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b"1.In Delfino II:nDiez in the Desert, the first thing that went wrong on Diez's ill-fated trip was that. A. a woman became delirious and died. B. a rash struck those who had been slashed by cactus needles. C.Diez got in a fistfight with his coyote trainee. D. the group was ..."

b"It was not Welle's intention to cause a nationwide panic, but that's what he did. The infinitive phrase is to cause a nationwide panic. Is this phrase a noun, adjective, or adverb? I think a noun because it restates what his intention was not?"

b'For our Colon : assignment, my teacher asked us to create a compound sentence that makes a general statement and follows with specific details/ create expectations and fulfills it. But How do you do that using Colons?.. A simple example would help me out. Much appreciated.'

b"I have a few questions. It was a long assignment and most of the questions were easy but a few I'm nervous about. Short story The Olympic Swimmer Who will be the winner bold? Athletes from both far and near Train and strain to be the best. But who will win the medal gold? ..."

b'Choose the word that best matches the word in italics. 1.Some say that giving your spouse flowers is a manifestation of love. A. ability B. chapter C. expression*** D. present 2.After the barricades fell down, a riot ensued A. angered B. began*** C. ended D. floundered ...'

b'Prompt B: Think about all of the selections you\xc2\x92ve read thus far by European writers. Examine one element that the selections have in common, not including the fact that they are all European. Detail your findings.'

b'Is it okay to tell in the first paragraph of a cover letter who I am and how many years of education I have?'

b'I really need someone to check my answers. Cross out prepositional phrases, identify adverbs. 1. Our maid cleaned the top of the counter and looked amid the groceries throughout the refrigerator. Verb: cleaned, looked Subject: maid Phrase: the top of the counter, throughout ...'

b'1. National flags stand for the spirits of each country. 2. National flags stand for the spirit of each country. =============== Which one is right, spirit or spirits?'

b"Can you please check my answers? Cross out the prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb twice. Don't forget to label any adverbs. 1. Our maid cleaned the top of the counter and looked amid the groceries throughout the refrigerator. Verb: cleaned, looked ..."

b'Directions: Identity the participle or participle phrase and the words that they modify: The horseman is the ghost of a beheaded soldier who appears at night. I am thinking beheaded is the participle that modifies the soldier or is it a phrase beheaded soldier who appears at ...'

b'Can you please check my answers? 1. Throughout the night the security guard walked from store to store. Subject: guard Verb: walked Prepositional phrase: throughout the night, from store to store 2. The meeting concerning the new town hall met at the library. Subject: meeting ...'

b"Hello. Please help me to check the sentences: 1 His sister or his brother hasn't any bank accounts. 2 His sister and his brother haven't any bank accounts. Thank you for your help."

b"1. He set the table for dinner. Does 'for dinner' modify 'the table' or 'set'?"

b'1. I set the alarm for 5:30 every morning. 2. I set the alarm clock for 5:30 every morning. 3. I set the alarm to 5:30 every morning. Which one is right? Can we use all of them? 4. The sun is setting in the west. 5. He set the table for dinner. 6. He set the stroke rate. 7. ...'

b'What is the Supporting Sentence of the topic Sentence I like to collect coins or anything else that you like ? what is the Suppprting sentence of the topic sentence This weekend i will help my parents do some household chores ?'

b'Can you please check if this is correct? 1. Over the hill and past the bridge jogged a lady with her new dog. Subject: lady Verb: jogged Prepositional phrase: over that hill, past the bridge, with her new dog 2. The swimmer dived off the board and swam toward me. Subject: ...'

b"The film image thus became almost square during the early years of the talkies until the space occupied by the sound track on the film was successfully reduced. Can someone explain to me what this mean? I don't understand."

b'how would you describe some who is crazy to jump from outer space to earth'

b'Has anyone read the book Into Thin Air? I need help with essay'

b'Identify the choice that most closely matches the italicizes word or phrase below. The words are: analytical, comprised, deemed, empirical, extrapolate, inference, mitigate, paradigm, speculate, stratagem. 1. The prevailing framework of what it means to use technology in the ...'

b'How does the character Eva changes to the character Evelyn in the Kindertransport play? Kindertransport is a play written by Diane samuels.'

b"1. Tom has taken some time off focusing on developing her own collection of artwork. 2. Tom has taken some time off to focus on developing her own collection of artwork. =============== Which one is grammatical? What is the difference between 'focusing' and 'to focus'?"

b'Background Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also know she is a perfect match for...'

b'1. I called at his house. 2. I visited his house. 3. I called on one of my friends. 4. I dropped by the bank to make a savings deposit. 5. I dropped by the bank to make a savings account. ======================== Are they all grammatical? What about 4 and 5? Which one is ...'

b"He ran for class leader/president. He ran for a class leader/president. He ran for the class leader/president. ==================== Q1: Which expressions are right? Do we have to put an article before 'class leader'? Q2: Which one is better, class leader or class president? Q3..."

b'1. He went for a drive. 2. He went for a swim. 3. He went for a bathe. 4. He went for a bath. 5. He went for a skate. 6. He went for a ski. 7. He went for a jog. 8. He went for a walk. 9. He went for a run. 10. He went for a rock climbing. 10-2. He went for a mountain climbing...'

b'Identify the choice that best describes the underlined verb. Bowling is the top participation sport in the U.S. today, with 53 million players. a. Gerund b. Present participle c. Participial phrase d. Infinitive The underlined verb is bowling.'

b"1. How many people are there on a team? 2. How many people are there in a team? ============= Do we have to use 'on' or 'in'? Are both OK? What is the difference in meaning between them?"

b"Reread the following paragraphs from King's letter, paying attention to the way that he structures his ideas: Paragraph 2 of 12 In any nonviolent campaign there are four basic steps: 1 Collection of the facts to determine whether injustices are alive; 2 Negotiation; 3 ..."

b'Martin Luther King begins his letter with the following paragraph: While confined here in the Birmingham City Jail, I came across your recent statement calling our present activities unwise and untimely. Seldom, if ever, do I pause to answer criticism of my work and ideas. ...'

b'24. Choose two of the following essay prompts. Respond to each in a paragraph. Write your answer in complete sentences. 10 pts each 1. In both Marriage Is a Private Affair and A Meeting in the Dark, young me fret that their fathers will disapprove of their potential ...'

b'a student gets the following grades in his 5 subjects: 87 for calculu; 82 for Physics; 79 for Chemistry; 81 for english; 83 for history. Compute the weighted mean if the weights for the 5 subjects are 5,4,4,3, and 3, repectively'

b'Can you give me some websites about the essays of eve-teasing??? Thank You'

b'Does a cover letter need a date at the top?'

b"1. Ever since he was a baby, he suffered from a serious illness. 2. Ever since he was a baby, he has suffered from a serious illness. ============= Which one is correct? Are both grammatical? Then what is the difference in meaning between them? The difference between 'suffered..."

b"What is the use of the bear box? 1. It is for keeping travelers' food safe. 2. It is used for keeping travels' food safe. 3. It is for storing travelers' food. 4. It is for putting travelers' food. 5. It is for putting all their food in. Are they all correct answers? Do you ..."

b"Choose a sentence that does not contain a helping verb: 1 Erica is climbing the steepest trail. 2 She will not go to the very highest peak. 3She wants a photograph of the valley below. 4 Has she ever made the climb before? *Those are the four choices. I don't know what..."

b'is have a lv?'

b'what is popular is it a adj?'

b"How did people react to Aristophanes' satire in Ancient Greece?"

b"12.In which excerpt from John Donne's A Valediction forbidding mourning does the speaker most directly describe the relationship between him and his wife? a. but we by love so much refind/that ourselves know not what it is b. so let us melt and make no noise/ no tear-floods ..."

b"1. She was fortunate in that she had friends to help her. 2. She was fortunate now that she had friends to help her. 3. She was fortunate now that she had friends to help her. 4. She was fortunate because she had friends to help her. ================== Does 'in that' mean '..."

b'If you want to answer my questions, put up your hands....one question..A boy answers the question, but not in a complete form.... 1. Try to answer the question in a full sentence/form. 2. You should answer the question in full sentences/forms. 3. Answer the question in a ...'

b"1. This is the hospital. He was born in the hospital. 2. This is the hospital where/that he was born. 3. This is the hospital he was born. 4. This is the hospital in which he was born. Are they all grammatical? Can we use both 'at' and 'in' before 'the hospital'? 5. Tell me ..."

b'1. He spent two weeks in hospital. 2. He spent two weeks in the hospital. Are both the same in meaning? 3. He has spent two weeks in hospital. 4. He has spent two weeks in the hospital. Are both the same in meaning? 5. He has been in hospital for two weeks. 6. He has been ...'

b"We had to find rhetorical devices in this speech from a movie Lean On Me: I spotted personification, rhetorical question, and anaphora only. **Our teacher gave us a list of rhetorical devices that we could find but I can't find: ethos, pathos, logos, parallelism, simile, ..."

b"Which of the following lines from King's letter is meant to be interpreted literally A.In those days the church was not merely a thermometer B.It was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society C.There comes a time when the cup of endurance runs over D.We have gone ..."

b'The sentence Like a boil that can never be cured as long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its pus-flowing ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must likewise be exposed communicates an __________ tone A.Urgent B.Matter of fact C....'

b'what is p1 p2 p3 and p4 mean?'


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