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b'Which excerpt from the passage best allows the reader to infer that the Maori people felt cared for by the earth?'

b'Paragraph 4Into this environment stepped a very determined woman. Francis Gabe hated housework. She said, Housework is a thankless, unending job, a nerve tangling-bore. Who wants it? Nobody With my jaw set hard, I was determined there had to be a better way Setting her ...'

b'1 How many U.S. presidents can you name? 2 In the year 2000, U.S. citizens elected the 43rd president. 3 Some presidents were elected more than once. 4 Franklin Roosevelt, for example, was elected to four terms in office. 5 Many citizens would have given him...'

b'identify the sentence in each group that contains a verb phrase . A. plants should be watered on a regular basis b. she wanted the plants regularly ***** c. he kept the plants indoors in the winter d. as a result , the plants remained warm and safe Pls help'

b'Unscramble the sentence seldom had enough food to'

b'After watching roy Hargrove play the trumpet, marcia decided that she wanted to be one'

b'Use adapt, alleviate, anecdote, attributed, diminutive, distinct, endowed, enhance, facilitating, incantation, irony, linguistic, mitigates, ponderous, restitution, and resuscitate to put in the correct sentence. Please correct me if I\xc2\x92m wrong On July19, 2015, the Houston ...'

b'in the finish of patsy barnes how does patsy react to his mothers treatment by the city doctor A gratitude Banger Camezment D puzzlement I NEED HELP IM CONFUSED'

b'Q1. Identify whether the word groups are fused sentence, comma splice or correct sentence.4 i There is nothing better for a cold than a hot coffee and a big box of chocolate ____________ ii She ran out of the room the shadows in the corner had scared her._________ iii Tim ...'

b'DOES THIS SOUND GOOD? Revise the sentences below to improve fluency. Specifically, add variety to the sentence types, and use transitional words so that sentences flow smoothly. 18. Summer is my favorite season. I enjoy the warm weather. School ends. I like to go swimming, ...'

b're pair the given run on sentence 1. i went to the walk-inclinic because i was feeling ill insct i had walking pneumonia answer i went to the walk-in clinic;because i was feeling ll infact i had walking pneumonia'

b"This is all what I have for my thesis statement for the research paper based on comparing and/or contrasting the forest and town in The Scarlet Letter In the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the town is full of laws and judgement, but in the forest; society's ..."

b'Is Metaphorically a transition word?'

b'Becoming a doctor is potentially one of my careers. Does this sentence sound awkward? If so, how else can I write it?'

b"I'm trying to introduce dishonesty around the world in my first sentence of this paragraph. Around the world, there are many cases of dishonesty being committed in the form of lying, cheating and stealing. Is this sentence correct? Is it a good sentence to use as an ..."

b'Can you please point out 3 cause and effect sentences in this passage: China Under Attack By Jonathan Miedel, Yough Middle School, Ruffsdale, Pa. Japan attacked China in 1937, launching the second Chinese-Japanese War. At first, Japanese forces overpowered the Chinese. But ...'

b"Using adapt, anecdote, endowed, enhance, facilitate, incantation, intimation, mitigated, restitution, and resuscitate put them in the right sentence. Correct me if I'm wrong 1. The star athlete has been ENDOWED with astonishing speed, strength, and flexibility. 2. The ..."

b'Q3. Identify whether the word groups are fused sentence, comma splice or correct sentence. 1.0 i. First, I must go shopping, then I have to decide what to fix for dinner.comma splice ii. She was, however, tired and worn out.comma splice iii. I hiked for five hours ...'

b'Q5. Repair Fragments. 2.5 i. Wanting to participate in the full college experience. ans. In the full college experience,wanting to participate. ii. The announcement of the return of intercollegiate athletics. ans. I am unable to answer this iii. For example, blueberry ...'

b'Q7. IN BRACKET IS THE ANSWER.WHICH is the correct verb in each of the sentences below. 3.5 1. Many early Hollywood musicals, such as Top Hat, Athe dancing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. A Feature B Features ________________________________________? 2. Frank ...'

b"'first,i must go shopping,then i have to decide what to fix for dinner.' is this a CORRECT SCENTENCE ,COMA SPLICE OR A FUSED SCENTENCE?"

b'I have to compare and/or contrast the forest in the scarlet letter for a research paper. I need help writing a thesis statement'

b'1. Which period of history was influenced by the classical Greek and Roman works? A Renaissance** B Age of exploration C Technology Era D Dark Ages 2. Many Native Americans died after the Spanish invasion because of A loss of homes B loss of pride C starvation D ...'

b'What are the differences between mood and tone?'

b'1 In what year did the English establish, their first permanent settlement? 1607*** 1630 1675 1718 2 In 1619, the Virginia Company in London agreed to let the colonists have some say in their government. What was the name of the assembly that had the right to make local laws...'

b'The character of My Forbidden Face by Latifa, describes a cartoon of the scientists perplexed by the germ they are studying, The Taliban, in order to a. emphasize her confusion with the spread of all the new rules b. imply that the leaders are sick with a virus that cannot ...'

b'In On Turning Ten, the lines a kind of measles of the spirit and all the dark blue speed drained out of it build toward the tone of a. anger b. longing c. maturity*** d. serenity *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou'

b'The narrator of the Scarlet Ibis is a. a young boy with a disability b. a young buy with a disabled brother c. a parent of a disabled child d. an adult who had a disabled brother*** *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou'

b"In My Brother's Keeper, what does Ted want Jamie to do for him a. give him an alibi in court b. forge some documents *** c. borrow money from Uncle Harry d. go out with his old girlfriend *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou"

b"The author of My Brother's Keeper mainly develops Jamie's character through a. his actions b. dialogue and thoughts c. the narrator's descriptions*** d. other's reactions to him *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou"

b'When writing a paragraph about my goals in English class, should I list my goals in the topic sentence or later in the paragraph?'

b"What's the correct capitalizations for, the henderson family moved to chicago from the east coast."

b'I am writing my answer and my teacher wants me to give an example of parasitism and write a sentence explaining my answer. Is this a good answer also should I keep the semicolon or change it. Sentence: Wolves and deer; The deer are hunted and killed by the wolves in order for ...'

b'How would you fix this sentence? He passed about a cup of bright red blood per rectum, which brought him to the emergency room.'

b'We have to write a one page reflection on honesty, I need help. What are some real world situations in which this value is being violated? What actions does your conscience call you to take to respond to real world situations in which this value is being violated knowing that...'

b'We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light what does this quote mean?'

b'What is the archetype in By the Waters Of Babylon for The Quest to Know who you are, with an example from the book'

b'How would you change this sentence- The infant was handed to the pediatrician, who then cried spontaneously.'

b'1Marco Polo wrote an account of the marvels of: The Americas Venice Asia*** Spain 2Which man and his army conquered Peru? Francisco Pizarro*** Atahualpa Hernan Cortes Montezuma 3Traders who established rights to the Canadian fur trade were: Spanish Dutch French*** English 4...'

b'It takes both bravery and self-sacrifice to be a hero. Heroes have the inner strength to stand up for their beliefs, even in the face of danger. Those who fight for a just cause may not always triumph in the end, but a hero will always triumph in spirit. The sacrifices made by...'

b"Read the following sentences from When Greek Meets Greek. Fraser scratch his head. I know of a landlord up the road who vow that ain't ever taking anybody who come from the West Indies. But he don't mind taking Indians. He wouldn't know the difference when he see you is a ..."

b'True or False: English common law is based on the orders of the king. False?? Which of the following statements about the American Revolution is true? It inspired the people of France and people of other nations to start their own democratic revolutions. <---? It sparked a ...'

b'12. It is a hybrid car. 1 point \xc2\x95 S-V-O \xc2\x95 S-V-IOmy answer \xc2\x95 S-V-N \xc2\x95 S-V-A 13. Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment. 1 point \xc2\x95 S-V-O \xc2\x95 S-V-IO \xc2\x95 S-V-N \xc2\x95 S-V-Amy answer 14. Hybrids produce less pollution than conventional cars. 1 ...'

b'In The Censors, Juan takes on the job of a government censor in a plan to approve his own love letter to Mariana. Instead he is executed after censoring his own message. What type of irony, if any, does this demonstrate? Verbal Institutional dramatic no irony'

b"What does the narrator's choice of words reveal about her character In the wife's story"

b'Which of the following nouns from the selection is a proper noun? ground vegetable friend georgia'

b'1. Which of these is a compound sentence? A. Although the weather is sometimes warm in early march. B. Forecasters predicted six more weeks of winter this year.*** C. The old saying in like a lion, out like a lamb.'

b'How do binomial or 2 part names compare with early versions of scientific names? shorter longer descriptive in English my answer is descriptive'

b"I went swimming. It was fun. - Wow, sounds like you had a good time. ==================== Q1: that sounds like...., it sounds like.... Is 'that' or 'it' missing before sounds? Q2: Is like a conjunction here?"

b"1. There are two books; one is mine, the other is my friend's. 2. There are two books; one is mine, and the other is my friend's. ======================= Is 1 correct? In Sentence 'and' is missing."


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