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b'Is this sentence a Independent Clause The rulers were worshipped. And then the depend clause would be after they died? Is this correct?'

b"Used alloyed, comprehend, comprised, cower, empathize, formidable, homogeneous, partisan, ponderous, and wary to complete these sentences. Please correct me if I'm wrong 1. Winston Churchill wrote of the fascination people have for the tiny things, the sharp agate points, on..."

b'First year students at a particular college must take one English class, one class in mathematics, a first year seminar, and and elective. There are 2 English class to choose from, 3 mathematicss classes, 5 electives, and everyone takes the same first year seminar. Represent ...'

b'Has anyone took the alone, The nobel prize , First Frost quiz? if so please help thank you so much i will try to help in return.'

b'What kind of love is being addressed in each poem? love of self, love of family, love of country, love of significant other love after love girls can we educate we dads? in trying times tonight i can write senerity'

b"Need help with a thesis. Hamlet who is young and emotionally unstable should not attempt to avenge his father's death based on what a ghost has to say. Is this good? - the question is Something is rotten in the state of Demmark Develop Thesis based from the quote."

b"Read the following sentences about the father's boat from The Third Bank of the River He was very serious about it. It was to be made specially for him, of mimosa wood. It was to be sturdy enough to last twenty or thirty years and just large enough for one person In these ..."

b'Is this a correct sentence: The attractiveness of the company proposal troubled my coworkers more than me or should I use I at the end of the sentence'

b'Is this sentence correct using a subordinator conjunction Her name is Delores Watson while the donor is very generous or is this correct Whereas the donor is very generous, her name is Delores Watson.'

b"How's this objective statement for a resume? To acquire a job as a swim coach for advanced students while completing high school."

b'how do i change this to active voice: The diagrams were left in the classroom for them to study the vocabulary throughout the week.'

b'how do i change these three sentences to active voice: 1 the two lessons were the only ones planned so far... would it be: these two lessons are the only ones planned so far 2 although some found the lesson to be hard... 3 this was taught during the second lesson'

b'Passepartout wants to buy three tickets on the Carnaticthe name of the ship. ================= Does this sentence mean that he wants to buy the tickets on/in the ship? Is the ticket office on the ship? Or does he want to buy three tickets about the Carnatic?'

b'Is Around the World in Eighty Days a historical novel? It was written by Jules Verne.'

b'1. Fogg and Passepartout go to Allahabad by elephant. 2. Fogg and Passepartout go to Allahabad by the elephant. 3. Fogg and Passepartout go to Allahabad on an elephant. 4. Fogg and Passepartout go to Allahabad on the elephant. ============================ Which one is ...'

b'Sari has to read a book for English class by the end of the week. She wants to read at least 200 pages in the first 5 days of the week. On average, how many pages should Sari read per day to meet her goal? p>=______'

b'which word fits into the sentence? retreat,rage, enormous, prepare It is important to _____ situation that can become dangerous. think it is none, it probably should be avoid, but was not among the choices.. is retreat situation makes sense? anyone?'

b'3 reasons why ms.sue is illuminati confirmed 1. sue has 3 letters, the illuminati has 3 sides 2. sue likes to go in the english questions, english has books, the illuminati also has books 3. sue has 2 eyes, the illuminati has 1 eye, 2-1 is 1 MS.SUE IS ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED111'

b'How long it will take for Rs 25000 invested at the rate of 12percent per annum simple interest to amount to Rs 31000?'

b'1. On the train going to Calcutta, she speaks for the first time. 2. On the train which goes to Calcutta, she speaks for the first time. 3. On the train which is going to Calcutta, she speaks for the first time. =================== Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b"1. But at the ticket office he learns that it's leaving early - that evening. 2. It leaves tonight - but without Fogg It refers to the ship, 'the Carnatic.' ----------------- In each sentence - is used. What is the role of the - in the sentences?"

b'which one of these topics would be good for a rhetorical analysis paper? - Governess contribution to The Upper Class in 19th Century England and Jane Eyre - Puritan and Cavalier poets -The Psychology of the Cult Experience. by glenn collins -Beowulf vs. Sir Gawain thank you'

b"Hello. I will be extremely grateful for help. 1Do you think it's possible to say If I got it right, you received a letter from Mona meaning if I understood correctly? 2Is it correct to say All this happened in summer or is it this all?3Please help me with the ..."

b'Identify the correct sentence: A.A great year for music was 1984 B.Nineteen eighty four was a great year for music. C. 1984 was a great year for music. D.A great year for music was nineteen eighty four. C.'

b'[A Lion asleep in his lair was awakened by a Mouse running over his face.] Losing his temper he seized it with his paw and was about to kill it. The Mouse, terrified, piteously entreated him to spare its life. Please let me go, it cried, and one day I will repay you for ...'

b'1. It is 20th October. 2. It is October 20th. 3. It is the 20th of October. 4. It is 20th of October. ================ Which one is correct? Do they use only 1 in Britain?'

b"1. With trains and ships, today's detectives move fast. 2. By trains and ships, today's detectives move fast. 3. By train and ship, today's detectives move fast. ================ I can find Sentence 1 in the book Around the World in Eighty Days. What about Sentence 2 and 3? ..."

b'In my essay I wrote doing lots in a sentence and my teacher wrote me back feedback saying it was colloquial , how can I correct /change this and what can I use instead? Thanks :'

b'You have applied for a job in England and the company has sent you an e.mail.they ask you to answer several question,and one of them is:What would make you proud of your job? write about 500 words? Notes:-making lots of money? -knowing you are doing a good job? -getting praise...'

b'i have improving vocabulary skills 4th edition book and i need sentence check 2 answers and final check'

b"1. The mall is open longer on Saturday. 2. Julia loves to cook corn. 3. Alice writes better with a pen. 4. I can't answer your question. 5. I'll try to come to the game. Rewrite each sentence in simple past tense. 1. The mall was open longer on Saturday. 2. Julia loved to cook..."

b'1. I go to Russia often. 2. That computer is fixed. 3. We go to any moive that plays there. 4. All of you chase that bus every morning 5. Jason turned out the lights. Rewrite each sentence in simple furture tense. 1. I will go to Russia often. 2. That computer will be fixed. ...'

b"What was one cause of the English civil war?2 points .Elizabeth was a bad queen. .William and Mary were Catholic. .Henry VIII refused to marry. Charles I didn't recognize parliament power"

b'Read this excerpt from Little Brother and answer the following questions in complete sentences using proper grammar and punctuation: Marcus manages to flag down a vehicle and they get more than they bargained for\xc2\x85 It was a military-looking Jeep, like an armored Hummer, only...'

b'Which career will I be able to do if I study Geography, Mathematical literacy, Life sciences, History, English, setswana and life orientation'

b"1. Everyone in the boat has to work as a team. 2. Everyone in the boat has to move as a team. =========== Are both the same? Can we use 'move' instead of 'work'?"

b'The bow and two keep the balance of the boat. =================== Wha tis the function or the role of the quotation marks for two?'

b"All the eight rowers face backward, but the cox faces forward. ======================= What is the part of speech of 'backward' and 'forward'? Are they nouns or adverbs?"

b"Which sentence is correct? A.I will never shop at Ace Electronics Store because of their rude employees. B.I will never shop at Ace Electronics Store because of its rude employees. C.I will never shop at Ace Electronics Store because of it's rude employees. I think it is B"

b"My Brother's Keeper by Jay Bennett The author of \xc2\x93My Brother\xc2\x92s Keeper\xc2\x94 emphasizes Jamie\xc2\x92s conflict by describing the car accident in detail. detailing Jamie\xc2\x92s physical appearance and good grades. flashing back to earlier events with his brother Ted. including the ..."

b"What literary device is being used in this passage? 'See' he cried triumphantly. 'It's a bona-fide piece of printed matter. It fooled me. This fella's a regular Belasco. It's a triumph. What thoroughness What realism Knew when to stop, too--didn't cut the pages. But what ..."

b"Shanique wanted a pair of Levis ,but _ didn't have her size. A. it B. they C. the store D. them it is C"

b'Which of the following uses imagery The wolf is three years old It is now late in the afternoon His ears are rammed forward stiff** It is not a time of year for much howling Pls help'

b'Why are all the school bus yellow? A schools B busses'

b'how is the movie beauty and the beast artistic expression'

b'what is the meaning of the phrases frightened the life out,got down on hands and knees and stuck his nose in the air'

b'sorry last question. He felt [it] was a crop that might be used more in order to reduce the reliance of southern farmers on cotton. Carver eventually discovered more than 100 products that could be made from peanuts, including many dyes and flours dye his degree the peanut <...'

b'My trip to the dentist was not fun and was not fast either. not fun, but not fast. neither fun nor fast. <-- either fun nor fast, but both. The increase in taxes are sure to make many voters angry with the politicians they elected. An increase in taxes is sure to make <...'

b'The British Prime Minister, who is visiting the U.S. this week is extremely charismatic and intelligent. a U.S. b week is <---- ? c charismatic and intelligent d No error'

b'When you write in second person, you\xc2\x92re acting the part of a/an A. critic. B. observer. C. participant. D. advocate.'


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