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b'what is the PA in question 13?'

b'Their isolation towards others expresses that them growing up in a different environment affects their social skills. Would I use affect or effect'

b'a symbol or symbolic moment in It Happened to Nancy book'

b'Is trust essential or not essential to survival?'

b'when developing strategies for writing, which of the following is not a good strategy?'

b"Please check to if see if the capitalized vocab words are in the right spot. Correct me if I'm wrong. 1. The all circumstantial but it definitely does not look good for the suspect. SUSCEPTIBLE 2. I have been convinced to participate in the activity even though I think it is..."

b'what is passive and active?'

b'please help me with this sentence they are many geeks already around the world.'

b'Question tags can i use it as donotyou know or do you not know please answer my query'

b"What is this poem about? John Burnside - 'History' It states it based in St Andrews; West Sands September 2001. Is this significant? Please help me to understand this poem Thankyou"

b'Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline subject once and the verb or verb phrase twice. 1. The children may not play outside the house during a storm. Verb: may, play Subject: children Phrase: outside the house during the storm 2. You must not drive through the tunnel...'

b"I was wondering does anybody have answers to the The Renaissance: 1485\xc2\x961660: Unit Test please I'm failing please please please help me thank you :"

b"Can you please check my answers? I don't know if they are correct or not. Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice.' 1. On the entryway table are a candle and a plant. Verb- are Phrase: on the entryway table Subject: ..."

b'In The Red Badge of Courage, when Henry wakes up in camp the day after fighting, why does he first think he is in a charnel place? The sleeping men around him look dead. The smoke from the campfire smells like burning meat. The noise from the front and the darkness before dawn...'

b'1.Why did the youth enlist? 1 point He was eager to join the war.***** He was drafted. He wanted to avenge the death of his friend. 2. From what point of view is the story told? 1 point first-person point of view third-person limited point of view***** third-person ...'

b'Which word best matches the meaning of want best used in this sentence? Many a time we were near suffocation, from the want of fresh air.'

b'Can you please help me understand what this poem is about? I just need an overall idea with a few explanation, so that I can adapt it in my writing. Thankyou. : The Furthest Distance I\xc2\x92ve Travelled By Leontia Flynn Like many folk, when first I saddled a rucksack, feeling ...'

b'PLZ HELP ME I AM 14. WHAT DOES SCVSCSCDCX STAND FOR? PLZ HELP. on shurley english pg 65 level 8 checkup 28.'

b"Derrick's social studies teacher assigned Derrick to present a report about the life of the nomadic peoples who live in Mongolia. Derrick decided that he would focus his report on their traditional homes, called gers. Which visual aids are most likely to be helpful? Select all..."

b"Is Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory considered a social outcast in the movie? I have to write an essay but we didn't watch the whole movie so I was just wondering to anyone who has seen it."

b'Is this a good thesis In his films Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton uses framing and angles to show the vulerability and isolation of the main characters compared to societ to illustrate the effects of social outcast'

b'VERB ADJ NOUN PRO VERB PHRASE Identify the poem you will analyze, CONJ VERB PRO VERB PRO and explain why you chose it.'

b'How do you pronounce Stepanek in Mattie Stepanek?'

b'1. Hope your wishes all come true. ====================== Is I omitted before Hope in this sentence? Why is this sentence used without the subject I? In which situation is this sentence used?'

b"I have to write a narrative writing about How you survived in the wilderness Any ideas? I'm stuck.. How do I start it? Thanks"

b'A verb phrase that acts as a noun is called an participal adverbial infinitive gerund Which of the following is a prepositional phrase in the sentence below? Applause came from the bleachers. Applause came came from from from the bleachers My answers: gerund from the ...'

b'What are three central assumptions of the american dream'

b'what photographe is famous for images of Dust Bowl victims'

b'what two things happened in the prohibition period that had to do with oceans'

b'what is the purpose of the bracketed information in the intro? [old english tread to tread] A.it gives an alternate pronunction of tread B.it gives the origin of tread C.it gives an alternate spelling of tread D.it gives a synonym of tread'

b'The Vietnam warThe Chinese dragon. What is the connection between the war and Ha and her situation?'

b'In \xc2\x93A Sound of Thunder,\xc2\x94 Travis\xc2\x92s dialogue with Lesperance reveals how upset he is about Eckels\xc2\x92 having left the path. This is an example of direct characterization.******** indirect characterization.'

b'The English established colonies in America for many reasons, one of the first reasons was for religious rights and freedom. Religious freedom didn\xc2\x92t exist back in England, because all the people had to belong to the Church of England. They wanted to get away from the Church...'

b"I need to write a 4 stanza love poem for English homework, one problem, I'm rubbish at poems and haven't put pen to paper yet... HELP"

b'So my question on is: Why did the English establish colonies in the Americas? 5 points The English established colonies in America for many reasons, one of the first reasons was for religious rights and freedom. Religious freedom didn\xc2\x92t exist back in England, because all ...'

b"1. It's raining cats and dogs. 2. Hit the sack. 3. You're bouncing off the walls. What is the inferential meaning of all the 3 idioms?"

b'Do these sentences sound correct: 1. The car stopped quickly to avoid the child. 2. My friend is generous, hardworking, and talkative. 3. The members of Congress would rather stonewall the proposal than pass the new law. 4. When the ice is thin, you should not skate on the ...'

b"Read the following line from Not Waving but Drowning. Poor chap, he always loved larking And now he's dead a. detached b. pleased c. objective d. critical NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING Stevie Smith Nobody heard him, the dead man, But still he lay moaning: I was much further out ..."

b'I need help on what my body paragraphs could talk about. My intro talks about how surveillance technologies can possibly threat civil liberties. I picked quotes from the sources I had to use that could help me in this essay. What are 3 ideas I can say in each body paragraph ...'

b'Are these sentences grammatically correct? Are these sentences grammatically correct? The dog had to choose jumping over the fence or to dig a hole underneath it. She disliked hiking in the woods, picnicking, and going to the beach. As I look down the city street, I see the ...'

b'Original sentence: My older brother is guilty of lecturing me instead of a good example. CORRECT Sentence: My older brother is guilty of being a lecturer, rather than a good example.'

b'Original sentence: My older brother is guilty of lecturing me instead of being a good example Is this correct. My older brother is guilty of being a lecturer, and not being a good example.'

b'Original sentence: The members of Congress would rather stonewall the proposal rather than to pass the new law. Here is my corrected sentence: 3. The members of Congress would like to stonewall the proposal and not pass the new law.'

b'original sentence: The new highway follows the river, bypasses the small towns and you can save a lot of time The correct sentence: The new highway follows the river, bypasses, small towns, will save you a lot of time.'

b'Original sentence:The astronomer completed the calculation at the observatory that he had been working on for nearly a decade. Here is my corrected sentence: The astronomer completed the calculations that he had been working carefully at the observatory for nearly a decade.'

b'Original sentence: The job demands computer skills, math ability and with accounting background. Correct Sentence:1. The job demands computer skills, math ability with accounting skills. Original Sentence: My sister in not only a talented musician, but she is also teach with ...'

b'Here are my paralle structure sentences: The dog had to choose between jumping over the fence and digging a hole underneath it. She disliked going to the beach and hiking in the woods, and she did not care for picnics, either. As I look down the city street, I see the soft ...'

b'This is my conclusion to my surveillance essay. Can someone help me revise this or suggest any changes. I tried to make the conclusion as mature as possible to be a college/ university type of conclusion. Any further suggestions would be much appreciated. *I used society ...'

b'I have to underline the word or phrase or clause that is not parallel sentence and then rewrite it The dog had to choose between jumping over the fence or he could have dug a hole underneath it. Is this correct: I would underline between and to rewrite the sentence as follow ...'

b'the man ran ____ the river to get ____ the ferry'


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