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b'In the following sentence are they compound, complex, or compound complex All girls were taught spinning when they were quite young, and they also learned weaving. I think compound complex While housewives were at the marketplace, they met at the public fountain, and young ...'

b'why is it considered a bad thing to oversimplify things? I would say that oversimplification is harmful as it can lead to error cause one to undermine the importance complexity of important issues. But I need some more ideas?'

b'As an intern at the historical society I catered to the needs of clients and provided administration support such as report preparation and database work. Should I put a comma after support? Is the sentence otherwise grammatically correct? Thanks for the help'

b'In the sentences below, which of the bolded adverbs is used to describe an adjective? A. Troy was TOO cold to continue ice skating. B. Gia ran VERY quickly to get to the bus on time. C. Jack grumbled LOUDLY about his history grade. D. Nora looked SADLY into the mirror. I ...'

b'In which one of the following sentences does an adverb modify an adjective? A. His shirt was extremely tight. B. Mark was dressed properly. C. Lucy danced tirelessly. D. His appearance greatly affected Candace. I choose A because Extremely defines how tight the shirt was.'

b'When an adverb modifies a verb with a helping verb, the adverb should generally be placed A. after the helping verb. B. at the end of the sentence. C. before the helping verb. D. at the beginning of the sentence. i believe it is A because when an adverb modifies a verb that ...'

b'Complete the following sentence with a preposition that shows a time relationship. Owen will need to take a nap _______ going to the concert. A. Before B. In place of C. Instead of D. Because of I think its A?'

b"Which of the underlined words is NOT a helping verb? A. The girls will be in the pageant. B. We can go to the movies on Saturday. C. Her mother would like to have everyone over for dinner. D. John's dog must be checked for fleas. I choose B , but that was incorrect. I believe..."

b'Which of the following singular nouns does not form an irregular plural? A. ox B. tooth C. mouse D. tree I thought it was A but i got it incorrect If i had to guess i would say b. but i really need to get this answer right. please help:'

b'I need a good example of a thesis. Can anyone give me a thesis for the death of Edgar Allan Poe???'

b'This semester you read several memoirs, including pieces by Ernesto Galarza and Russell Baker. Return to \xc2\x93Barrio Boy\xc2\x94 and \xc2\x93No Gumption\xc2\x94 now. How are these two memoirs similar? How are they different? In what ways are the authors\xc2\x92 choices and depictions related to the...'

b"The feeling that things weren't as good as they seemed is described best by which image in Borders? A. ...as if she were trying to see through a bad storm or riding high on black ice. *** B. ...if she wasn't spreading jelly on the truth... C. coyote went fishing, one ..."

b'Select the term that correctly identifies each sentence or underlined part of a sentence. 1. James Joyce was a great master of stream of consciousness. 1 point *simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence 2. Joyce, however, owed much to a ...'

b'Which best describes why the author has the mother and son in borders sleep in the car for two days? a. to show their poverty b. to show the bureaucracy of the border control c. to show tension among the characters in the rising action of the story d. to show the depth of the ...'

b'Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? a. Mississippi the Magnolia State, is known for its delicious food. b. Mississippi, the Magnolia State is known for its delicious food. c. Mississippi, the Magnolia State, is known for its delicious food.*** d. ...'

b'Which line from \xc2\x93The Secret Life of Walter Mitty\xc2\x94 best develops Walter\xc2\x92s character? 1 point \xc2\x93\xc2\x92You\xc2\x92re not a young man any longer.\xc2\x92\xc2\x94 \xc2\x93\xc2\x92The Old Man\xc2\x92ll get us through,\xc2\x92 they said to one another.\xc2\x94 \xc2\x93They\xc2\x92re so expletive, thought Walter Mitty, ...'

b"In Nethergrave Jeremy creates an obstacle to dating the girl he likes by a lying about where he lives*** b lying about his poor health c lying about his father's wealth d lying about his computer expertise"

b'The wolf is the largest member of the dog family and is a skilled hunter. In many places, some species of wolves are endangered. People should help preserve this creature, for it is a highly sophisticated social animal. Wolves live in packs. Each pack contains six to eight ...'

b"In Nethergrave, Jeremy's character is mostly developed by A. Exposition*** B. Narration C. His dialect D. Others' dialogue about him"

b'Okay, I was just wanting to know what would be some key things to research. For a final project I either need to make a powerpoint, write an essay, or make a poster. The topic goes along with the book we have read, The face on the Milk Carton. My teacher gave some idea ...'

b"Hiw would you punctuate this..... Carla and Luca's journey"

b"If I'm doing History can I be able to study nursing"

b"Use their, there, they're 1. But _________ pleading wore me down, and it was raining, so I agreed. 2. _________ are only two blank tiles, and I got them both 3. They kept trying to sneak _________ hands into the tile bag for new ones. 4. _________ is not much else to say ..."

b'Tyler said there/their/they\xc2\x92re are four kittens sleeping in a box under the porch. their'

b"1.which line from the poem Briches best develops it's nostalgic tone? A.And so I dream of going back to be. B.When I see birches bend to left and right C.Where your face burns and tickles with the cobwebs D.Soon the sun's warmth makes them shed crystal shells"

b'1.A flashback is A.an indirect comparison of two unlike things. B.a major problem around which a story is built. C.the place and time during which a story takes place. D.a memory sequence that interrupts the chronological order of events 2.Identify the part of speech for the ...'

b'1.Choose the term that best describe the underlined phrase. This is a battle about which little is known. A.noun clause B.adverb clause C.adjective clause D.independent clause I think the answer is A because my two opinions is between A and D. please correct me if im wrong'

b'1.Which literary device is used in the following sentence? According to that report, these special materials can bend radar light, or other waves around an object like water flowing around a smooth rock in a stream. A.simile B.metaphor C.alliteration D.personification 2....'

b"Can I study nursing in future? If I'm doing the following subjects:-: History Geography Life sciences Mathematical Literary English Xhosa Life orientation"

b'1.Which of the following graphics would add the most relevant information to The Deadliest Tsunami in History? A.a photograph of an animal that escaped to high ground B.an illustration showing the kinds of food that victims received as aid C.a chart listing dates and ...'

b"Solve this riddle :- my first letter is in chocolate but not in gram. My second letter is in cake and also in jam. My third letter in time table is easily found. My whole name is a friend who's often around. What am I?"

b"What does Huck mean at the end of the chapter 3 when he compares Tom's lies to Sunday school?"

b"1. If you do it at all, do it well. What is the meaning of 'at all' here? 2. Do you believe it at all? What is the meaning of 'at all' here? 3. I don't know him at all. What is the meaning of 'at all' here?"

b"A:Sarah, have you had bibimbap before? B:No, I haven't. A: How about bulgogi? B:___________________ 1. I haven't had it, either. 2. Neither have I. 3. Nor have I. 4. Me, neither. =================== Can we use the expressions for the blank? Do you have some more suitable ..."

b"1. Each woman is carrying her own bag. 2. Each woman has her own bag. 3. Each woman is moving her own back to a place. ============== Does 1 mean 2 or 3? The expression 'is carrying' represent 'the state.' Am I right? Action of State?"

b'Which sentence is correct? a.Each guitar must be in their own case. b.Each guitar must be in its own case.****** c.Each guitar must be in his or her own case. ******-answer'

b'In the presidential election of 1860, Lincoln received 180 out of a possible 303 electoral votes. In the election of 1864, he received 212 out of a possible 233 electoral votes. The number of possible votes declined because in the second election, only the Northern states ...'

b"How can I rephrase this so it's not a run-on? but some are likely to object on the grounds that Putin is simply asking Americans to not attack Syria for genuine reasons"

b'Identify the grammar problem. A cool, pine-scented breeze. a. misplaced modifier b. dangling modifier c. phrase fragment** d. none of the above Identify the best choice for the capitalized phrase Throughout history, BIRDS HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED IMPORTANT SYMBOLS AND OMENS. a. ...'

b"Conductors\xc2\x94 on the railroad were People who drove the trains People who guided escaped slaves to free northern states People who provided transportation to slaves in free states < or B. Lincoln's short speech begins with the words Four score and seven years ago. The ..."

b'Why does Douglass state that \xc2\x93education and slavery were incompatible with each other\xc2\x94? There wasn\xc2\x92t time for slaves to go to school; they had too much work to do Being educated meant that slaves might question their existence and try to escape <---? Slaves do not ...'

b'Identify the capitalized word. Frederick Bartholdi, THE SCULPTOR, came up with the concept of a mighty woman with a torch as he sailed into the harbor. 1. infinitive 2.appositive ** 3 adverb phrase 4 adjective phrase Identify the best choice for the capitalized phrase. The ...'

b"I have to do a 10-minute speech based on this: Give an account of Britain\xc2\x92s colonial policies concerning Africa, Australia, India, and New Zealand in the 19th century. I have little to no prior knowledge of this, so I'm not really sure where to start, or what I can even talk..."

b'Identify the choice that best describes the underlined clause: Doves, WHICH ARE CONSIDERED SYMBOLS OF PEACE AND BEAUTY, are related to plain old pigeons. a. independent clause b. adjective clause*** c. adverb clause d. noun clause Which of the following sentences is punctuated...'

b'Why does Douglass state that \xc2\x93education and slavery were incompatible with each other\xc2\x94? There wasn\xc2\x92t time for slaves to go to school; they had too much work to do Being educated meant that slaves might question their existence and try to escape Slaves do not need an ...'

b'has anyone taken the red badge of courage unit test? I really need help Thanks'

b'1. Samuel has gone, went to the lake. 2. He has drove, driven there many times. 3. He gone, went there last year after the hurricane. 4. Samuel had not knowed, known if there was any damage. 5. He had saw, seen that a large tree was down. 1. gone 2. driven 3. went 4...'

b'Identify the word or phrase that should be in italics. He felt like a character in a Steven Spielberg movie as he listened to a Strauss waltz while eating spaghetti in the dining car. a. Steven Spielberg b. Strauss waltz c. spaghetti d. none***'

b"In which sentence is the nonessential clause CAPITALIZED? a. Eve's sister, WHO LOVES OPERA, took her to a performance. b. Eve, HOLDING HER PROGRAM, waited for the curtain to go up. c. The soprano, VISITING FROM CANADA, had long black hair. d. The person WHO SELLS SOUVENIRS is ..."

b'In which sentence is the nonessential clause CAPITALIZED? a. The man LEANING AGAINST THE WALL is from the zoo. b. The snake THAT HE IS HOLDING is not poisonous. c. Its coloring, WHICH IS BROWN AND GREEN, allows it to hide in marshy areas. d. That snake SLITHERING BEHIND THE ...'


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