:05am She was ...'

b"some hallucinogens can be found in plants. mescaline comes from a cactus called peyote. And certain mushroom, also known as magic mushrooms, are hallucinogens.But many hallucinogens are chemicals that don't occur in nature. some examples are: LSD,MDA, MDMA, PCP Topic Pattern ..."

b'suggest, create, predict suffix adj, noun, adv, verb'

b'abuse suffix adj, noun, adv, verb'

b'attract suffixes of adj, noun, adv, verb'

b"What does frivolity mean in this sentence After a year of serious work, Mr. David's grade 8 class enjoyed the frivolity of a party."

b'Point out the pronoun Sentence : I had watched the movie on TV'

b'What are the main reasons for a wave of discontent'

b'the performance was a huge disappointment'

b'THE PROMPTS:TAKE A POSITION THAT DEFENDS OR CHALLENGES THE CLAIM THAT THE RECENT PROFUSION OF SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGIES CONSTITUTES A THREAT TO CIVIL LIBERTY. ___________________________________ The example Introduction is : George Orwell wrote 1984, a novel suggest by the ...'

b'Formal essay topic sentence guidelines: 1. Topic sen. must be debatable, or, at the very least, worthy of discussion. They should not present straight facts with which most people would readily agree, nor should they be general statements about life. 2. Topic sen. should ...'

b'Gabriella has between 2 and 3 hours to spend on Math, Sociology, and English homework. She plans to spend equal amounts of time studying Sociology and English, and to spend 2 times as much time studying Math as in studying Sociology.'

b'She was sitting in the train. ================== Is she moving to sit down in the train? Or she sat before and now she remains seated in the train?'

b'the author of my brothers keeper mainly develops jamies character through A. his actions b.dialogue and thoughts c.the narrators description d.others reaction to him'

b'the author of my brothers keeper mainly develop jamies character through who'

b'n no fewer than three sentences, critique the following paragraph. Explain where it could be improved. Then, in your own words, rewrite the paragraph to make its writing stronger. Make sure you include a hook, supporting evidence, and a topic sentence. Use correct spelling and...'

b"In My Brother's Keeper, Ted and Jamie are developed in contrast to one another by describing their fears of the unknown.******* emotional reactions. interactions with their parents. distrust of one another."


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