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b'1. The house is close to the river. 2. The house is near the river. 3. the house is by the river. 4. The house is next to the river. ====== Are they all the same and grammatical? Do we have some more similar expressions?'

b"Is your house close to your work? ============ What is the part of speech of 'close' here? An adjective or an adverb?"

b'1. I am too tired to focus on the teaching. I am too tired to do the laundry. I am too tired to mop the floor. I am too tired to iron my uniform. I am too tired to clean the living room. I am too tired to arrange the things in the living room. 2. I am too young to use the ...'

b'1. This summer, what did Hajun do? He went camping with his friend John\xc2\xa1\xc2\xafs family. 2. Where did they go? They went to Yosemite National Park. 3. What is Yosemite famous for? It is famous for its natural wonders. 4. On July 20, what did they do? They arrived at Yosemite in ...'

b"What is an example of Aristophanes' satire of society other than of women?"

b'An imperative sentence is to a command as a declarative sentence is to a/an A. statement. B. wish. C. question. D. exclamation. my answer is D'

b'1. Joseph ate dessert before he ate dinner. --> Are the capitalized words a phrase or a clause? Answer: Clause. 2. She left early in the morning. --> Are the capitalized words a phrase or a clause? Answer: Phase. IS THIS CORRECT?'

b'Define verb tense. Write a sentence that has a simple present tense verb. Rewrite it, changing the verb to simple past tense, simple future tense, each of the perfect tenses, and each of the progressive tenses.'

b'what is quotation marks?'

b'Do you agree or disagree with the following statement children should begin stadying a foreign languages as soon as they start school.Why? Why not?'

b'1 Jack had been without a car since Monday. 2 The car needed a new battery, and Jack was broke. 3 Although he was embarrassed, Jack called his mother. 4 He felt he had no choice. 5 Fortunately, his mom was happy to help out. 6 She said she had the money and could ...'

b"Help me on these questions 1. The teacher's bill for \xc2\x8015 worth of copies and 8 English workbooks was \xc2\x8035. What did each workbook cost? 2. Patrick spent 30percent of his money on a football and 60percent of it on football boots. If Patrick had \xc2\x803 left, how much money had he at the ..."

b'We are reading the short story Superstitions out of the book GreatBooks Roundtable. I am being test on a few questions and need some help After her conversation with her mother, Frances most likely feels what? a informed b frightened c comforted d frustrated Help, ...'

b"In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty the wife's character is most developed by A. expostion. B. her thoughts. C. Walter's words. D. her dialogue with Walter.**** Thank you"

b'Do you agree or disagree with the statement children should begin studying a foreign languages as soon as they start school'

b'can u guys help me add some adverbs 6 or 10 to this story that i summarized thanks in advance ^_^: Black, cloudy night-time hung over the backdrop of the house. The grey, ramshackle walls of the house looked worn and forbidding, and the dilapidated stairway said to lead ...'

b'Can you explain to me how to do this Each item below starts with a pair of words in CAPITAL LETTERS. For each item, figure out the relationship between these two words. Then decide which choice of the choices A, B, C, or D expresses a similar relationship. Write the letter ...'

b'Agnostic: Religous:: Salesperson:Persuasive Secretary: telephone Hermit:social corn: crop For each item, figure out the relationship between these two words? Can you help explain this to me'

b'6 Which of the following descriptions best conveys the author\xc2\x92s negative attitude toward television? 1 point communications instrument form of national linkage toy medium for selling Use the passage to answer the question. 8 Which statement is true about facts and opinions...'

b"Explain 3 ways of acknowledging other people's work"

b"1. Pan often hid behind the trees in a dark corner. 2. He often hid behind a chair in the room. =========== What does 'in a dark corner modify in 1? What does 'in the room' modify in 2?"

b'1. He admitted cheating on the test. 2. He admitted having cheated on the test. =========== Which one is grammatical?'

b"1. What do you think it is? I think it is a duck. No, I don't think so. I thinks it is a chick. I don't agree with you. I think it is a rabbit. I think you can regard it as a duck, a rabbit or a chick. 2. What do you think it is? Pointing to a photo on the right. I think it ..."

b"Joseph ======== In this name, is 's' pronounced [s] or [z]? Are both OK?"

b"Mattie J.T. Stepanek ==================== I think J.T. is Mattie's middle name? Would you let me know the full form of J.T.?"

b"Hopeful is a little hard to pronounce. Would you let me know how to pronounce 'hopeful' naturally in detail?"

b'1. I hope he gets well soon. 2. I hope he gets better soon. 3. I hope he will get well sone. 4. I hope he will get better soon. 5. I hope for him to get well soon. ======== Are they all grammatical and have the same meaning? Which ones are commonly used? What about 5? Is 5 ...'

b"When the subject of the sentence is plural, should the nouns that follow agree with the subject's plurality? For example: In this stage, writers review and amend their paper to better articulate their intended message. Should the terms paper and message remain the same or ..."

b'Revised sentence from an earlier question. Any grammatical errors? My education, communication skills, and international experience in both a study and work capacity prove me a standout candidate for the position.'

b'unscramble 14 letters into 3 words'

b'Anything grammatically wrong with the following sentence? I believe I am a strong candidate due to my communication, research, presentation, and administrative experience. Or should it be communication experience, research experience etc'

b'Which of these BEST describes a corporation with a hierarchical structure? - Different workers have specific roles and different levels of authority.*** - Workers take on many different responsibilities and frequently change jobs. - Workers who do their jobs well are ...'

b'I have to write a 300-500 word essay answering the following questions What benefits do you expect to achieve from career exploration? What do you expect to be the most challenging parts of your career planning process? Why? What questions do you hope to answer about career ...'

b'Which of the following sentences contains a verb in subjunctive mood? If it rains, we can move the party outside If you were taller, you could try out for the basketball team Do you believe that the Jacksons are moving to Alaska? We were going to cook dinner but decided to eat...'

b"give examples of hip-hop artist back in the 1980's and 90's spoke about female. what was a women worth from hip-hop during this time."

b'1.Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly ? A.Zeus , the king of the gods , is father of Athena*** B.Zeus the king of the gods , is father of Athena C.Zeus, the king of the gods is father to Athena D.Zeus the king of the gods is father , to Athena 2.In The ...'

b'Is this paragraph correct with the Capitalization and punctuation marks Valentine\xc2\x92s Day is celebrated on February 14, as a romantic festival. People send their sweethearts greeting cards that say \xc2\x93won\xc2\x92t you be my valentine\xc2\x94, Children like to make their cards from paper...'

b"Choose the sentence that is written in active voice. A. A serious accident was prevented on the highway by Roger's quick thinking. B. Roger's quick thinking prevented a serious accident on the highway. C. A serious accident was prevented on the highway. D. A serious accident ..."

b'In the Call of the Wild, Buck\xc2\x92s memories and wild yearnings are represented by visions of John*** Spitz The hairy man The man in the red sweater'

b'Combine these two simple sentences into a complex sentence. Many industrialized nations use the metric system. The United States refuses to adopt it. A. Although many industrialized nations use the metric system, the United States refuses to adopt it. B. Many industrialized ...'

b'Choose the option that corrects the error in the quote. If no error exists, choose No change is necessary. Bill, the foreman of the construction company, is concerned about the safety in the large building. They have had three accidents in the past week. A. It has had B...'

b'demise of hip-hop lyrics'

b'I am still unable to figure out what is wrong with these sentences. The capitalization and punctuation. According to the popular book antiquities that was written in 1877, England began observing this holiday as early as 1446. The festival honored Juno the Goddess of women, ...'

b'After reading the book she kept it in the cupboard underline the verb in the sentence and state its tense'

b'Is this paragraph correct with capitalization and marks of punctuation Valentine\xc2\x92s Day is celebrated on February 14, as a romantic festival. People send their sweethearts greeting cards that say won\xc2\x92t you be my valentine? Children like to make their own cards from paper ...'

b'I have to write a compare and contrast essay on the pedestrian ,the murderer , and there will come soft rains - I need help choosing 3 things to compare in each story'

b'In each of the following sentences, insert correct capitalization and marks of punctuation whenever they are needed. Are these sentences correct. 1. On a recent blustery February afternoon, students were tearing down a sagging porch. 2. They are part of a program, trying to ...'

b'In each of the following sentences, insert the commas wherever are needed 1. 1. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky. 2. In 1816 after selling most of their possessions, the Lincoln family moved to Indiana. 3. During their first weeks in Indiana, the ...'

b'In each of the following sentences, correct any word that requires a capitalization. 1. The lawyer\xc2\x92s office is located on North Pleasant Street. 2. My uncle lives farther West than grandmother. 3. I\xc2\x92d like to move to the South by next summer. 4. The well-known ...'

b"In Nethergrave Jeremy creates an obstacle to dating the girl he likes by a lying about where he lives b lying about his poor health c lying about his father's wealth d lying about his computer expertise"


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