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b'A farmer buys a tractor for 50,000. If the tractor depreciates 10percent per year, find the value of the tractor in 7 years. Round to the nearest penny.'

b'The roof of a tunnel is in the shape of a parabolic arch whose highest point is 18m above the road. The road surface is 16m wide. Lights are placed in the tunnel 12 meters high. How far from center of the tunnel are the lights placed?'

b'3.Look at the following points 4,0,3-1,6,32,-4 Which are solutions to y=x-4?chose all correct answers A.6,3 B.4,0*** C.3,-1 D.2,-4***'

b'3. The table shows amounts earned for washing dogs. How much can be earned by washing 8 dogs? Dogs x| Dogs y 1 | 18 2 | 36 3 | 54 4 | 72 A. 144*** B. 324 C. 64 D. 126'

b'If 400 bricks measuring 81 by 31 are required to build a wall 42 ft. high, how long is the wall?'

b"a store buys a sweater for 25.00 and sells it for 35.00. find the percent of markup.can somebody please explain how to find the answer?I don't understand how to do this ."

b'A Boy Of Height 1.5m Is Standing By 4.2m Away From The Foot Of A Post Of Height 6m.Find The Length Of His Shadow'

b'ist and last term 1and11 respectively and their sum is 36. find number of terms'

b'Ritika bought a few green apples and a few red apples. There were 35more green apples than red apples. If the ratio of green apples to red apples was 8:3 ,how many apples of each variety did she bring ?'

b'Find the G.P in which 4th term is 3 and the 7th term is 8/9.'

b"On his 12th birthday Enoch's grandparent's deposited 25 into a savings account for him. Each month after that up to and including his 20th birthday, they deposit 10 more than the previous month. How much money will Enoch have on his 20th birthday, excluding interest? I got ..."

b'1. The price of a calculater if 12.50. The sales tax is 7.5percent. How much will you pay for the calculator? A. 13.40 ** B. 13.44 C. 13.57 D. 13.61 2. A bike was originally 240.00. The price was markes up 15percent. What is the new price of the bike? A. 250.00 B. 264.00 C. 268....'

b'Problem 1 Find the arc length corresponding to the given angle in degrees on a circle of radius 3.3. An angle of 39 degrees has an arc length of_______ units. Problem 2 The diameter of the wheels on your car including the tires is 25 inches. You are going to drive 295 ...'

b'An isoceles triangle has a vertical angle of 118 degree,and it base is 10 long,calculate it height'

b'find the ratio of the length of the blue rectangle, to the length of the green rectangle, repeat this for width, perimeter and area blue rectangle is 2 ft by 3 ft green rectangle is 4 ft by 6 ft'

b'find the ratio of the length of the blue rectangle, to the length of the green rectangle, repeat this for width, perimeter and area'

b'which would you measure using feet 1.length of your finger 2.length of your school 3.length of your room 4.distance across town'

b'the angle of elevation of the sun is 78 degrees. How long is the shadow of a 30m tree?'

b'A 10 meter ladder is placed against a building at an angle of 75 degree with the ground. how high up the building does the ladder reach?'

b'Rectangle A is 8 cm long and 4 cm wide. Rectangle B is 4 cm long and 2 cm wide. What is the ratio of the area of rectangle A to rectangle B? 8x4=32 4x2=8 32:8 Is my answer correct?'

b'3x^3-12x Factor Completely I forgot how to do this problem please explain it to me so i can take notes.'

b'62 students in fourth grade 12 more boys than girls how many girls in 4th graded'

b'maya and winston share some cookies in the ratio 2:3. maya had 3 fewer cookies than winston how many cookies they share altogether?'

b'Ms.smith has 660 to spend on parking and admission to the zoo.The parking will cost 10,and admission tickets will cost 10 per person, including tax.Write and solve an equation that can be used to determine the number of people that she can bring to the zoo,including herself.'

b'60percent of the product of one-twelfth y and two-thirds z'

b'The discounted price of a book is 85percent of the original price. This is a savings of 3. A sales tax of 8percent will be added to the discounted price. How much sales tax will be added?'

b'ned folded a set of origami figures. Of this set, 5/8 are cranes and 1/6 of the remainder are frogs. The rest are grasshoppers. What fraction of the origami figures are grasshoppers?'

b'A pencil costs 3.50 and a pen costs 6.70. Jessica bought m pens. She also bought 4 fewer pencils than pens. Write an algebraic expression for the total amount she spent and solve the expression.'

b"two more than seven times Lynn's age"

b'The segment joining p1-4,-7and p26,9is divided in to four equal parts find the points of division'

b'I am trying to work this problem out. I know that the systematic counting principle is used. However, I cannot get the right answer. For the first part, I took R=2 N=6 6/6-2 Permutation. Answer: 30 choices for the Chair/Vice The second part, I took R=2 N=8 Combination ...'

b"If the half life is 24360 years and after 1000 years I have 2.1 gm left, what was the initial qty. Doing it in a common sense way keeps giving me 51gm and that doesn't make sense. formula is y=ae -bt"

b'Kelly spends 5 hours making pizzas. Each pizza takes her 1/4 hour to make. When she is finished, all of the pizzas are shared equally among 6 families. How many pizzas does each family receive?'

b'There are 24 member on the team. The team is 7/12 girls and 5/12 boys. How many more girls are on the team than boys?'

b'If 3/8 students were absent, what fraction were present?'

b'A student made 8 round trips to and from college.If each round trip was 214 miles about how many miles did the student travel in all?'

b'Matthew and Christopher set up their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a big circle, spacing each turtle equal distance from its neighbors. They then begin counting them in order around the circle, but they lost track of where they started before they finish counting. They then ...'

b"I can't upload the image but I need help . Coordinates are connected them all. 0,0, -9,0 , -3,6 , 0,6 I have to draw a smaller sides that are 2/3 the length of the original. What I know is : 2/3= o.66 So after counting the squares from diagram I think I do the ..."

b'Verizon has two different cell phone plans. The cost, Y, of plan A is 11 a month Plus .21 per minute. The cost, Y, of Plan B is 20 a month plus .10 per minute. After how much time to the nearest minute will the cost of plan a B equal to the cost of Plan B? Can you help me ...'

b'Which Phrase means the same as 4p-6 A 4 less then the product of 6 and a number p B 4 less than the quotient of 6 and a number p C the quotient of 6 and 4 time a number p D 6 less than the product of 4 times a number p'

b'Need help'

b'ok so i am really confused on my assignment. So What we are suppose to do is take pattern blocks a triangle, square, hexagon, rhombus, trapazoid, and small rhombus and see how many can go around a central point. I figured out that there are 6 possible solutions for a ...'

b'Lexie is painting her fence. each foot of the fence requires 3/5 of a gallon of paint. Her fence is 8 3/4 feet long.what is the total amount of paint,in gallons Lexie needs to paint her fence?'

b'Adam used the three fractions to make a circle graph and colored each a different color. What fraction of the graph is not colored?'

b'express the ratio as a fraction in its lowest terms 26:364'

b'The following equation expresses a relationship in terms of one variable. However, you are asked to rewrite the equation in terms of a different variable. L = 2M add 2N N = ?'

b'WHAT IS 5G add11 -6G?'

b'Yesterday, the price of a car Andy wanted to buy was 20,000. Today the car is on sale for 15,000.00. What is the percent decrease in the price of the car?'

b'Model 24percent on a 5x5 grid.'

b'10. Which of the following does NOT cause sedation? A. Prazosin B. Buspirone C. Alprazolam D. Sucralfate'


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