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b'Wich career can I take when I took english,afrikaans,lo,physics and pure maths?'

b'My address is 34 Park Ave., New York ================== Is the expression above is right? How do you say Ave. 1. [..vnju] 2. [..vnu] 3. [..v]'

b'1. When MacNeil asks, When before human history has so much humanity collectivity surrendered so much of its leisure to one toy, one mass diversion? What is this persuasive technique called? A. repetition B. Generalization C. a rhetorical question D. a controversial question...'

b"How would Ronald Reagan's Berlin Wall speech corrupt? Also, is this quote a logical fallacy? Yet it is here in Berlin where the wall emerges most clearly; here, cutting across your city, where the news photo and the television screen have imprinted this brutal division of a ..."

b'1. A champion is a rich person who helps people in need. 2. A champion is a farmer who grows fresh fruit and vegetables. 3. A champion is a mother who devotes herself to caring for kids. 4. A champion is a fire fighter who does his best to extinguish the fire. 5. A champion is...'

b'Which of the following statements would not be a main theme in The Call of the Wild? a. Always trust your gut*** b. Only the strong survive c. We are driven by our ancient animal instincts d. The beast within us all will come out under the right circumstance'

b"The author of The Call of the Wild shifts the setting from California to Alaska in order to a. depict how Buck becomes a tough survivor b. illustrates how money can change a character's perspective c. show John Thornton's values remain unchanged even under difficult conditions..."

b"Dat Buck for sure learn queek as anyt'ing is an example of what? a. dialect*** b. exposition c. point of view d. theme"

b"Please check to see if I'm correct. I have to find the complete subject and simple subject in this sentence. There was one student still taking the exam when the bell rang. student is the simple subject and there was one student the complete subject Am I right?"

b'1. He lived a happy life. 2. He lived happily. 3. He lived a long life. 4. He lived long/longly. 5. He lived a short life. 6. He lived shortly. ============= 1 mean 2,right? What about the other set?'

b'1. He appeared on the stage. 2. He disappeared from the stage. 3. He disappeared on the stage. ======== What is the opposite expression of 1?'

b"As for Mattie's third wish, Oprah Winfrey asked Mattie to appear on her show. ======== What can we use instead of 'As for'?"

b'1. He shook hands with the person. 2. Tom made friends with Bill. 3. You have to change cars at the intersection. 4. He is on good terms with others. 5. He wanted to exchange seats with Bill. ======== Are they all grammatical?'

b'1. He keeps many goats. 2. He has many goats. 3. He raises many goats. 4. He grows many goats. ============= Doe they have the same meaning? Which verbs are suitable?'

b'1. I saw tom three days ago. 2. I saw tom three days before. Are both OK? 3. I arrived there after three days. 4. I arrived there three days after. 5. I arrived there three days later. Which ones are grammatical? 6. I will meet Tom after three days. 7. I will meet Tom in ...'

b'Please help me to arrange correct grammar below: Nov. 18,2015 Please be informed that starting on Nov.23, 2015 Due to high consumptiom for the electric bills The internet usage charge will be P15.00 per hour and there will be no more promo for P25.00 2 hours. Thank you for ...'

b'Please check my answer There was one student still taking the exam when the bell rang. Student is the subject and exam is the simple subject.'

b'Please help me correct grammar. Please be informed that starting on Nov.22,2015. Due to high consumptiom for the lectric bills. The internet usage charge will be P15.00 per hour and there will be no promo for P25.00 2 hours. Thank you.'

b"I'm trying to do my Homework. And I need Help Please Help I have to find the Complete Subject and Simple Subject. Did the new tour guide remember to stop in the Ancient Greek gallery?"

b'That container of fried rice has spent six weeks in the back of the refrigerator. I need help finding the complete subject and the simple subject.'

b'According to Dickinson, what is the character of Nature? Nature divides people from each other Nature is intentionally heartless Nature offers inspiration and meaning A or probably B.'

b"What best describes Emily Dickinson's attitude towards death? A.sentimental B.angry C.accepting <-- With which statement would Emerson most likely agree? A.Objects of nature die, but civilization lasts forever B.Society offers the best way to commune with the divine soul ..."

b"The detail that Buck used to hunt with the Judge's sons is part of which element of the plot of Call Of The Wild? A climax B conflict C exposition*** D rising action"

b'Which of the following sentences illustrates that The Call of the Wild is in third-person omniscient narration A. \xc2\x93\xc2\x92You ain\xc2\x92t going to take him out now?\xc2\x92\xc2\x94 B. \xc2\x93\xc2\x92I\xc2\x92m takin\xc2\x92 \xc2\x91im up for the boss to \xc2\x91Frisco.\xc2\x92\xc2\x94 C. \xc2\x93\xc2\x92Buck did not read the newspapers, or ...'

b'The diagram below shows that the colonists formed some of their political views from historical documents.There are two sets of two boxes. The top box to the left says English Bill of rights. Then there is an arrow pointing to the top box on the right that says basic rights ...'

b'It is a conversation between two friends about their journey to London. John asked Lee whether he had talked with the travel agent for Visa regarding their journey to London. Then, Lee replied him that the travel agent informed him that it would take at least one week time ...'

b'In Call of the Wild, when John Thornton threatens against Hal against beating Buck any further, the conflict can best be described as a. man vs. man*** b. man vs. himself c. man vs. nature d. man vs. society'

b'In Call of the Wild, whom does Buck replace as leader of the sled dogs? a. Sol-leks b. Dave c. Spitz*** d. Dolly'

b'Choose the answer that best matches the word chivalrous. In a chivalrous gesture, Morgan sat in the hard chair, leaving the soft one for the elderly woman. a. confusing b. courteous*** c. harried d. reasonable Just checking my work: *** - My Answer Thanks, Kaai97'

b"Choose the answer that best matches the word hindquarters. The farmer had to remove a large thorn from the horse's hindquarters. a. chest b. hoof c. front leg d. rear leg*** Just checking my work: *** - My Answer Thanks, Kaai97"

b'Choose the answer that best matches the word transient. A camp could be described as transient because it is a. sheltered b. temporary*** c. flimsy d. insular Just checking my work: *** - My Answer Thanks, Kaai97'

b'Choose the answer that best matches the word metamorphosing. When London speaks of Buck metamorphosing, he means that Buck a. lost his appetite b. changed into a different kind of dog*** c. dominated the sled dog team d. returned to his homeland Just checking my work...'

b"the old people i remember from my childhood were strong in their beliefs, and as we lived daily with them we learned a wise path of life to follow.this quote from 'A celebration of grandfathers' by rudolfo anaya shows what writing style?"

b'what is the meaning of prestatement clue'

b"Select the term that is best represented by each statement below. Use the words complement, concern, contend, efficacious, emulate, exploit, facile, industrious, obtain, resuscitate. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these Thank you. 1. I strive to win. CONTEND 2. I am ..."

b'Which sentence uses who correctly? a. Who did you call? b.Who is the person that I should call? c.To who are you speaking? d. From who did you receive the call? i think the answer is A but i just want someone to check and see'

b'Scouts comments to Calpurnia beginning I told Calpurnia to just wait suggest that A- scout is cruel and spiteful B- calpurnia is loving and educated C- the relationship between the two is strained D- scout is suicidal and vengeful E- calpurnia is inattentive and ...'

b'The only students invited to attend the meeting were _____. Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? a. we b.us c.them d. ourselves'

b'Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? The senator wrote a letter to Carol and _____ expressing his thanks a. they b. me c.we d.I'

b'What does Asimov predict will happen to earth in billions of years? a. it will be burned up by the sun b. its population will increase c. it will shrink slightly in size d. it will change position in the galaxy*****'

b"What does this mean the cold gleam of the fanatic It is in the story The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty"

b'Please check my answers This story was pretty confusing to me. 1. The purpose of the anecdotes in The Last Judgment about each person Kugler has known serve most to A. generate sympathy for Kugler B. Add characters to the story C. Help the judges make their decision D. ...'

b'which of the following statements would best state the main theme of the call of the wild? 1.True courage cannot be learned. 2.have faith in the values of humanity 3.it id better to be clever then strong 4.we are driven by our ancient animal instincts'

b'Write an essay of at least 250 words that describes and explains examples of figurative language you found in Animal Farm when you completed your response journal on that topic. Include one example of each of the five types of figurative language from the words or phrases you ...'

b'1. What role does migration play in the geographic pattern? 2. How about interaction isolation after migration takes place? 3. When do dialects begin to become so different that they may be viewed as a different language? 4. How has the Internet contributed to the ...'

b'What is primary source?'

b"For sternberg, Don Juan's alleged serial sexual conquest illustrates: Ainfatuation Bpuppy love Cempty love Dfatuous love"

b'Another lay/laid asleep during the day and worked at night. I think lay because it does not have a direct object Would you like to lie/lay on a scaffold along the Sears Tower and watch the stars. I think lie because it does not have a direct object'

b'5. In the following sentence, what is the subject complement? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter. A. Neighbor B. Reporter C. Newspaper D. My'

b'Which verb tense indicates continuing action?'


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